1 single person, youth or teacher or parent or activist

  • activating a school


  • the students in one class
  • activating other classes
  • and student club omnipresence

which makes

  • year-round presence
  • grows team
  • many activities
  • making real impact

and reaching into

  • families
  • media
  • other schools
  • events

because everybody loves that and we see it happening. NO other sector can evoke such cascading impact but school.

it can be any of these persons... click through



student club

that's evident

but there’s more…


action galore

public presence

media presence

considerable impact

win win benefits

demand for presentations

far-reaching cascading impacts

for years and years

  • personal evolution
  • project evolution
  • changemaking climate
  • cascading changes
  • learning culture
  • media culture
  • active citizenry


an entire generation growing up like this. That’s what YL is about. And YOU can make it happen, easily.