Things that you always wanted to see.
Now, they become easy. They happen naturally.

Inspire other Schools

using the Crash Course, presentations and action options

Activate Parents

using flyers, fests and options to activate the workplace, FUNdraisers, campaigns, also in-kind

Activate Adult Allies

teachers, journalists, city, organizations, civil society, public libraries … to team up to boost Youth Leadership and projects, also in-kind

Use UN Theme Days

as pinnacle events to boost reach and impact by calling on the community, connecting with teachers, organizations, media, city … and organizing a highlight activity like a Speaker, excursion, action day, public action, lifestyle challenge, film festival, FUNdraiser …

We serve 50 UN Days, almost one per week!

Use Flanking Measures

to create omni-presence at school, in public and media, and cultivate a culture of active citizenship

  • Poster Exhibits
  • FUNdraiser stand
  • Changemaker Club HQ at school
  • SDG Breaks = Micro Lectures during breaks and recess
    In the kick-off week, on UN Days, anytime + also in public
  • Outpost HQ at Public Libraries
  • The YL Curriculum, each teacher includes youth leadership 1x / semester

Contact Your RCE

Your Regional Centre Of Expertise creates networks of partners from city to organizations, schools and business to nurture Education For Sustainable Development ESD.

We are part of the RCE-Ruhr in Germany. There exist more than 160 all over the planet doing amazing interdisciplinary work – and they would love to work more with youth!

Tell them of your participation in the SDG Challenge and

  • ask how you can help them
  • ask what you can learn from them
  • ask how you might work together

It scores you a Bonus Certificate + higher school rank!