Do you want to bring grand hero spirit in the house?

To fire up your community, transfer knowledge, as campaign, project or UN week highlight,
to spark action and kick off cascading ripple effects in the community?

With us you can.

Plus, we enable unprecedented exciting preparation + rich optional follow actions
to meet at eye-level, turn knowledge into action, make an impact, feel able part of positive change + get going!
that make our encounter 10x more exciting, memorable, meaning- and impactful for everyone involved.

Our Signature

Our speakers are no amateurs, animators, employees or volunteers, but

  • highly experienced heartcore practitioners, with broad knowledge, global horizons, providing new solutions, perspectives and opportunities
  • truly grand changemakers, with achievements and empowerment far beyond big-mouthed talkers and advocates
  • true world experts, with expertise far beyond common “experts”

Our encounter is no brief, flat, frontal Powerpoint-presentation that leaves you empty-handed

  • Swift preparation that upgrades the group’s knowledge, at heart and eye-level with the speaker
  • Option for practical action before the encounter; highly recommended
  • Our meet-ups is no edutainment, but an open, flexible conversation with high participation
  • A relevant, intimate encounter sharing anecdotes, insights, experiences, outlooks
  • Option for practical follow-up activities and cooperation

Inspired youth and adults can also follow up independent from the group, and organize activities with us, and receive coaching, for example as Changemaker Student Club, as member of the Boost! Club etc.

  • This liberates teachers from responsibilities and group expectations that they cannot fulfill
  • This enables companies, conferences and events to combine inspiration with action and partnerships

Our encounter can be combined with UNITED NATIONS Theme Days – water, peace, girls, biodiversity etc – with special stories, actions, exhibits, project days, activation of teachers, media, city … 

We can focus on specific local or global projects, problems and potentials … since this is not about us “speakers” but about empowering your group to realize your good dreams for people and planet.

YL Staff

  • on Youth Leadership
  • LEVEL UP! Crash Course
  • Global SDG School Challenge
  • Project Partnerships
  • consult, start, evolve projects

We also accompany you long-term

Global Experts

on global issues, like Africa, nutrition, climate, youth leadership, wildlife …

Successful Young Changemakers

with powerful initiatives that quickly change lives, land, laws and industries


since age 9 collects a $15,000e a month to provide orphans with superb orphanages


crisscrosses Britain’s hiking trails to inspire us to spend more time in the wild and love and protect our natural and cultural heritage

The Serratos Sisters

Seed libraries, gardening, good soils, no GMOs, volunteering galore, wrestling… – because girls can do everything and learning is fun!


is Monsanto’s nightmare – she has witnessed catastrophic results of industrial GMO ag – epidemic birth defects, landscapes lost to superweeds, lies, bad governance … and learns how to create healthy food abundance for all using good methods!

Adult Geniuses, Visionaries and Hero*ines

with solutions that transform society – and which the young generation can rapidly take to scale


a Top 10 landscape gardener of all time teaches us to protect, restore and boost biodiversity by creating ARKs for wildlife


explains how (no) violence in childhood is THE defining factor for a peaceful, democratic,  thriving, sustainable society


reports from Serengeti rangers and calls on the youth of Kenya and the world to urgently protect Africa’s remaining grand wildlife from extinction

Ajay + Pooja

have brought 24,000 children in poverty into schools, run a micro schools, nurture youth leadership, are members of the Red Brigade which has trained 30,000 girls self-defense against sexual assault

For long-term cooperation

as school, company or funder, for SDGs, development programs that shape entire regions

YL Project Partners

for long-term cooperation.

Amazing changemakers and development programs that change the lands, lives and future of tens of thousands and of entire regions

Poster Redner

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A very special Experience

that enriches learning, inspires friends, fires up your projects, teaches tricks and starts partnerships

Feedback - what people say

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An inspirational experience – for practical worldchange



Study the speaker’s story and initiative on the Online Profile, with video, interview, social media, Action Guide

  • Donate, optionally
  1. FUNdraise
  2. Activities
  3. A Gift from the Heart

= Experience of being part of relevant change


The Encounter

At eye-level

Lates news, what’s current, time for Q&A, anecdotes, insider knowhow, celebrating achievements, planning next steps

= Experience of being taken truly seriously as a youth


Follow-up Actions

based on Action Guides and encounters, plans made during the meeting, and ideas that continue to evolve

= Experience of serious expertise and advantage of knowledge, vision and passion compared to adults and other youth


Examples for BEFORE and AFTER our encounter


$100€. But what about $1€ per student of the school? $1,000€ would move quite something. There’s classes that aimed at $350 and made $1,400 in 2 weeks. Are you ready to discover how many potentials, givers and in-kind support you can unlock in your extended community of parents, their workplaces etc?

Support the Initiative

e.g. a book and games drive for Emma and Julia, Babar, Neha. A school can easily raise 1 per student, 1,000 pieces worth $10,000€. Wow! Wouldn’t that make the news? It would, and that will unlock even more support! Which goals would inspire you?

Join the Initiative, reach Milestones

Create a biotope, tower- oder dyeing color garden, declare an ARK or Blue Community, produce a micro expedition film, join the Global SDG School Challenge – surprise us!

Hearts Gifts

We love our Hero*ines and they give so much to the world. Children naturally respond by making them gifts and angels. What can you give back to them? Can you make their day? Can you gift them dreams? They deserve it so much!

Go big!

Namaste Nepal make $40,000€ with a 48h sponsor run. Others make $10,000€ in year 1. Will you choose to be epic?

Team up

Make ultimate common sense of your encounter and turn new knowledge into action – wham!

Realize the Action Guide fired up by your personal exchange and proudly present your results to your Hero*ine – to make their day and truly be part and kick off cascading ripples in your community – next, you’ll be the Hero*ine speaking at schools sparking replication. See?!


to seed, spark and amplify the spirit of “positive action” in the greater community

Use occasions

UNITED NATIONS Theme Days, project weeks etc are perfect for making one’s activitiy and encounter the highlight of a process. This generates the public’s attention, participation and impact


Inform the public!

You are meeting famous changemakers!

How often does this happen in your town?

This is newsworthy, before and after your meeting, if you package it well, with a call for participation, with photos, happy young faces …

Invite people!

at school and beyond to participate and be part in

  • activities
  • encounter
  • follow-up activities

Students, teachers, parents, journalists, councillors, organizations, funders, supporters … 

Vivid Docu!

Beforte, during and after the encounter and activities, conveying action, conversations, feelings, revelations, decisions, testimonials of youth and everyone involved… by phone, photo, video, written, using our bulls eye graphics …


by using the many flanking measures:

  • the impact is multipled
  • the encounter becomes more more exciting
  • it is memorable, long-term; so many “moments and stories”
  • opportunity for specialized teams to follow their passion, wield their talents, contribute in their way (in-kind, FUNdraising, media work, art, presentations…)
  • it produces many experiences, creative contributions and contents for media
  • the “core goal” (encounter and education) is definitely secure. There is liberty for experimentation and achieving many precious extra goals, evolving life skills


  • much higher pedagogical value
  • much higher motivation by bigger vision, meaning, involvement
  • sportive dimension : “how much of it can we realize?”
  • suboptimal results are acceptable, they do not sabotage the overall success
  • the “spectacular” presence and “attention” gives opportunity to reach other wishes and milestones (for example media presence, activating the entire school…)

= it is a strong experience of one’s AGENCY

  • “wow, we can truly move big things!”
  • as individual, as group, as school, as city
  • “what are we gonna do next?”
  • write history with a taste of magic and adventure

= an experience of STRATEGY 

  • use every bit of potential for “more”
  • because they are easy to unlock!

This multiplex experience can be used for various ventures in the future

Attention : also INDIVIDUALS

can use this strategy to activate an entire school and city. Especially

  • students
  • teachers
  • parents
  • YL Coaches

* especially those who have completed the YL Coach Tutorial and use our tips and tricks