Loving it. A major meme we spread for the past couple of years hits the screen. ALL problems today are caused, sustained and aggravated entirely by adults. Youth have zero say in it. The youth blaming obviously HAS . ENDED . NOW, and in a stunning manner. First Emma sted that adults have failed youth. Then, adult journalists repeated it, stating that adults are not going to protect youth, that the only ones saving youth are youth themselves. And we extpanded that to everything Earth and positive change. NOW, Cameron rocks it after Maher speaks of Trump as some alien phenomenon – “We wholeheartedly accept you older generations’ apologies. And we appreciate that you allow us to rebuild the world that you fucked up.” In Future Sciences lingo, a super strong SIGNAL of a new future trend : affirmation of adult generations’ complete lack of spirit and competence … and that YOUTH LEADERSHIP // the CHANGE GENERATION RISING is the one and only way to go, and to SUPPORT THEM do the right thing. Now get rolling, sign up with YL and do your job/s, dear adults and youth!