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I'm young and would like to make a change. Why should I choose YL?

YL offers you countless causes, solutions, tool, tricks, not just for yourself, but also for the 100s of people that you wish to inspire to contribute to your cause, join the team, and start own initiatives.

YL gives you many tools that are perfect for use at school – your entire generation’s daily hangout. That is where you can unfold tremendous impact, for many causes, over years, and win many team members. Also, it makes your school days more awesome – and that’s almost half of your lifetime daily.

Plus, our media provide a constant flow of inspiration and learning with the finest heroInes of your generation. That’s already good reason to join, and there is even more.

For instance, with CG RISING you can pace your actions, earn badges, credits … and that’s not only gameful but also precious and extremely empowering. There’s lots to discover. Just join, get started, discover on the go!

I'm an adult with limited time. Why should I choose YL?

You have enormous superpowers, simply by being a caring adult. 

We show you how to spread the spirit of youth leadership to schools, workplaces, to media, in public.

You can easily reach 1000s, inspire 100s with fresh hope, love, vision, concrete ideas and sense of action.

By doing so, you will also find ADULT ALLIES, and inspire YOUTH TEAMS. 

Both, fired up adults and youth, find avenues of action in YL beyond what you can do – at their schools, at their workplaces, with their talents, with their resources, in-kind support, and their friends…

This means, that over short time, by being and doing what you like best

1. a MESSENGER, inspiring others, through seeding media, and if u like, face2face presentations, workshops, even mentoring of inspired teams #DreamComeTrue

2. a DONOR, with option to scale up in exciting ways, mobilizing workplace, citizenry and media

3. a PARTNER, if it fits with your profession as teacher, journalist, an organization, company…

Once again – your message will inspire others to take those roles, so that altogether, you will evoe tremendous ripple effect impacts in your community, online and abroad.

Remember : all actions taken with YL and our Field Partners abroad are HIGH IMPACT ACTIONS with big effects. Whatever you do, you’ll make a considerable difference. 

Also as a total newbie. What’s needed is passion and the will to LEARN our changemaking magic.

I'm passionate for a cause. Why should I also care about others?

You can focus on yours, not a problem. Do that. It evokes grand change

But – besides – also boost youth leadership in general, using our presentations, poster exhibits, workshop – and other cool causes and activities you’ll discover.

That is mighty powerful because it inspires many, many more who are not inspired by your specific cause, or have already donated, or signed – but could do a thousand other things!

You’ll agree that 10x MORE super inspired young changemakers is GOOD for the world. Well, your passion shows that that you are already ACTIVATED. This makes you a perfect messenger to inire others. But, as I say, give them a huge scope of heroInes, causes and activities to choose from. To find their fav spot or music, so to say.

And still, you’ll all be part of ONE TRIBE in YL, will hang out, team up, support each other. And that will also boost your focus cause. Big time. Because the others will also have time, parents, with more contacts, resources, media skills … 

You get it. Just check out our resources and get going with some extra actions, or the essential Presentations, Exhibits, Kick Off Actions… 

We’re pretty sure that you’ll make very positive experiences and tick off some of the things listed above.

I have a Lemonaid stand for my cause. What else could I add?

First of all – congratulations! You got the spirit. Please view the toggles above for some hints on why you are a perfect messenger, and how insiring other folks is good for you, them, people and planet.

Now – let’s imagine you got a stand rollin’ at school, fests, farmers markets. So far with yummy Lemonaid for your 1 cause. People frequent your stand, they know you, chat with you, contribute.

So … now that you have caring people engaged – why not use these minutes to also involve and serve these 1,000s of caring people with

  • our flyer, micro-magazines on badass high impact youth leadership
  • an explorable “micro poster exhibit” on heroInes (changes people’s worldview on youth power)
  • selecting a dozen heroInes by current UN Days; alternates monthly
  • show amazing videos, music on your phone, tablet or computer
  • flyers on speakers, presentations, skype meetings for their school or company
  • use a Philanthro-Party approach to spark more stands, a competition between girls and boys
  • or to meet, have fun and bake extra vegan goodies to add to your Lemonaid
  • use costumes on occasion of a UNITED NATIONS theme day
  • sign a petition to end ivory trade, shark finning
  • + add the full scope of climate empowerment:
  • add a #FridaysForFuture poster, and inform people about it
  • add an #ExtinctionRebellion symbol, and inform people about it
  • with both FF and ER take thumbs up selfies with people, share, add the hashtags, also #climatestrike, @gretathunberg and @ExtinctionR 
  • use smartphone + headphones to show the amazing videos of Reclaim : Connect To Protect ep. 1, 2, 3 to open their hearts and spirit for the lands entrusted to their guardianship
  • make the Climate Crisis Resilient Region exercise using our cardset and a local city / regional map
  • + invite FUNds for our global partners working in climate impacted regions like the Serengeti

and with all jazz – invite friends, students, teachers, JOURNALISTS to come down to this coolest spot of the day … for cookies and drinks, to donate, have inspiring conversations, join the tribe, promote the flyers and offers to their communities, learn about causes, take fun PHOTOS for social media and news media!

THIS IS JUST A QUICK LIST. It gives you an idea how your EXISTING STAND can unfold into a tribal Headquarter for all sorts of things good for people and planet, and grow your clan and impact.

And whoups – you’ll get booked for speaking at school, organize exhibits at public libraries, tell companies how they can get involved, for half a dozen causes they have seen in your Boost! Club brochure…

You have the HEART and SPIRIT of a changemaker. Why not wield several magic wands?

I guess you don’t mind.

I'm a successful activist. Why do I need this extra stuff?

Do you have rocking chapters at 100 schools, which take action on tons of things and upgrade their entire generation over years? That is what the world needs. Also for your cause.

With your passion, experience and status, it should be easy to expand to put this talent to use to

  • promote high impact youth leadership in general
  • with dozens of optional causes, solutions, heroines, 100s of actions
  • and you offer COACHING for inspired youth teams

You (not so many others) have the talent and status to get quick access to schools, and manage rocking Presentations. Don’t put your own initiative into the focus. Give space to dozens of heroInes through their posters. From this abundance, let the many species of youth decide for their focus causes.

They’ll form teams, one huge student club, and this growing army of changemakers will cultivate a changemaking climate in town that will naturally benefit your causes also.

And yes, they’ll ask what you are doing, actually, and you SHALL TELL THEM. And for sure, some will say “Hey, we’d like to join that also.” So, that’s cool. But you’ll have sparked 10, 20, 100 x more actions, too.

And that is the MASTER MAGIC that upgrades a GENERATION, and changes society and civilization.

Are you ready to serve the great quest of our era?

We have 100 youth chapters, but lack support, and money. Can you help us?

Well, learn Lulu’s FUNdraising magic, and score 1,000s per month simply doing bake- and lemonaid sales, with a twist of magic and adventure. #StopBeingBoring #StopBeingSerious

Plus, check above : a Lemonaid STAND can serve many other causes and interactions at the same time, that generate finance, new allies, media presence, … which again generates support, demand as speakers, new members … 

See, if you have 100 local chapters … if they simply run daily yummy foody goody stands at school they score $20 daily at least. That’s 2,000 daily. $40,000 a month. Add Saturday farmers markets and you can double it. You should WANT to do these things anyway – because the yummy treats attract people for conversations, growing the tribe, signing petitions, helping in-kind.

So, YL is all about expanding scope, causes and activities. We are generalists not specialists. This is how we appeal to many more than singular cause organizations. And we tap into the idling potentials of your members who are signing a petition online (30 secs) and join your for a protest every week-end. But what about all the other days? What is about at school? What is about all the other causes that need doing.

Wield all those magic wands. It can be combined for farming money – for various causes.

Heavens! If all your 100 chapters served the greater cause and each presented to 5 schools? That’s 500 schools, 500,000 youth learning about the magic of youth leadership, 50 heroInes, instant actions, fav’ causes and activities for everyone. What if each organized an exhibit in 5 spaces : libraries, parks, farmers market, city center, a mall. They’d reach millions of people – guess what, countless will be inspired.

And what if your 100 chapters got their adult allies involved to mobilize their workplace communities with our inspirational, heartwarming Boost! Club actions? What if 1% of the 500,000 youth do?

We reckon that’s the fun stuff to do to – empower the Change Generation.


We wish to make youth leadership part of life at our school. Can you help us?


We can help with presentations, resources, activities, teaching tools, excursions, exciting and challenging programs, global hero partners, and long-term company via skype and re-visits.

  • for teachers
  • for students
  • for parents
  • for partners – to support
  • for media – they’ll love to tell this unfolding story

and align, weave, evolve this with your local setting, programs, curriculum, challenges, needs, potentials in the regional “landscape of learning”.

Here are impressions of proposed modules, part of the process YL@School

I have a million dollars to empower my city's youth before I pass. Can we do this?

I hear you. Let’s meet.

Yes. We can bring all you see on our site to all your city’s schools, into libraries, to organizations, fly in heroIne speakers, organize gatherings of stakeholders, uniting teachers, councillors, journalists, parents for this vision, hear their voices, ideas, needs, potentials, threads to interweave, and keep a good part for prizes, coaching, travel, camps as inspired youth teams start rising and earning their shirts. 

And you’ll likely enjoy what you see, since your heart is in the right place, and the youth you wish for already exist. Let’s get going, so that you see the seeds florish!


We are a Fortune 500 company (plus airline) and wish to help. Tell us how.

Chakka, yes!

Let’s sparkle up your on board music, film and reading program with our media, make gifts and involve your customers. 

For your thousands of caring citizens aka staff, employees, customers, and their families, and the schools their kids attend, we have inspirational media, calls for action, Philanthro-Parties, milestones, epic live meets with heroInes, volunteering visits, teaming up for programs, tasking staff and trainees, seed our media to all schools in town, offer workshops and space on company grounds, prizes for achievements …

And then, let’s talk about in-kind – printing, travel, hotel stays, eco-holidays as prizes, goodies for heroInes …

Not to forget about “access” – to media, news shows, events, galas … for our HeroInes to gain support, build bonds for cascading effects across the present communities. Can we get ten more companies involved? Can we set like really big, national milestones? Social business challenges are candy for your folks. We make it simple. With instant, enormous impacts and lots of smiles. 

And as your members unfold beautiful impact, they earn their way to YL Camp for an epic time with heroInes and mages. How’s that? That’s a lot of uplifting on-going media impressions also… in your newsletters, brochures, board media, social media, in YL media, on news media. 

Give us a call, tell us what your heart yearns for, and let’s meet to make it happen.

It is common sense, in face of our humanity’s challenge and predicament.

Maybe you did not have the ideas, and tools, and partners until today. Now you do. This is our time. Together we can make everything beautiful. We just have to decide to.

Live your virtues, step into your power, and live your hero dreams for real. Oh what an amazing experience that is. Isn’t that what your heart is yearning for? Now you can.

#TryThisAtHome #BeMoreAwesome #AlwaysWinning