Think of a stand like a Micro Fair in a Box – giving appetizers of the full scope of programs and actions you have to offer, as part of a global tribe.

Our Aims

Change worldview for Youth Leadership.

Equip, involve, empower, make an impact, grow the tribe.

Our Tools

Seed powerful flyers, micromagazines etc.

Use coolio materials, gameful, cardsets, micro poster exhibits, books and calendars … you can add your magic totem companions as deco.

This has a 3-d look, like a maze … not just flat. More intriguing.

Add exciting multi-media using smart- & headphones.

Aligned with current UN Days = always fresh, remixed, alternating!

Our Activities

Inform, inspire, have fun with citizens, parents, kids.

Have tea, cookies, goodies for a nice casual 5-15min chat.

Spark conversations inspired by our explorable materials.

FUNdraise for teen and twen heroIne causes, with a focus on YL Boost! Club.

Quick global campaigns, save our sharks, ban ivory, ecocide law … petitions on paper and online.

Through symbols like #ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateStrike #BeMoreAwesome push major global campaigns, but also engage in interactive ways instantly posting thumbs-up selfies on social media, hashtags etc, and equip them to spread it.

Use a “mental model”, the city map, using our cardset with a focus on climate change resilient regions, people can add “local treasures”, cool teachers, school projects, groups, locations they know of (this grows your network). This makes people feel local, makes it memorable, teaches them an exercise to do with others.

There is lots more that one discovers on the go by getting familiar with our resources and partners.

Of course we also add our local initiatives sparked by YL Teams.

Our Bonus Options

The multifaceted story we have to tell makes this a neat article to be featured in media.

If space allows, we can also call for a MEET-UP an public casual round table talk sort of thing … and invite local politicians, NGOs, journalists, youth, activists, parents to our stand – with cookies, tea, nspiring conversations on local youth leadership and actions – great photo opportunity.

We are all willing to set up a stand. To make it most fun, rewarding, and efficient, we combine several approaches: LemonAid, campaigns, sales … and add digital actions,  strategic vision, networking, … seeking media coverage, speaker bookings, winning allies, members, empowering people