This is Not a Drill.

We have our people and planet to save. It is high time for action, and to activate the Superpowers of Schools for learning to create a Good World for All.

“We’re really tired of hearing of recycling. That’s evident, and it’s not even truly being recycled!
We want to do real stuff that matters and makes a difference. All my peers feel the same!” 

We bring the SDGs to life by combining each SDG with high impact initiatives led by amazing young changemakers and genius adult visionaries.

  • Students study their stories, powerful videos, check on latest news, form focus groups on their favorite causes and take action in support of the initiative, or by implementing the solution locally! They have a wide range of activities to choose from, can bring in their creative spirit, use their media production skills, and their actions are published across platforms in YL media to be shared with the global tribe, and on local and news media, to activate the local citizenry, evolve partnerships and nurture a culture of youth leadership in your city and region. 
  • We meet-up *live* with hero*ines, for deep Q&A, coaching, to bring in ideas, plan projects and celebrate common achievements. Students can dream up own initiatives, and gain support from our global community. Together, we take their groundbreaking initiatives to inter/national scale, literally forming the future of entire regions. Isn’t this what the internet was invented for? 


  • Fired up students can unite in Changemaker Student Clubs across classes and grades as a formidable force, and spin off to after school clubs and self-organized crews in alliance with youth across town, in evenings and on week-ends, like for their favorite sports and hobbies!

The SDGs are the perfect call to action! Start living your good dreams for people and planet, since school days are way too long, and life too short to be boring. The solutions exist. All we need to do is learn them and take them to planetary scale. We are here to help! #MakeSchoolAwesome

Pick your favorite causes & bring about real changes!

1. LEVEL UP! Crash Course session

Inspire students with a 90 min introduction to youth leadership, using the stories, videos and music of amazing young changemakers leading high impact initiatives.

The entire class experiences positive worldview shift on youth and future, shared priority and passion for people and planet – with options for instant action + self-organize follow-up as Changemaker Club + advanced workshops.

Session #1 culminates in an instant action

A swift activity creates a first experience of living one’s values, walking the talk, of giving, impacting people’s lives. Most people are unaware of the power of  charitable actions. Before changing lands, laws and industries, we begin with human lives. It teaches an important lesson: Successful changemakers act from the HEART, with unconditional LOVE.

A simple book drive

means an enormous lot to places with 30% teenage suicides, poverty, homes and schools with no books at all. 

Our High Impact Starter Actions on popular causes understood by the citizenry enable a flying start, swift results, visible feedback on recipients’ social media streams. Emma and Julia raised 500,000. You are an entire school with many relations. How many can you contribute? 

2. Form Focus Teams on SDGs

Each student joins a team. They can be on more than one team, and also join special teams (view below), so that each student finds something for their passion and talent, will taste new skills and generate relevant results.

3. Take Action!

using Hero*ines’ Action Guides with level 1-4 actions, from simple to advanced for greater impact.

Well equipped


Solution stories

from start to success and what’s next

Powerful visuals

conveying hero*ines’ authentic spirit

Latest news

on social media


flyers, posters, guides


for greater reach, impact, win win’s for education and partners

Coaches, Speakers + Partners

for “live” encounters, Q&A, inspiration, coaching, cooperation

Empower Orphans with Neha

by giving orphans a safe home, play, loving community, health, education, ICT and vocational training.

Neha has been raising $15,000 per month since age 9. How much can you raise as a school?

There exist 170 million orphans in the world, and if they cannot grow up in harmony, their adult problems will become ours.

Wealth and Poverty are economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual. What can you add to an orphanage’s kids’ lives for years to come?

Create Healthy Food Abundance using Permaculture

  • like Luwayo and Grace of Permaculture Paradise Institute.
  • Set up Seed Libraries at schools and public libraries, like Alicia does. 
  • Learn with Rachel to choose alternatives to poisonous industries that extinct species, destroy our soils, health, economies, ecosystems and futures.

Gift joy & well-being to peers and the elderly

  • Put Kids First and organize creative play for children in homeless shelters like Alisha
  • Sponsor Eye Camps with Namaste Nepal to cure 100s of people of eye diseases that take only minutes to heal

Empower learning for kids in poverty

  • Meet Babar, world’s youngest headmaster, and his students “live”! Will you team up?
  • Pooja got 24,000 kids into school, runs a micro-school, coaches social campaigns. $2,500€ keep her going for a whole year.
  • Namaste Nepal fund holistic development of Gati, a mountain village in the Himalayas. Their epic sponsor run scores $32,000€. A partner school in Buchen, a town of 20,000 inhabitants scored $20,000€ this year! What milestone will your athletes pick?

#1 Zero Violence Ever! Not verbal, not physical!

We’ll get the basics right and heal the males from mental madness inherited from earlier failing societies that no one any longer wants.

  • Use your wit with the Stop Street Harass-ment Campaign like Holly. Change minds and laws to make schools, streets, public spaces safe and welcoming for girls and women again.
  • Wield fists and bodies to boost resilience, confidence, protect our lives, our right #1

Secure pure, abundant, affordable water forever

  • Robyn has made 30 city councils pass the “Blue Community” Resolution: keep water public, make it a human right, ban bottled water, in 1 year, age 13. We know that some will want to make your school and city Blue.
  • Erin provides basic hygiene in “dirty slums” by recycling used soap bars from hotels, sparking small jobs, spreading awareness and free soap bars to children and schools.

Windmills from Trash

bring first electricity ever to rural villages, are super FUN to build in schoolyards, and make fantastic props on city square to raise awareness for clean energy, microgrids and development partnerships.

We can’t wait to see your creations!

Boost Hero*ines' Livelihoods

We FUNdraise for our Hero*ine friends, but also empower them to activate own finance.

  • Help The Red Brigade Lucknow activate local tours, workshops for hotel tourists.
  • Walk With Rangers with Raabia to fund ranger troops and activate local youth
  • Kickstart Terri’s holistic community tou-rism venture near Rwanda’s Gorilla Moun-tains, with jobs, food, youth leadership.


Re-define sane Economy & start a Social Business

Live without destroying your ecosystems!

  • Restore Ecosystems, soil and vegetation, the foundation of all our wealth !!!
  • Create paint, make-up, dyeing colors 
    from wild, garden plants, set up a business and trade with Sevengardens
  • Study 120 ready-to-invest planetary indus-try innovations with Gunter, Blue Economy
  • Jane’s Ethical OS helps us assess emerging IT : does it improve or destroy our lives?
  • 3D-print protheses for kids in rural India in your STEM and FABLABS with Meghana

Be a Charity Champ!

Use Philanthro-Party magic like Lulu’s LemonAID Warriors to set new records!

  • Score 1,000+ good books for aboriginal kids, schools, like Books With No Bounds
  • Add epic toys, boardgames, DVDs
  • Do LEGO drives for kids in rural Africa

Boost a whole village with Namaste Nepal, Gati in the Himalayan Mountains

  • FUNdraise with an epic 48h sponsor run, aiming for $10,000+€ (NN score 30,000+)
  • for schools, teacher salaries, libraries, crops, afforestation, health camps …

Re-dream Your City!

Activate the citizenry, protect and restore peace and prosperity!

  • Create Positive News Media and a local edition of YOUTH-LEADER Magazine
  • Design a Climate Crisis Resilient Region
  • Create food sovereignity and edible land-scapes like Donate Don’t Dump, Fruit For All, Green Bronx Machine 
  • Stop Street Harassment with Holly

Say NO! to dirty industry destroying what we love

  • Learn with Coral about yukky stuff in popular foods – and create own clips!
  • Challenge media about girl / boy image, stores and brands about hurtful products.


  • Delicious plant-based diet
  • No palm oil
  • No white sugar
  • Uplifting language only
  • No sexism, “sexiness”, shaming, porn

No more waiting! Take tangible action, right now

  • Join gardening legend Mary. Declare ARKS. Boost biodiversity by gifting private, school, communal land back to the Earth as a home for wild plants, animals
  • Restore soils, learn on The Need To Grow
  • Shift focus from national to local govern-ment, declare Climate Emergency and have them implement 80 existing model measu-res and policies to truly create CLIMATE CRISIS RESILIENT REGIONS – to end fears and step up to creating the city we all want, and enable a life of awesome for all!

Re-discover your Planet, Protect your Planet

  • Study Zander’s Turtle Talks to protect the true ocean sailors for the future
  • Meet mermaid Ocean to learn what sharks are really like and help her save the majestic guardians of ocean abundance – by banning shark finning and creating sanctuaries with gentle eco-tourism, oppor-tunity to see them up close, in their waters. 

    Will we get to see photos and films of you in the water – with Ocean and her buddies?

Learn to LOVE the LAND again & be a GUARDIAN!

“We will only protect what we love, and only love what we understand.”

  • Discover and document your natural and cultural heritage like Abbie and Avalon
  • Guarantee One More Generation of grand wildlife like Carter and Olivia
  • End ivory trade forever, like Nellie for Ellies
  • Raise funds with artwork like Olivia
  • Help Raabia awaken Africa’s youth to protect Serengeti inhabitants from murder, from theft of their skins, claws and teeth

Cast a Protective Web of Law around the Earth

We are, you are THE PEOPLE. We define our state, our laws, and we have a right to peace!

  • Join Polly to make Ecocide a Crime Against Peace, like Genocide and War of Aggression
  • Speak out loud and strong against killings of journalists and earth protectors
  • Speak out strong for whistleblowers, and demand their release from prison
  • Call out war criminals, criminal organiza-tions, mafia
  • Make war profits Illegal. This ends wars

Set up a solid Project Partnership with a Hero*-ine, shape a region's Future - and your own

Doing good does not end with a cookie sale. Some milestones and transforming society can be reached in a whiffy, others take time. 

Help achieve rock solid transformation that affects 1,000s of people, inspires millions via media, by teaming up with your favorite hero*ine for long-term badass projects with options to meet live, bring in ideas, activate adult allies for in-kind support, celebrate achievements and GO VISIT!

+ Document Your Unfolding Adventures

to be told alongside those of our hero*ines in YOUTH-LEADER Magazine, on social and local news media … to tell the new success story of humankind

  • become part of the story
  • dream up new chapters
  • establish new positive news media culture
  • reach 100,000s
  • become part of our teaching tools

+ Make Philanthro-Parties part of daily life

and put the FUN into FUNdraising! Learn from Lulu and LemonAID Warriors how to score record donations, public and media presence, grow your crowd and contributions!

Follow your heart and pick a story that you and others will love to be part!

  • Use recess, bake- & lemonaid sales with the *best* brownies and drinks ever, markets, fests, concerts, sport challenges … 
  • Add a dose of magic and adventure! Create FUN, UPLIFTING moments for YOU, and for those kind people who are GIVING.

+ Perform Change Generation Music

like the genius Sirens among activists,

  • learn their songs
  • perform, record, upload
  • translate to your language
  • compose your own

+ Meet Hero*ines LIVE

via video, as speakers at school, at conferences, at YL Summer Camps

  • for inspiration
  • Q&A, burning questions
  • fun anecdotes and secret tricks
  • present progress
  • celebrate achievements
  • plan what’s next

+ Earn BADGES for completed Missions

Changemakers deserve recognition with value for their personal path (friends, memories), idealist path (do what matters, follow your heart), and their professional path. We offer

  • Digital Badges by international education standards, stored in personal digital backpacks, to be used for CVs
  • shipped as Buttons at Season’s End
  • Credits for impact and headlines made
  • Patches for special Quests
  • Special honors for extraordinary deeds


by walking The Path Of The Warrior

  • LEVEL UP! Crash Course

+ 3 Missions : FUNdraiser + Lifestyle Challenge + Project

= scores you Warrior Rank #1. Warriors are pacemakers of Changemaker Clubs! 
Continue on this path, climb the ranks, found Clans, learn Master Magic … in close collabo-ration with YL Staff, coaches and Hero*ines.


in form of Bronze, Silver, Gold SEALs 
status can be upgraded from 2020-2030 

  • for achievements and activities integrated into learning and school culture
  • TROPHY for the grand planetary champion
  • Honors for national, continental champs, special achievements. Surprise us!
  • Flag-sized banners for participating classes
  • Certificates and badges for teachers
  • Recognition in YOUTH-LEADER Hall Of Fame

of year-round value to communicate to parents, community and schools


  • to show SDG causes, pertaining changemakers, proposed actions
  • form teams and track progress
  • a student-powered LearnScape to serve the entire school community
  • as HQ of the Changemaker Student Club, with exhibit, stands, materials, lifestyle challenges, a fav’ hangout!
  • Tip : create Afternoon & Week-end HQs at public libraries, markets, …


for highlights, pinnacle events, group video meet-ups, and to connect with teachers, journalists, civil society, city, supporters, donors, to organize something in public space, celebrate impact, grow the movement, set new milestones


in positive change media style, using your emerging stories, photos, water fights, epic wins, fails, interviews, films …  for YL, social, news media, your teams’ CVs, reaching 100,000s year-round, building community, support

“This is what school should always be like!”

We have all been to school, we are all “experts”. We all understand that this works.


“The most energized lesson ever. Even the most quiet students had something to say.”

“This is what school should always be like.”

“I had tried to instill a sense of action in my students for years, without catching on. Everything changed, when I showed them these videos.”

“The most inspirational I have ever seen. It makes me want to jump up and do something, too!”

“Everybody, students and teachers agree that the poster exhibit was the most exciting thing of the Project Day.”

“I wish I had had this when I was at school.”

“I knew that young people are doing stuff. But this is sensational. I am floored by the potentials.”

“I am humbled by these young people, and by how little my generation even ever dreamed to achieve.”

“I am in tears. This gives me so much hope.”

“I have been looking for such role models for all my life. I need this for all my classes.”

“I have no idea where you got all this from, but this is pure genius. I could not even have imagined that these people exist with me on the planet today. What you have put together eclipses anything I have ever seen about world change, empowerment, youth, or media. It makes me feel that everybody else have been failing their jobs, really. Power to you.”

“I am in positive shock. How is it possible that the world’s media and schools, even organizations have not earlier taken notice of these amazing young and adult changemakers with solutions for all our grand worries. Thank you for what you are doing for the kids and for all of us.”

“This should be at all schools.”

In shortest time, you have upgraded your school community’s view on youth leadership, youth power, changed lives, generated media presence, experienced agency and celebration!

This scores you the beginner's Budding Miracles status

  • LEVEL UP! CrashCourse#1 in 10% of classes
  • All 17 SDGs, 1+ mission/s accomplished
  • By teams of at least 4 students each
  • Changemaker Student Club
  • Club does Crash Course Session #2
  • Well visible public HQ + LearnScape
  • $10,000 FUNdraiser/s milestone
  • Philanthro-Party at school or town fest
  • Activate Parents via flyers, newsletter
  • Vivid documentation on social media
  • Presence in regional newspaper, radio, tv
  • Presence in biz + NGO newsletters
“That’s a lot,” you may say

Yes! You’re setting new standards, like champions, worthy of the challenges of the 21st Century of collapsing societies and ecosystems.

No! This is the bare minimum that responsible adults will do with kids. You have hardly started! There exist 4 higher ranks!

who do not comprehend the scale of emerging crisis, who are blinding you with sugarcoated speeches, who are lying, thereby leading your children into an incredibly painful future. We will never do that!

We help you make a rapid upgrade to a succeeding society.


wanting this for his/her students can do this. 

You have set records and new standards for doing good, education, student clubs, youth reporting.  Imagine what all of us can evoke together by doing this for an entire year, and every year, and at every school!

That is what we are up to - with you!

From this point, the Adventure truly begins!

Based on these first uplifting experiences, fired up students form a Changemaker Club, take on their favorite issues and activities, driven by their personal passion and determination to do good for people and planet, collaborate with teachers and mentor younger peers, form bonds with changemakers and aim for bolder goals and milestones.

View Bonus Teams & Bonus Activities

They lift your SCHOOL into the 21st Century and up the school ranking (view Badges & Benefits)

And Life at School gets exciting!

Do you like what you see?

You have found your mission.

Whatever you’re doing – get this started for a couple of weeks until student crews take over.