“We are part of nature and nature is part of us. The more we experience it, the more we come alive. We can step into nature’s arms and like a small child we get embraced and receive magical gifts.”

Crossing a country on horseback – you know it’s many girls’ dream of adventure, and also earns boys’ respect, since they don’t even know to ride that big badass horse. Add a goat at their side and the aww factor has everybody in smiles, and curious to learn how this works. 

Siarah has grown up close to animals as a child, once in sports class ditched her new shoes to basically live barefoot ever since, and her inquisitive mind has observed her body, her inner clockwork of personal evolution, her interconnection with changing seasons, and is sharing her learning journey with 100s of followers, fellow travellers, young people in school workshops and at transformational festivals.

Captivate your audience with Siarah’s story as a stunning door into their own Inner and Outer Nature

  • Barefoot Living + health aspects
  • Menstruation as a catalyst for self-evolution
  • Cycles of personal evolution – sensitive life phases of transformation + transition to adulthood
  • Initiation Journeys + Travelling with Animals
  • Holistic Life Training (crafts, bushcraft, permaculture, sociocracy) 
  • Coaching Hikes

with much surprise and practical knowledge for all of us.


travelling with animals

initiation journeys

barefoot life

life cycles


sacred femininity

history of humans and horses




View Siarah’s introduction video and other clips on her #bemoreawesome profile.

Browse her facebook and instagram streams for impressions of her journeys.

A saddle for travel is a great work of leather that exceeds time for making a shopping bag. Research costs. 


The crux with initiation years

Modern society does not support that young people take time off between childhood and adulthood to leave behind childhood and the limited worldview imposed on them by society … and to discover themselves, their sovereignity, relying solely on themselves, their decisions and experience human nature and society in many facets through many encounters with many people from different walks of life.

In a society where 30% of people are on medication to just get through the day and compensate for not feeling good, for not living their dreams with overeating, alcohol, drugs, porn, prostitution, co-dependent unhealthy “love” relationships and hunting money, fame and status ROLE MODELS that show us how to find our true self, talent, dreams for life are precious. This is what’s behind that Siarah is such an inspiration to many. 

Taking years off – while being an inspiration to many – still requires “making a living”. A good way is to enter a cycle of giving and receiving through speeches and workshops. Here we are. We offer that you become part of her adventure.

Chip in to sponsor her animals and Siarah

A horse needs space and food. So does Alisha the goat. She loves cashew nuts. And Siarah has basic costs of living, too. Will you chip in to sponsor her adventure? She gifts you special insights in return.

Lifestyle Challenge : Barefoot Living
  • for a day
  • better for a week

… also at school and in town.

Vividly document and report on your experience.

Horse Friends & Travel

Horseriding lovers and newbies:

Consider that the Horse is a free, sensitive being that is not your slave.

A companionship is not based on subjugation and slavery, but friendship, respect, tenderness, upliftment of the other

Do you relate to your horses this way? Do the horse trainers at ranches you know?

Northern Native American Plains Tribes say that between humans and animals is no difference in spirit, only in form. They know all the feelings that we know. This makes the living being, not whether you can write, calculate or reiterate random facts – or pre-schoolers would not be humans. Are they not? Animals, crows, horses perfectly know and master what they need to live their sacred role in the Queendom of Earth.

Do you and humans perfectly know and master what they need to live in harmony on Earth? Or rather not? So, who is the more clever and wise one? How about some humbleness and taking a lesson in relearning, so that you can restore harmony on Earth in your lifetime? And in your life as adult and family? 

What does your Heart and idealism say about the OPTIOMAL way of relating to a LOVED HORSE that adds such magic and FEELING ALIVE to your life? You may not exactly know how to live it, but every journey of growth begins with the vision. What’s your dream and heart truth? They may be different between different people. Take some time each to formulate yours? Share with others.

It is highly likely that what you hear from others will enlighten your mind and recognition, too! This is how we learn together to remember what we truly wish. This is how we remember who we truly are.  


Lifestyle Challenge : Travel with animals

Form small groups of 3 to 8 people.

  • Go on a day hike
  • better an overnight hike

– with animals.

Vividly document, report on your experience.

Tip #1: Pick exciting terrain, including crossing creeks on foot, crossing mountain ranges on small paths, crossing dense forest 

Tip #2: Optional, add purpose, for example

  1. like Avalon: ON THE WAY, visit nature reserves, go from dawn til dusk, walk barefoot, seek out small and large animals,
    – draw / paint scenery, animals that catch your eye
    – report rare species to the inaturalist platform
  2. like Abbie: ON THE WAY, visit natural, cultural and historic heritage, document, read out local tales

As your groups meet, report on your experience, map what you have found, share with us.

However, as you travel, don’t get too caught up with the mission. 70+% of your journey shall just be “walking with animals”


Daughters of the Goddess

Men adore them, everybody’s raving about babies, everybody loves Our Little House In the Prairie, and for most people lying on their deathbed without having had children would mean a life unfulfilled. 

The Living Universe takes perfect care to gift and ensure this most sacred dream of our lives by embodying, nurturing and sustaining the miracle of life in the Daughters of the Goddess. They are in many ways a reflection of the dynamic cycle of life from birth to death and rebirth that coins the earthly Queendom of Nature, Paradise. 99% of the 3,000 sacred traditions on Earth honor it as the ultimate gift. 

So, what went wrong in some people’s minds and hearts that they would have negative ideas and feelings about the rejuvenating cycle of life inside women’s bodies? in Latin called “menstruation”, in other languages “moon time”.

Some women feel like being calm during these days, others feel strongly energized.

Shamans say that retreating during this time is a time of inner reflection, awakening and healing. In this time, the energies in them are very strong. As a consequence, in many sacred traditions, they do not enter sweat lodges, but spend time in the moon lodge, because

  • they do not need the sweat lodge to activate their antenna
  • the intense inner energies may cause turbulence with those leading sweat lodge rituals; some balance this out by placing moon time women in the north position; repeat: they don’t need it, if they are properly in tune with their own inner healer

Observe whether women that take no shit from others, do not adapt to others’ opinions, no not make themselves small, do not put themselves in cages feel less pain during moon time, since there is less to heal and digest and liberate.

Shamans say that during moon time the healing energies radiate closely around the woman and have healing effect on their close loved ones, too.

Girls, IF YOU TRUST ANOTHER – have an open conversation on moon time as a preparation for the encounter, then share your findings and questions with Siarah.



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