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There is nothing more powerful than knowledge- & spirit transfer in real life encounters with genius hero:ines. 

To make the most of our encounter for you, your group and the world, we usually follow this model:


Explore profile, solution, interview, action guide with project challenges, latest news, goals

Engage + Add Value

Boost, replicate, adapt the initiative, make a gift, surprise … it is up to you


for Ask Me Anything, latest news, anecdotes, your contributions, celebrate achievements, what’s next

Reflect & Leverage

Storify your experience, share build on it. You can follow up as group, solo, formal or informal

Your preparation elevates your encounter from 45 minutes to days or weeks, from flat ppt-listening to a rich engaging conversation that is highly educational, enjoyable, memorable for your group, our experts, the world, and makes relevant impact. With vivid documentation, authentic expression of feelings, ideas, values and goals, it is a complete changemaking experience in itself. You can make it a program’s highlight that drives engagement as well as follow-up action. 

Our Speakers

We offer 5 types of speakers

(also create IG ad on each of the groups – Presenting: YL Speakers: Magical Coaches):

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YL Coaches

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Project Partners

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Magical Coaches

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