The background:

The Canadian Ministry of Health believes that 90 day tests conducted by the profiteering GMO industry itself, are a scientifically sane regulation ensuring that no experiences negative LONG-TERM health impacts.

Industry has claimed that GMOs and Roundup and glyphosates do not acucmulate in the food chain and human bodies. But now, 70% of Eurpeans are pee’ing glyphosates, but it’s worse in the homeyard of Monsanto: U.S. American mothers have 10x – 100x the concentration of glyphosate in breast milk, compared to European mothers.

Autism has been appearing and rising parallel to GMOs and glyphosate use. Autism rates are highest in the GMO crop regions of the USA. Cancer is suddenly the highest cause of death in baby children. Kids die from eating a peanut and bizarre food allergies unprecedented in HUMAN HISTORY. Hawaii GMO test regions experience historic high of cancer. Rural families in Argentinian GMO soy bean regions suddenly have epidemic birth defects.

Sri Lanka and Nicaragua have banned Roundup Ready, the toxic herbicide sprayed on GMO crops. WHY? In response to epidemic kidney failures among farmers. The kidneys serve to cleanse the body from toxins. The Netherlands and France have follow up with bans on Roundup in public parks and private gardens. The EU decides on its continued permission or ban in the next twelve months.


70 countries have labelled or banned GMOs. 

Canadian Minister of Health refuses to respond and join a public debate with Rachel over GMO safety and proper science.

Maybe, because she fears experiencing the same historic public shame as bully tv host Kevin O’Leary, who imploded during the debate, at last agreeing to the need for GMO labelling, and stating himself – without Rachel even mentioning it – that the Canadian population was subject to an unethical scientific experiment, misusing people as lab rats.


How could Rona Ambrose hold her argument in face of those numbers?

In the face of someone who is not limited to outdated, provincial advertizing myths, but has access to global global knowledge:

Even the myths about higher yields, profits, lower use of toxic pesticides and herbicides have evaporated. Entire regions of the USA are lost to resistent superweeds. farmers started spraying up to 10x the supposedly required amount. Ecosystems are dying. After 25 years not a single drought resistent, salt resistent, reliable GMO food crop has been created, not even proper foods, just BT cotton, BT soy and BT corn, used as animal feed, biofuel and as ingredient in processed food (copies). The USA have the sickest population. 50% of boys and men are projected to get cancer, and 20% of people go hungry. This model has not proven to “feed the world”. Why would anyone believe the humanist claims of the industry? Why do Canadians continue?

Humanity’s most highly recognized interdisciplinary scientist-activists, like Vandana Shiva, calls the insertion of BT genes and toxic substances into SEEDs not engineering but “POLLUTION of our seeds”.

It’s not only that. It is ECONOMICALLY stupid and obsolete.

The UNITED NATIONS UNCTAD Report sum up that industrial agriculture has failed its promises for delivering food security and prosperity. After fourty years, two thirds of the world’s agricultural farmlands are on the verge of desertification. On the other hand, millions of farmers in thriving colaborative interdisplinary networks have developed people-driven, cheap, organic methods for multiplying yields, drought-resistent varieties, ecosystem- and biodiversity-favourable practices creating health and prosperity among farmers and consumers.

KIDS RIGHT TO KNOW CLUBS are tipping the scales to healthy food abundance. And knowledge of sound solutions for creating food abundance like the grand changemakers of our time, in- and outside schools.