competence partner RCE Ruhr

Brief explanation of RCEs

RCE-Ruhr has a focus on citizen science 2.0, enabling learners of all ages and disciplines to self-organize their learning process and shaping land, lifestyle, learning, community and incomes around sourcing natural colors from plants for arts, play, education, dyes, cosmetics, business, therapy and more.

It’s quite stunning and we recommend to spend some good time exploring, meeting sevengardens dialogers and take trainings, also as teachers.

We also partner with RCE-Berlin with focus on Youth Leadership. We collaborate with their circle of experts in ESD and SDGs for  several programs. Visit RCE-Berlin here and participate.

In fact, many RCEs do outstanding work for promoting ESD and SDGs in their regions of operation. They are a much needed player bridging gaps between stakeholders of all generations and societal sectors.