An entire student body unites for one cause with encompassing vision for positive change – with different talent, passion, focus, action – aligned with club and extracurricular activities :

  • social media
  • student magazine
  • social media campaign
  • web design
  • fundraising
  • artwork
  • music
  • dance
  • poetry

for #NeverAgain – to heal the school community’s trauma and protecting young people everywhere from gun violence.

THIS IS THE MODEL that we promote as YL CLAN / High Impact Changemaker Student Clubs

  • uniting students across classes and grades
  • for year-round, high impact youth leadership action
  • for people and planet
  • agreeing on encompassing vision for their generation
  • with their own focus topics and activities
  • organizing multifaceted fireworks of action
  • cascading through their communities and media, nationwide

WE call for UNIVERSAL Action for people and planet BUT

  • since many people lack awareness, vision, COMpassion for this
  • and “require” … personal shock to open hearts and minds as MSD, Parkland


  • the 1st example inspired BY #NeverAgain
  • to re-create peaceful, thriving communities
  • along this vision : RE-DREAMING OUR CITY

with the wide scope of angles and actions required – far beyond “policy”

  • greening food deserts, edible landscapes, school urban farming, community gardens
  • which also animate public space with intergenerational community and collaboration
  • boost mental health, pacify public space, nurture practical and entrepreneurial skills
  • healing and peacebuilding at internal, interpersonal, community and ecological level through trauma diaries, ending bullying, harassment, isolation, depression, stewardship of social, local and global commons
  • legislation and programs for participatory budgeting, good governance, etc
  • positive change media culture at the intersection of education, media, civil society
  • social good and social entrepreneurship

generating countless high value educational activities at school and beyond

  • uniting students across schools, districts and cities
  • involving parents, their workplace communities and resources