Would you love to evoke really big changes that matter?

That really change lives, the land, school, life in town, that protect the region you love, shape the future of society?

With us you can.

Everything we offer is high impact, done by teens. This means, you can.

Like Emma and Julia

A 1,000 book drive to set up a library for kids in a place with no books but much suffering. 

This matters big time.

Like many teens do

Raise $10,000 for a hero*ine’s initiative to protect wildlife, kids … 

This matters big time.

Like Alicia

Set up seed libraries at schools, public libraries, plant an edible boardwalk forest.

This matters big time.

Like Alisha and Peter

Organize creative learning playtime for children at homeless shelters.

Source colors from plants, teach kids to do so, instill a sense of wonder.

This matters big time.

Like Meghana

3d-print prosthetic hands for children in poor rural villages in India.

This matters big time.

Like Abbie

Take a $100 camera, go hiking and produce films on natural and cultural heritage, spread online, present at schools, involve them.

This matters big time.

Like Craig and Namaste Nepal

Start changemaker student clubs at all schools in town!

Start project partnerships for village development + even go visit.

This matters big time.

Like Robyn

Ask the town council to declare a “Blue Community” : keep water public, make it a human right, ban plastic bottles.

This matters big time.

Like Mary

Create ARKs for wildlife by gifting land back to the Earth, to re-wild as a home for animals and plants. 

This matters big time.

Like Holly

Localize the Stop Street Harassment campaign in your city.

This matters big time.

With YL

Create a positive news magazine, featuring changemakers and great places, part of global YL Magazine.

This matters big time.

With YL

Start West-East European partnerships, create a climate crisis resilient region, re-dream your city …

This matters big time.

There’s 400+ proposed actions

in our 100+ hero*ines’ Action Guides, level 1-4, easy to advanced for greater impact.

So, you can be sure to find your favorites included, from 3D printing to music, film, gaming, research, speaking, gardening, outdoor action, development cooperation, helping kids, curbing gun violence, restoring ecosystems, protecting species, establishing Earth Law … If you don’t find missions fitting your passion – ask us for solutions for your favorite cause!

We are here to help.

You are not alone. We have the tools, tricks to act, build crew and community, set up headquarters, generate vivid presence in media and public, and activate tons of allies – with loads of fun. Just trust and follow the guidance in the Crash Course.

The solutions exist. It’s a new time with amazing new opportunities. 

So why sit idle and continue to put up with frustration, bullying and the abominable suffering in the world? Come on, please use them.

Eric, YL

Getting started

It begins by experiencing the spirit and scope of high impact youth leadership. 

This casual online tour shows you the essentials of youth leadership, how to boost it and be part, as youth and adult.

Expect to be surprised!

Step #1 is a must for everybody.

You decide if you wanna go on.

Completion scores you a YL Coach Certificate*.

* This means you are learning really big stuff here!

First Actions

Spread the spirit, spread youth leadership

It begins with inspiration. The world needs to know about it, first of all. 

A very, very important lesson to learn

North America knows youth leadership, but still, teachers, journalists, parents, youth, NGOs, councillors do not properly see its potentials, or even understand what nurtures it, or they would be doing so at grand scale.

Hence, we need to push in people’s faces how big and exciting youth leadership is, that it can happen everywhere, that everyone has responsibility, important roles to play and can benefit personally, professionally, and as a society of able, active, caring citizens.

So, this is not about a flat social media post once a month. Shifting from monarchy to democracy was a considerable upgrade. This is the next shift. It’s about spirit. This needs to be done right.

To stick to it, to learn on-the-go, to get new resources, to share success and progress news, connect with our newsletter, social media, magazine.

Swift steps

These take only minutes. It’s things we all do anyway.

We can make this part of our daily life and habits. That’s the point. Active citizenship is a lifestyle. It takes tiny efforts and they make considerable difference. They change worldview, build knowledge, open up opportunities that people will seize now or later. They uplift, spark pleasant conversations and are fun!

Share, post, tell, read

your favorite posts, videos, music, interviews, art … with friends, readers, followers, on newsletters, as articles in media

Call on people

to join fundraisers, reach milestones, help in-kind with their businesses and skills

Seed flyers, posters, placemats

in cafes, canteens, workplaces, libraries, schools

Get books, calendars

for home, work, school & have inspired conversations & act on them!

Share face 2 face

tell stories on the youth leadership phenomenon, youth action at school, grand changemakers … the exciting ways to get involved + youth experiences

+ tell us of your experience

so we can share your inspiring example with others


Get doing

Make youth leadership well present in the community.

We are all responsible to empower our youth, restore peace and live up to our professions.

Give presentations, guide the Crash Course

to inspire groups and empower fired up youth and adults to activate their school and workplace – with huge, cascading results

Set up Exhibits

to reach 100s over a long period of time and enable conversations that lead to action. Bonus : Be present as YL Coach for Q&A, add FUNdraisers and more

Set up a LearnZone / -Space

as interactive Exhibit on the SDGs & Youth Leadership in all sorts of places. Bonus : Be present as YL Coach, add activities.

At School - do the Global SDG School Challenge !

to kick off year-round action on all 17 SDGs and additional milestones to unlock Goal 18 for this generation : Active Citizenship!

Make instant impact!

Give power to those who are able, successful changemakers.

No more whining, waiting, shifting responsibility, blaming government. No more feeding on hero*ines’ fine souls for hope. Give back and help them realize their vision and live personal dreams as well. FUNd directly, and receive multiple rewarding benefits in return.

Donate to Hero*ines online

to boost! their high impact initiatives. See success unfold and share progress with your friends and relations, and get them involved

Help in-kind

in a million fresh, unusual ways – also involving your friends, family, relations

Activate more help!

Activate media to post articles, interviews, invite guests to talkshows + the city, NGOs, libraries, businesses … using our letters 

Equip schools and libraries

with media sets to inspire 1,000s in town

Whatever you’re doing …

always vividly share your experience far and wide as it unfolds, to grow reach, support, community, impact and fun.

  • with family, friends, colleagues
  • on newsletters
  • with YL, social media and magazine
  • with local, regional, even national news media as you grow

+ add calls and ways to contribute and be part!

By now you have made impact, evolved presence at school/work, in social/media, built crew and supportive community

Once activated

as changemaker teams, actions reach into all spheres of life, especially school and public space and go far beyond FUNdraising to include projects, campaigns, lifestyle challenges, social experiments, media and arts production and much more.

– Youth do 95% of these actions
– Adults have many important roles to play, too

Hence, you should get a tea or some gooood ice-cream and browse it all, so you know what’s available, what youth / adults can do, can activate one another and collaborate. They are all needed, and they are needed now. So get rocking! Score milestones every month!

Action Guides

Each teen and adult hero*ine in YL comes with an Action Guide with level 1-4 actions, simple to advanced for greater impact. 

100 hero*ines means 100 high impact, youth- and people-powered model solutions with 400 proposed actions, half of them fit for elementary school and as Family Activities. Go! Go! Go!

These are the central work tools of youth in the Change Generation RISING program. But they are also of value to adults working with youth and to all caring citizens.


400+ Actions

pioneered by badass changemakers. The stuff that inspires your heart. Now you do it, change lives, land, laws, learning, industries.
If they can do, you can do it. Piece of pie!

Just saying .,.. this is news that people love to hear. You are the local young hero*ines that journalists, teachers, citizens, donors have been yearning for.

Project Partners

Swift actions are great, but for sure, we also love greater ventures that build up over time. Some of our changemakers are perfect for that, and our involvement shapes the future of entire regions!

It’s hard to start big stuff from nothing. Join running model projects and help take them to next inter/national levels. These adored changemakers truly need our help because people applaud but do not support. We decide to be different. We join in and move big milestones together and set bold aims to achieve their wildest dreams. We also take on start-up development projects.

This is big exciting stuff, especially for schools and companies to team up for, long-term, with visits and more. So get involved and share widely!

Big Projects, Campaigns, Development programs

… run by badass changemakers. You’ve got a fantastic story with great photos and goals to start with flying banners

Exciting updates, swift progress

since these are running ventures and your contribution speeds them up

Live-Meets & new Goals

unlocked, dreamed up and possible by your network’s involvement

Visits and Celebration

These moments are highlights for your school, biz, city and news medium – and for your lives. Use this magic!

Full Package for German Schools

Spark youth leadership + form changemaker teams + start global partnerships + do youth exchange visits (both ways) funded by BMZ (Min. for Dvt. Coop.) programs

You got it by now… these great long-term adventures tell extraordinary stories, and the fact that teens and citizens are teaming up with woirld famous changemakers – wow! – and seeing how fast they unlock milestones, setting records, shaping the future for 10,000s of people… that’s what people need to hear to life their hearts, get them up and involved!


There’s some abominable global issues that hurt all our hearts, but there’s also successful solutions. We spread and implement them, locally and globally.

Visionary geniuses have designed solutions, magic wands for us all to wield. To-date, the reach is limited, largely because people do not understand, sit idle, ignore the power of young people en masse, and the value of using these campaigns in the context of education and school.

These are the grand Quests and Boss Battles of our era, and together, we can move these mountains, now! So dig in, study, learn from today’s Einsteins and Gandalfs, and wield your magic wands.

Take on pesty issues using proven methods

Stop Street Harassment, Make Ecocide a Crime against Peace, Save Our Sharks, multiply biodiversity … 

Special YL Projects

Here’s special stuff that we have dreamed up to amplify a culture and climate of youth leadership and able, active, caring citizenship in society.

You can live your passion and take responsible roles in avantgarde, tidal wave, cutting edge programs here that can ripple across society, and give you practical as it gets opportunity to experiment on your talent and creativity, sharpen skills, build reputation and more for your future – with absolutely relevant output for humanity right here right now and in close collaboration with today’s visionaries. Wow … where do you get such opportunity? Geez, this is some cool tribe, aye.

Youth-Leader Magazine

The world-premiere publication, online, digital, print, on changemakers, solutions, with interviews, music, action + stories of YL Teams and Coaches

Local Edition YL Magazine

Research, meet, interview, report on local changemakers, cool places, youth teams, activated schools, kind allies, achievements on YL activities to-date

Change Generation MUSIC

View, learn, sing changemakers’ songs, translate, compose your own, perform, upload recordings to share with our community and the world

Change Generation ART

Get creative and develop the new art of this generation + SERVE changemakers with your art for their campaigns and projects + design for YL media, shirts, posters …

YL App

We want to package everything we got into an App to make it available 24/7, and this is an exciting matter for many of us

The YL Boost! Club

Our Crowdfunding platform for teen and twen changemakers is a cracker – so let’s spread it far and wide, bring it to the people, step by step

Climate Crisis Resilient Regions

Make your region climate crisis resilient using 80+ proven methods used by citizens and communes around the globe

With Experience

Activate the City, Region, Country + spark new Continental Cooperation

No time to think small. We have a planet to save and billions of people to activate. So, let’s use proven methods and use them to seed spirit and solutions, spark mass-scale action and heal societies.

Okay, individual teams and schools are fabulous, but really, it is about the entire city. It’s also about connecting city and rural region, to heal needs and harness potentials in harmonious ways. And in some cases, we can address entire (smaller) countries. Keep in mind that everything we do brings all of the above to the region’s youth, key professionals and adults. Here are methods to do so at larger scale.

Activate the City

Führe LEVEL UP! Crash-Kurse an 5, 10, 20 Schulen der Stadt durch, gründe Changemaker AGs, bringe aktivierte Teens zusammen, begleite ihre YL Start Aktionen, dokumentiere lebendig – in informeller Zusammenarbeit mit Stadtverwaltung, Schulen, Medien, Zivilgesellschaft – als umfassenden, langfristigen, soliden Upgrade.

Activate the Region

Expand the campaign beyond city limits to build bonds of collaboration, friendship, alliancs, projects between urban and rural Changemaker Teams

Activate the Country

Call for and create a National Edition of Youth Leader Magazine to get things going, activate relations, seed results through various media, to schools, kicking off the whole spectrum of YL Team activities and collaborations

West-Eastern European Cooperation

Rekindle collaboration between schools and changemaker teams in the spirit of pre-1990 dialogue and exchange, but now with a focus on social business, social entrepreneurship to activate urban and rural economies, safeguard natural and cultural heritage

Big Strategic Programs

Things we need to happen for a culture of youth leadership and active citizenship

Without these, the young generation cannot learn humanity’s finest knowledge for a the next-level GOOD civilization. So let’s lay these foundations with priority efforts.

Spread the Boost! Club

Ein Projekt für Dich als Person (in unserem Team und Netzwerk), für eine Gruppe von Freunden, als Projekt für Studenten, für Schüler… um Crowdfunding für Held*innen üblich zu machen!

Positive Change Media Culture

Verbreite unser Storypack und Partner-Angebot an Medien, Artikel über unseren Ansatz + aktiviere Kids, Teens, Bürger für Taten und dokumentiere sie lebendig für YL, soziale und Newsmedien.

High Impact Changemaker Student Clubs at MANY schools

Ein Projekt für Dich als Person, als YL Coach, als Organisation, als Schulrat, Minister, das die ganze junge Generation für wirksame Projekte aktiviert.

Train + strengthen YL Coaches

*Lokale Coaches mit Zauber die praktische Fähigkeiten zum Weltverändern vermitteln* sind jetzt gebraucht! Verbreite YL Coach Online-Training & Fortbildungen. Wir kartieren, zertifizieren verbinden mit Schulen = bessere Anerkennung, Ansprache von Partnern und Kooperation

Create LearnSpaces

“where youth and citizens can go, meet up to learn to create a better world”. Schaffe Bewusstsein, installiere SDG LernZonen mit unserer Junge Helden / SDG Ausstellung als Win-Win in Bibliotheken usw + hilf sie als lebendige LernOrte für alle Generationen zu aktivieren

Civilizational Campaigns

These are to be implemented and we intend to see this happen well within our lifetime.

There exist issues that we have inherited from former failing, hurtful, unsustainable societies that no one truly any longer wants but puts up with for reasons of denial, lack of solutions, courage or plain greed and madness. This is no longer acceptable. It’s time for all kids, youth and citizens to pause, reflect on what life they really want for themselves and our togetherness for the next 70 years on Earth. We don’t need to discuss these. All that’s needed is to agree on common sense measures, tweak them and do it.

Time to get rid of the great abominations

Reduce child sex abuse to 0, girl and woman shaming to 0, gun violence by 90%, cancer to 10%, demand for prostitution and porn to 10%, dissolve organized crime from mafias, drugs, trafficking to terror, make war profits illegal

This is a lot of amazing stuff

and there is even more. It’s personally and professionally exciting and enriching to be part of it, but we even want you to gain bonus benefits of value for your relationship with society in terms of recognition and even of making a living. 



as YL Coach, Online Volunteer, sevengardens dialoger


for completed missions taken on Action Guides of 100+ changemakers

Media Presence

in YL, social and news media. First local, then regional, national and international as your path unfolds

Rich CVs

aka Warrior Chronicles on social media, vividly illustrated with authentic documentation of their activities, media presence, encounters, impacts

In combination these are of considerable value.

Plus, there are the human relations :

True Friends

Truly caring, kind-hearted, idealist people with love for people and planet, witty, talented, creative, ready to do wild stuff – the finest crowd one can wish for 

Local Relations

with caring adult allies and people in charge … teachers, councillors, journalists, business people, activists, artists, citizens, parents, youth, nature, youth, culture centres … that appreciate you for what you do

Regional Relations

with caring folks beyond city limits, with access to land, farms, houses, nature centres, eco-villages, rivers, eco-cultural holiday spots, national parks …

Global Relations

with changemakers, experts, YL Teams, Coaches organizations, development projects, volunteering destinations, Fair Trade partners …

Our Philosophy



“Man braucht das Rad nicht neu zu erfinden.”

In Erfolgsprojekte einsteigen


“Man braucht nicht alles neu zu starten.”



Millionen wünschen sich aktiv zu werden.



Klug das Privat- & Berufsleben vieler Menschen bereichern.

Erfolgreiche Genies sagen ...

“Du änderst nie etwas wenn du die existierende Realität kritisierst. um etwas zu ändern schaffe ein neues Modell das das existierende Modell obsolet macht.” – R. Buckminster Fuller


“Die Lösungen existieren. sogar die Unterstützernetzwerke sind am Platz. Was fehlt ist die Nachfrage. Das Problem ist, die Menschen wissen nicht Bescheid. Auch Regierungen nicht.” – Ashoka CEO reworktheworld Taellberg Forum 2010


“Ich fordere euch auf großartig, Giganten zu sein – geht voran, steht auf und sprecht eure Wahrheit. Wir sind es die entscheiden wie die Zukunft sein wird. Lass uns die großen Fragen unserer Zeit angehen, nicht jene für die wir schon die Antworten kennen. Stellt Fragen – Große Fragen die wirklich etwas verändern. Und wenn ihr die Antwort gefunden hast, dann lass sie uns gemeinsam wahr machen.” – Polly Higgins, Earth Lawyer

So startet man wirksam und erfolgreich

Mach’s wie mit einem Sport, einer neuen Musikform. Kleindenkenden Lehrern und Erwachsenen sagen wir : im Schulunterricht nutzen wir Mozart, Goethe, Hesse – also

Lerne von Weltstars, performe die basic moves, erziele solide, gefällige Ergebnisse, dann freestyle, dann entwickle eigene Kompositionen, teile sie um andere zu begeistern. Das geht so mit Musik, mit Sport und genauso im Weltverändern.

Für YL und Dich bedeutet es: lerne von 50, später 100 Changemakern mit erfolgreich umgesetzten Lösungen die man überall auf der Welt braucht. Starte mit Aktionen die populär sind, rasch Wirkung erzielen und Präsenz in Schule, Stadt und Medien schaffen.

Das macht Spaß, baut Community auf, schafft Nachfrage in Schulen und Medien, motiviert Unterstützer … und das wiederum ist das perfekte Fundament um größere Meilensteine, andere Projekte und eigene Ideen anzugehen. Bam!

“Whenever I thought of quitting, I remembered that I had promised those children that I would work for them until no one lived under such conditions any more.” – Craig Kielburger, WE

Today, Craig’s work has spread to 10 countries with teams at 22,000 schools uniting at spectacular WE Days. Follow him at WE and Craig Kielburger on instagram, twitter and facebook and join in We programs using his YL action guide.