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Eye-Openers on SDGs

The member states of the UNITED NATIONS have agreed on the Sustainable Development Goals in order to …

We help live the SDGs – in Action!


SDGs = Practice

= making tangible impact changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries with tangible 

Teaching SDGs = Practice

  • = like in sports and music education
  • = learning from world experts, like Mozart, Shakespeare, Beatles
  • = inspired by most high impact athletes, like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Lionel Messi
  • = with performace that uplifts audiences, in this case, society, through tangible impact
  • = tangible impact means changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries with tangible 
  • = vividly documented in local news media

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18 Active Citizenship

and its crown jewel

18.1 Youth Leadership

SDGs open new Opportunities!

A new language shared by administration, education, media and civil society. 

A shared mission to create a good world for all.

At last. 

and at last, changemakers are no longer perceived as uncontrollable rebels, but as high quality experts. 

SDGs need YL and YOU to properly succeed.

Formulated in the UN’s administrative language. 


communciation no role models, no good practices. Stock photos of “poor people” receiving help. 

As explained above, no sense of active citizenship and youth leadership.

But of course the wish exists among practitioners.

We can help. YOU can help.

And this is why YL Coaches

  • are very welcome
  • have valuable offers to make

and you should use this opportunity.

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We are here to help.