VIA SKYPE – AT SCHOOL & EVENTS – with prep, action, follow-up

A Unique Experience

We want to give you an experience that is

  • rare, exciting, memorable, of high educational value

that sparks, nurtures and amplifies positive worldview, image of youth, humanity, outlook for the future, can-do feeling, solutions, global community, opportunity, a flair of adventure

tuned to your context, with a mix of 

  • presentation + workshop + personal focus 

and rich opportunities for self-organized follow-up backed by a global tribe.


NEW! Activate youth Leadership in your city!

Bring us in with everything we’ve got, boundless passion, understanding for teachers, parents, professionals, with a big Heart for youth, a keen eye for win-wins with partners, handsfull of media, tools and tricks for a mix of campaign, exhibits, workshops, equipping caring folks to get strongly involved and kick off long lasting activities sending ripple effects across your community.

Option : Take our online tutorial, give the course yourself.



for everything “youth leadership”, YL, how to get started, evolve and adapt to your context.

Super Experts

on global topics, always with a look at concrete cases and living what we learn.

Teenage Hero*ines

Yes, the folks that wildly inspire us – for your group to get involved in their quest.

Adult Changemakers

Learn, boost, wield transfor-mational solutions for people and planet. 

Pick your Format

Video Meeting

Easy to arrange, also across timezones, for classes and entire schools.

Tip: Take the initiative, take action for a hero*ine’s cause and send a video message. View tips below.

Tip: Make it a pinnacle event of a project, fest, UN Day, project week. Talk to us.

At School

Presentation, Workshop, Freestyle

Tip: Use the occasion for more than a brief presentation. Add workshops and coaching for fired up students, clubs, media crews, teachers, parents. Also beyond school hours? Of course! We are into positive action around the clock.

At Events, on TV

Our speakers are in high demand at events of all sorts and sizes, from WE Days to conferences, galas, talkshows and changemaker festivals.

We contribute youth- and action spirit, encourage you to involve your audience in action, and to use the occasion to activate local schools and media. Easy.

So inspirational to meet real changemakers face to face! They tare such huggable people, totally different from VIPs on TV, high up on their pedestal. It’s been my best day since childhood bdays. I feel more inspired than ever to spend my future in this field.

Meetings these practitioners was radically different from ‘inspiratio-nal speakers’. This is the real deal. They are living it, and they are achieving! Positive change feels like real-life now, and like I can do this. We all can! Yessa!

I look back at how first meeting inspired us as newbies, how the project developed, and later meet-ups felt like family reunion. I have seen students evolve as speakers and mentors for their younger peers. Life has become a real adventure, and I am thrilled that it will continue to be. Thank you for what you are doing for the children, and for all of us.

Meet Our Speakers

YL Staff & Experts

What is going on in the big picture, with global issues, proven solutions, and avantgarde sciences? What’s the views and emerging potentials of today’s youth? What amazing schools exist, and how do they succeed? How do we – as youth, teachers, parents and allies build an awesome school togethe? How do we nurture active citizenry and take over our city, our planet?

Let us talk about the things that really matter to all of us, with tools and support for turning your new found knowledge into action.


Your man for everything Youth leadership,
awesome schools, student clubs, school development, strategy, adult allies, different contexts in different societies. Model solutions for all local and global issues. really. Plus EVERYTHING YL!

News : in terms of “climate”, Eric shifts your attention to your realistic chances, the real change youth need to evoke as a society, and how to act at local level, by making their region resilient with tangible projects.

Dave Mason

The Outdoor Education Teacher Legend!
Dave has facilitated the most epic 100% student-organized nature expeditions on EARTH, at Howick College New Zealand. He made sure they didn’t DIE, and had a MAGICAL TIME, discovering the awesomeness of nature, life, themselves and others. He’s off on his own adventures now, happy to share his wisdom with others wishing to include awesome nature trips LED BY YOUTH at and beyond school.

Andi X OO Paige

“Simply being near Andi makes you feel more alive”
and it’s because she is living full-time her credo of aligning herself with the living energies of the Universe. Food is for Healing You! Know Your Poop! Know Your gut aka Micro-biome. And Yoga – is your key to activate superpowers. Andi started her own learning journeys as a teen, with cultures, practitioners, communities all over Earth. Is she even near you, right now?

Dr. Gayle

Your woman on everything GLOBAL YOUTH VIEWS.
Gayle leads unique academic studies on youth, as she is travelling the globe, meeting youth in cities, in slums, in the dust … and their views for people and planet are different from what you read in media, academic journals, what you hear from teachers, adults, even youth. You need to know !!! Because this defines your future!!!

Kjell Kuehne

Your man for everything CLIMATE.
Kjell has spent his life with every climate group you can imagine : global Plant-For-The-Planet academy coach, science, scenarios, solutions, Leave It In The Ground initiatives, and what’s new. Kjell had Eric design our climate Infographic, showing the horrific truth – but schools were not ready. Now that Greta has got your attention, you can learn quality facts and solutions –  beyond the mess you hear in mediocre media.

Steffen Judersleben

Steffen mentors the multi-award-winning “student company social business” Namaste Nepal, that has grown into a local star, an icon of hope for their Nepali partner villages and a unique learning environment for students

Robin Grille

Parenting For A Peaceful World

What makes a gentle child turn into a violent adult? What makes parents crush their children? How did “civilized” societies treat kids for the past 2,000 years? When does religion make it worse? What makes fascists? Why is “no violence against children” the core factor that creates a peaceful, mentally healthy, egalitarian, democratic, creative, prosperous society? How does cognitive evolution help us, fast? You all need to know! Robin conveys the knowledge in simple language in his books, presentations and Q&As.

YL Staff

We give all our knowledge, resources and community to empower you and your group to cultivate youth leader-ship, evoke changes, develop vision, find support and achieve your dreams.

Global Experts

Bring global issues alive with our friends. They have years of experience, big hearts, and love sharing their amazing knowledge in fun, casual ways

Crash Course

A YL Volunteer gives your group an initiation to youth leadership, with favorite causes for everybody, new shared passion and vision, loads of options for instant action and follow-up.

Young Hero*ines

Meet your hero*ines live! What could be more exciting?!

Our approach is to boost their initiatives, to give back to them. Together, we step into our power for change, using their initiative as a practical example.

Our interaction is not limited to the live-meet.

  • we can also use video messages
  • we offer excellent preparation, view below
  • we offer excellent follow-up, view below


Monsanto’s nightmare.

Label GMOs, do proper long-term studies on natural and human health hazards, ban glyphosate etc. – use proven, people-powered approaches that guarantee healthy food abundance for all


in Love with Earth and Life

Frogs, swamps, wetlands & stuff teen girls do: citizen science, world travel, activism, educating, teaching yoga, plant-based meals, winning world championships …


Spend More Time in The Wild

and document your adventures on film! Abbie’s your coach on hiking, camping, gear, magical and horrible moments, film production, mental health, discovering one’s natural and cultural heritage, and sharing it with others

The Serratos Sisters

There’s nothing a girl can’t do!

Make Girl Scout Cookies go GMO-free, plant school gardens, seed libraries, do charity galore, fly to Africa, wrestle like a BEAST = turns family life into adventure!


Let’s be a Generation of Generosity

Put the FUN into fundraising, make Doing Social Good part of our lifestyle, play and party culture – at school, sleep-overs, in public and media – with epic creativity and impact!


I love putting a smile on their faces.

We have so much to give to children that have nothing, not even parents. Neha sets records at empowering orphans since age 9, and calls all of us to get involved, to create our common good future for all of us, together


The Youngest Headmaster In The World

It began as a game at age 9, and never stopped. Today, his story in Indian textbooks reaches 50 million kids. We team up to develop his school, and even go visit as volunteers!


Student Club Social Business

Starting in 5th grade, TGIF Turn-Grease-Into-Fuels partners with (today 200) restaurants to turn their waste into biofuel, donating their profits to social causes (today $200,000). Yes, this can be done in many places, and kids can do it best!


Safeguard water for coming generations.

“Declare your city a Blue Community. Pass this 3-pronged resolution. Keep water public, make it a human right and ban bottled water.” Robyn made 30 cities do so. Now it’s your turn. She’s ready to help.


When Teenage Hero*ines Turn Twens

Chloe’s school student club set state and national records. At uni, Divest Harvard became a global icon. Next, running for office, she scored historic turnout and 80% of the vote. Now, she tables progressive legislation for Maine – and gets it passed.

Adult Changemakers

Yes, you can meet today’s Gandhis and Einsteins, even real mermaids!

They wield very powerful, transformational solutions to upgrade our societies to new peaceful, sustainable models. Still they are common sense, and young people play a vital role in taking them to global scale, perfectly aligned with learning, projects and community activities.

Ocean Ramsey

From Scared to Sacred. Save Our Sharks

Re-discover Your Planet with this real mermaid. She helps you learn, see, feel that Earth is Paradise. What could be more precious? Ocean spends a lot of time in the water, so don’t expect live meets. Focus on what matters – make an impact! Let her know! Maybe we’ll score a video message.

John Griffith

How (not) to treat the Wild & Wildlife

The bearded elf and outdoor dancing legend greets you from his outdoor office – the wild national parks. Do your homework, move your feet, come up with questions, and you’ll get your share of adventures, wisdom and silly tales.

Raabia Hawa

Protect Our Grand Wildlife

Track Raabia’s bootprints and learn why this radio host has left the city behind and chosen to walk with rangers and protect the innocent. Hear her message : Our beloved beautiful cousins being mercilessly slaughtered. We need to act. We only have a brief handful of years. Help activate the region’s youth to be Guardians of the Wild.

Polly Higgins

Cast A Protective Web Of Law Around The Earth

Make Ecocide a Crime at UN and national levels. It makes government and bank investment in dangerous extractive industries illegal, hence obsolete, and puts perpetrators who destroy ecosystems on trial, in prison, personally, as for genocide. It’s very close to become global law. THIS young generation can lead the final push.

John D. Liu

Heal The Wounds Of The Earth

Large-scale Ecosystem Restoration is the word, and the UN Decade 2021-30 for ES is your time to be grand! john has documented many ES stories, has much wisdom to share, and leads the Ecosystem Restoration Camp movement, for people to come together and restore Paradise. Join!

Mary Rowlings

Create Arks For Local Wildlife

Our Netflix star (Dare To Be Wild) and famous youngest Chelsea Flower Show winner is a “recovered landscape gardener”, or better – a veritable fairy. Mary listens to the plants, and helps the land become what it wishes to become. Like helping a child unfold to maturity. With this sense, create Arks! Schools, citizens, everyone!

Peter Reichenbach

Natural Coloring From Plants
for dyeing, make-up, paints and arts

A wonderful hands-on way to re-discover one’s natural environment, its hidden treasures, ancestral knowledge, also across cultures – good for health and local economies. Note : much clothing, make-up and oil color pigment is sourced from abominable heath killing (child) labor

Gerry Marten & Regina Gregory

Eco-Tipping Points – THIS is how change happens!

What is the KEY element that turns a downward crisis spiral into an upwards virtuous spiral? Learn about negative / positive tipping points from 100+ well documented success stories. Learn to design ETP graphics and contribute them

Andrea Mendez-Brandam

N+ Positive News Radio Magazine Argentina

Weekly 55 min show – 3 million listeners – 120 radio stations. From her home. A desk, a mic, a heart, and wit. That’s how to tell the world of solutions for people and planet. And now, it’s your turn. Be part!

Manish Jain

Un-schooling & Collaborative Learning Culture

My grandmother knew everything about regional culture, farming, food, health, relations. School calls her stupid, uneducated. Everybody in Europe and the USA went to school. Look at them. Sick, sad, violence, madness! I’m not impressed by your “school”. So, how do we re-learn the important stuff, and how might “school” be part?

Pooja Vishwakarma

20,000 Poor Kids Into School in 1 Year

and we want to see more of this. Learn how we can make a big impact on many lives for generations to come. Our topics : enforcing a new law, kid-powered campaigns, micro-school, culture, arts and fun. Will you visit?

Usha Vishwakarma

The Red Brigade Lucknow

The badasses that broke the stigma on “women fiercely fighting back” by training thousands of girls self-defense against sexual assault, patrolling streets, raising hell at police stations to hunt down murderers. Usha and her crew are hands-on folks. Get ready to hit and growl!

Ajay Patel

The Red Brigade Lucknow Trust

The institutional backbone behind The Red Brigade success story. So much to learn : only recently, our societies have freed themselves from brutal horrors against children. How can we help others achieve the same?! This man knows of human suffering, tenacity, and how to make robust steps to get to ecstatic jubilation. Got the backbone to help the kids?

Make the Most of Our Encounter

Discuss this with your students, too. They need to be in the right spirit.

Attention :

It is vital to understand today’s noble knights. They are very busy. It is a miracle that they are available. We do our best to arrange a meeting, and make it a rich, memorable and meaningful experience with ripple effects.

Observe Time

What makes the longest part of your learning experience?

  • The meeting is just 1-3 hours
  • Your preparation is longer
  • Your follow-up is much longer

hence we help make the most of preparation and follow-up. It enhances the quality of our encounter and also makes it less important for ‘success’, in case that ‘life happens’.


We also collaborate for projects!

View below.

1. Know


These are the Gandhis and Gryffindores of our time. The people that give humanity hope for people and planet. Cheesy celebrities and the super rich have nothing to offer you to to protect what you love, and to achieve your dreams.

You get to meet badass changemaker athletes, noble knights, genius visionaries. These are your coaches for creating the world that your heart desires. 

How will you use this special moment in your life?

2. Prepare


These are humanity’s finest, and they are busyDo not waste their energy, your time, limit your experience. Read up on their story and solution using our Multimedia Hero Profiles, poster sets and action guides. This enables a much more meaningful encounter :

As their story sinks in, some group members will have ideas, come up with burning questions to ask. As you take action, you will have your own story to share, something to give and celebrate! This way, you can meet at eye-level. And as you become part of one story, you can dream up next steps together. I mean, wow …

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3. Anticipate Follow-up


… or you would quench the spark of inspiration, interest, intrinsic motivation, disappoint your group, and actually sabotage what this learning experience is about : bring alive the Inner Hero*ines in your students, activate their changemaker skills, restore peace, prosperity and sustainability for people and planet, with win-win benefits for your greater community.

This follow-up can be formal, in class, as project, or informal, as student club, preferably instantly, possibly aiming at next dates like UN Days, school fests, and milestones, for a hero*ine’s initiative or of their own design.

We are available to coach inspired groups. View

  • Activate Your School
  • Change Generation Rising

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4. Make it Memorable


to them. What is their dream? How can you help achieve their vision and soothe their hearts? The Action Guides tell you how to support and replicate their initiative locally and globally.

to the planet. What is Her dream? That you make grand positive impact for her innocent children alive today and in the future. What can you dream up together to make a relevant impact. What could cause ripple effects, create a mark on Earth, weave a thread into the fabric of human history, small or big, that never stops?

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5. Make it a Breeze


  • How can you make it casual and enjoyable?
  • How can you totally mess it up?

Discuss this with your students. It is a learning experience of lifelong value.

Test the tech and have it set up. Appoint a student tech crew to arrange it well before the meeting. Honor them for it.


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6. Document Your Experience


Add student journalism :

form a volunteer crew to take casual photos and notes on preparation, student voices and ideas, your activities, the meeting and testimonials to share with

  • your personal, club and school news and social media
  • with local news media
  • us and YL Magazine
  • changemakers’ social media feeds

Another excellent multi-faceted learning experience that honors everyone’s efforts + boosts local and global youth leadership + calls on audiences to join the movement.


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7. Take it Easy!


Make preparation and follow-up 90% of the experience. Our speakers are the candles on the cake.

Expect the unexpected. 

Be it inter/national conferences or google hangouts, we have seen everything fail. So, imagine the worst case, and to laugh about it, take it as an exercise in real life, also tell your students. Classic surprise worst cases

  • snow blizzard
  • students on leave for chess championship
  • emergency – exam repetition, a regional revolt
  • forgot a major religious or family matter
  • they are bombing Yemen
  • no stable internet or sound though it was fine earlier
  • mixed up time zones, alarm clock fails
  • sudden invitation to major event or talkshow
  • it’s nighttime at your hero*ine’s wilderness camp
  • hero*ine falls ill
  • you fall ill

No one to blame, life happens.

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For changemakers, as well as for teachers and school students, live-meets are an exception, neither you nor us have a million dollar budget. We all try our best. In any case

> Preparation exercises are a rich experience by themselves

> Eric and YL Staff can jump in and save the day

Let us collaborate in this casual spirit of friendship.

Book a Speaker

Not sure who and how? We can also give your recommendations to align with your focus and goals.

Book a Speaker


When we take our school classes to the theatre or cinema,

we pay $3-7€  per student. No big deal.


We do not want to put any hurdles between youth and the knowledge they need to do good for people and planet. But there is also something else : 

We truly know, honor and value the finest changemakers on the planet, and their lifetime.

Hence, we add another practical learning excercise for your group.


  • what hero changemakers mean for them
  • what self-employed social entrepreneurs live like
  • how life works
  • how to support them
  • how to get real on positive change for our societies  


  • because your youth want it!
  • thereby bringing the encounter alive
  • before, during and after the encounter

These badass active changemakers are constantly pionering new ventures, breaking new ground for people and planet. They do not have paid 9-5 jobs. They are not paid staff of organizations. They are like self-employed social entrepreneurs. Some work on the side to cover bills, but that’s really a waste of time, considering their potentials. 

They don’t care about a house, house-keeping etc. The mission is far more important. But they still have bills to pay for the basics, and that’s okay : a roof over their head, insurances, some have families, move around, pay for tech, medical bills happen, they also pay other people for projects, buy equipment, and they deserve to eat and ice-cream, too.

It’s worthy pondering for a second about what income they deserve. Your 9-5 job neighbors and teachers cannot level up up to save your future. People you see on tv, and some you respect or even admire get rich by destroying Earth, by exploiting workers (your kind), and others are paid for administrating the misery. None of them have a clue how to evoke changes, or, well, work with them. Boring? Hopeless? Right. Top NGO CEOs say about Ecocide Law to protect Earth from industrial destruction “that’s too big for us”. They cannot help you. Our folks can. Badass Hero*ines may actually deserve better pay. What pay do the kind of people deserve who achieve to abolish slavery, worker holidays, avoid fascism and war, reduce violence on your streets? And … can you pay for that?


You shouldn't even open your mouth for less than $2,000€

Business people tell Eric, “because that’s what business consultants get, and they really have nothing relevant to say.”

The same is true for all our speakers. 

We don’t ask you for that. We do however ask big wig events to pay it.

Personal 1-on-1 sessions with them unlock people’s dreams – for their lives and projects.

Their kind of personality, skills and services are valued at $100 to 1,000 per hour at workshops, for city- and nationwide campaigns, or IF they worked as personal coach. They don’t; or they do it for free, for like-hearted folks. Conferences pay considerable amounts for their travel and hotel expenses, but usually have no budget to pay them.

Hence, top-level changemakers rarely have money in their accounts, they are busy with their projects, and spending extra time is practically impossible. As school teachers, and students with parents busy with family and or work, you can pretty well asses : how can one realistically

  • volunteer 10+ hours a week for teaching youth via video? 
  • take an hour off, at 10 at night to meet your time zone’s morning at school?
  • deal with tech and internet issues?  

Can your teacher take off for 10 hours every week? Your parents? Can they take one off, in between, spontaneously? Over a long time? For free? Not really, huh? And such changemakers … no. 


Besides, if you don't value it for an ice-cream's worth

is there relevant reason for us to meet? You guess our answer. we all need to be clear, we cannot waste people’s precious time.

Our rockstar changemakers are super excited how YOUTH-LEADER opens up new ways to  empower the young generation, especially at school and with self-powered clubs! It is part of their heart’s dreams, and a keystone to achieving big positive change for people and planet. All we need to do is to make possible that they liberate their time for us- without any stress on their feel or projects, but rather boosting their work and making their day !!


We really need to rock together now to evoke change!

We can overcome the enormous challenges piling up, if we put together our forces.

We have dreamed up a smart win-win that makes it possible, and it is crazy simple.

  • they love empowering the young generation for action
  • they have highly valuable knowledge to give, to upgrade learning
  • schools are used to pay for trips to the theatre, coaches, etc
  • you really want to meet them, because it matters to you, to do something relevant
  • we / you can easily generate pre- and post-meeting activities with impact and media presence that so far were practically *impossible*, that people will strongly appreciate … making the fee appear ridiculous.

So, we say

  1. prepare well – to make the session smooth, intelligent and fun
  2. preferably take action before and after the session – to make it feel really worth and hands on integral part of the hero*ines project and mission
  3.  gift a $3€ triple ball ice-cream’s worth per person – to liberate their time, give them energy to boost their work
  4. we meet casually and freestyle. Your group has prepared, has questions to ask, and we have an enormous trove of knowledge to wield at any time.
  5. If we meet for a specific topic, we may use slides, links, documents for you to print before the session. It’s all pretty easy-going, lightweight, personal and down to earth.  

This way, everybody is inspired, grateful, empowered and feels part of our common quest.

We’re ready for this. If you are, get in touch.