Take 1 Action on Each of the 17 SDGs

chosen from 200+ model actions pioneered by young changemakers

As a School

As City

As a Company

As Celebrity

We focus on schools on this page.

As city, company, celebrity you adapt it to your context. You’re grown up, after all. We are here to help.

The Challenge offers opportunity to get everybody involved in favorite causes and activities with their talent, resources and relations, such as …













Take action from day #1

No need to wait. Take swift actions following kids’ and teens’ example.

Collaborate in-house

Share this grand quest we all care about with fellow human beings in your class, school, institution. It greatly enriches life at school and your relations!


Connect with Local Allies

Missions connect you with parents, youth, civil society, journalists, coaches. They’ll love what you do and benefit it as a person and professional.

Collaborate with Global Partners

Join rolling projects led by genius change-makers, help quickly reach milestones and shape the future of entire regions.

Meet in Person

with Coaches, Hero*-ines, Project Partners via video, in class and pay a visit. Use it as kick-off, as highlight, to celebrate common achievements and inspire others.


are our #1 focus space for their enormous potentials, with 100s of students in one place every day over years, with the official purpose to learn to live as able, active, caring citizens.


where YOUTH are united and hosts seek that they feel good and develop life skills are YL Learnspaces, youth centres, orphanages, rehabilitation centres for trafficked teens, refugee camps etc. 

The benefits for youth are huge. Take part!


Spaces where ADULTS are united and seek to do good for people and planet (besides core operations) can also participate.

Boy, will you set a good example! Take part!

An Outstanding, Exciting Experience !

Here are cornerstones that you can hardly experience without it.

  • year-round
  • multiplex
  • self-organization
  • clear set of BINGO-like goal
  • epic quest beyond anything your country’s schools ever attempted
  • everyone creatively involved
  • favorite causes and activities for everybody
  • everyone has something precious to add
  • feel part of something greater
  • constant flow of action
  • constant flow of achievements !
  • rich value for learning culture
  • connecting with sectors of city, citizenry, business, civil society, media …
  • indoor, outdoors, countryside, abroad
  • meeting plenty of caring people – local and global

and more.

It makes life and learning as usual look flat, witless, irrelevant and boring, doesn’t it? So take part!

17 actions can be completed surprisingly quickly.

Newbies may choose simple activities, but certainly everybody will enjoy the experience of developing skills, making impact, engaging with people… and want to continue, to go bigger.

Hence, we offer advanced milestones – to gain Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies that will keep you busy for years. After all, doing little stuff ain’t gonna save life on Earth. And we don’t want to fool you into believing you have fixed the future with the basics. We would betraying the young generation if we did. We take the SDGs very seriously, and we say that everybody else should do, too. #bemoreawesome

You can start small + Safe.

Wisdom #1 First : Activate students for Youth Leadership

We recommend to begin with a Crash Course … and observe how students respond.

Phase 1, 90-180 mins, evokes new positive worldview on youth, power of one, a good future, superpowers of youth at school + shared passion for taking action by 80+% of students + culminates in decision in forming a club and taking first actions + involving parents in activities.

As first impact is made, joy and feedback experienced, students will ask what’s next and love to do more, to go bigger.

This is a perfect time to pitch the Global SDG Class or School Challenge.


This way, you cannot “fail”,

as you would if you tried to coldstart the SDG Challenge and youth would not care to join. It can only succeed, if students are on fire.

Wisdom #2 : Your strongest asset is a Changemaker Student Club

for youth leadership at school AND for the SDG Challenge. The Club unites the passionate athletes that self-organize activities for people and planet and keeps them going, learning, doing with high pace and creativity, independent of teachers’ input.

The Club feels free to do anything, also

  • beyond the SDG Challenge
  • beyond school hours

in touch with YL Tribe members. This makes it your truly biggest asset.


Pleasant HQ


Public presence




Sponsor runs


Mass actions


Busy busy


Mentor peers


Organize speakers and events

You can start in 1 Class.

The SDG CLASS Challenge

You can start as one teacher,

without other teachers, principal or a student club sharing your idealism.

If you have a lively class, it’s no big deal at all, and just wonderful!

It will make plenty of impact, ripple across the school community through book drives, exhibits etc., generate media presence … and thereby activate more students and allies, also at other schools.

You will not long stay alone.

TRACKER POSTER for Global SDG Class Challenge

You can build up – in your Time.

We don’t want you to get bored.

Take further actions and grow your skills, impact, scope and reach.

Bronze Trophy

Basic actions + FUNdraiser 

Silver Trophy

Advanced Actions + big FUNdraiser + Magazine + Partnerships + Visits

Golden Trophy

Advanced Actions + grand FUNdraiser + Partnerships + Impact on Land + Visits

BRONZE TROPHY Tracker Poster for Global SDG School Challenge

SILVER TROPHY Tracker Poster

GOLD TROPHY Tracker Poster

You are to realize the Purpose of Schooling.

You are to live the SDGs.

You are to do something truly Great.

We Are With You.

Count on YL Coaches to help you prepare, start and evolve. Our global Tribe is open for collaboration. As always, your best start is to take the Crash Course or even get certified as YL Coach yourself. 


The Future of all species and generations to come depends entirely on the people alive right  now.

Adult generations have created the destruction and you can tell what they are occupied with. Popcorn, porn and power.
Unless you activate this young generation to become GREAT and entirely different from adults, you betray them.

This Challenge is the VERY LEAST to get started on that quest.