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SDG Wall Display + Roadmap

Create a big wall display, place Hero*ine micro posters under pertaining SDGs. View how many act on several SDGs.

This is in your omni-present HQ, a well visible, pleasant, public space at school. It serves as co-working Hub and student-powered LearnScape for the entire school community.

SDG Breaks

We adapt the #KlimaPause, #ClimateBreak method that serves #FridaysForFuture youth to inform fellow students during break and recess.

Teams organize freestyled micro-lectures held by students for students at their pace, using text and film resources.

Micro Lectures are announced using posters;

  • Wed Break #1 “Ecosystem Restoration – doing it right”
  • Wed Break #2 “Stopping Street Harassment”
  1. Start this method in the SDG Challenge Kick-Off Week
  2. Follow up on UN Days
  3. Give liberty to organize at any time

This keeps the student body informed on causes, knowledge, expertise and progress of other SDG Teams.

This nurtures self-organized teaching and co-learning among students on an ever-growing scope of topics beyond the SDG Challenge, and becomes a “Changemaker Break” as part of learning culture.

Micro Lecture Resource Sets are accessible for download and keep growing as people produce and contribute materials on specific topics

This forms public speakers that will take expert knowledge into public space - the same way - to parks, libraries, markets, festivals ...

UNITED NATIONS Action Calendar

Use UN Theme Days as pinnacle events and highlights to plan and pace activities, activate the community and connect with partners for greater reach and impact.

You can tell how the Challenge facilitates a year-round multifaceted stream of action that uplifts the entire school community and enables access to quality knowledge, solutions, contributions, and generates enormous impact.

Personal Support + Cooperation

We look forward to move mountains together.


by Eric and YL Staff, from getting started to huge plans, activism, school development …


Take action, choose your fav hero*ines, meet up for inspiration, celebration and planning next steps


Team up with amazing changemakers to take their initiatives to inter/national scale and for long-term projects

We can do so much good as a generation. Let us become a Generation Of Generosity!
Lulu Cerone, LemonAID Warriors

Adding purpose and passion makes all the difference!

Like in gaming, music and sports, fired up youth become incredibly productive – because they love what they do, and because they spend hours, days, weeks on their favorite activity! Like their hero*ine peers.

As changemakers, we know how important like-hearted company is!

At first, to find inspiration, courage, trust in oneself, ideas and guidance how to organize oneself, where to find allies, how to build community. Then, how to sustain inspiration and momentum, how to find exciting partners, milestones and form big ideas into feasible goals.

We are here to help and accompany you!

In fact, we have been waiting for you folks to RISE UP FOR PEOPLE AND PLANET for years. In my case, for decades. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Empowering caring folks is our sport and life purpose.

Eric, YL, Images & Voices of Hope IVOH Award 2012