“They couldn’t have us, so no one should have us. They even tried to eraze us for ourselves. But they did not succeed. We are not defined by our physical body. Our spirit shines.” 

Acid attacks are a scourge. With the support of Red Brigade Trust, survivors (often shunned by families and society) teamed up to form Orange Café and lead a life in peace and dignity, in a place close to tourists in the ancient city of Varanasi. They display YL posters, flyers, build bonds with travellers, and got permission from authorities to distribute free food for people in poverty with Red Brigade Trust crews.

130 more women have applied to get trained and run a café. Acquisition of a business, training etc cost around $20,000€ and you can make it your mission to set one up with us. 



social justice



acid attacks


Do some online research for articles on acid attacks; start with the wikipedia entry

Pay attention at the various effects.

Have a conversation : What the hell is wrong with males ...

… that throw acid on women that say no to their sexual advances or requests to marry them?

Have a conversation : self-image, self-love, confidence, courage, priorities

1. First,

  • view these women’s faces
  • feel into their life situation (attack consequences)
  • imagine your face being marked like this

What turbulent thoughts and feelings storm through your mind, heart and body?

2. Next, consider what it means for their confidence, emotions … to not be alone but have

  • crew of companions
  • strong ally Red Brigade Trust
  • supportive customers
  • child customers 

What will it add when international youth at school add their support through video-meets and more?

3. Finally,

  • view their eyes, their state of mind
  • deduct how they now feel with their successful café

What lesson in self-love, confidence, courage and priorities do they embody for you? If they can lead a life in joy, what does this mean for you in your rather less hurtful life situation? In this regard, please also view this short 4 minute video clip by Nick Vujicic.


Laws are not enough

Gender inequality is considered a major motivator for males to dare subjugate and punish girls and women.

Laws, rules and regulations are important, but : child abuse and rape are illegal in most countries, incl the US and Europe, and still it exists in epidemic dimensions, affecting up to 20% of girls and 10% of boys in those regions, and far worse in many others.

The point is : Heal The Men

And this means : help the boys grow up healthy and become resilient against displaying such beastly behavior.

Besides destroying their own lives through well deserved jail sentences by committing such heinous acts, it is clear that such personalities have an inner alchemy that makes it impossible to ever be a pleasant, uplifting companion and achieve one’s dearest dream – to love and get loved and experience a loving succeeding family.


The Orange Café crew does a lot of social activities in the neighborhood as partner of the Red Brigade Trust. Such activities are always facilitated and unlocked through FUNds.

A big milestone

… is to open more Orange Cafés,

each includes

  • training of an acid attack survivor crew
  • acquisition of a café 
  • in a good, safe touristic area
  • complete kitchen and dining room equipment

for $20,000€

Strong self-acceptance and -love campaign in class, at school

using Nick Vujicic’s example (4 min video)

along with Lifestyle Challenges and Social Experiments like Free Hugs, Say Something Nice, Peacemaking, No Swearing

  • document vividly
  • harvest video and photo testimonials

Share widely and with us



Reach a milestone.

Grow the “No More Shaming” campaign at school, with Lifestyle Challenges and Social Experiments like Free Hugs, Say Something Nice, Peacemaking, No Swearing