45+ min
preparation (view below)


With options for action, forming a club, follow-up


Complemented with an action-oriented workshop

Learn essentials of youth leadership and how YL resources and relations help you spark and evolve youth leadership with flying banners – at home, school, work and beyond

Meet young hero*ines with high impact actions – and do like them

Meet grand changemakers with transformational solutions for civilization + learn to wield them

These high impact changemakers shape the future of entire regions – and you can help reach next milestones

Learn about global issues that affect us all – and what to do about them

Learn (of) skills that make life more awesome – from everybody’s favorite teacher type of folks


Cassandra, Mexico

was the only teenage speaker at an international sustainable business conference and her fresh spirit set a highlight

Nightscience, Paris

France’s #1 avantgarde learning conference

Eric got to nominate youth for a conference on ‘anomalies’ alongside genius Adora Svitak, ‘maker champs’ and Lance Weiler, brought in Nellie (Hong Kong, Australia), Lonjezo (Malawi), Babar (India) and audiences were delighted. Years later, conference chief Francois Taddei warmly remembered Babar and sent him a copy of his book.

IYONS, India

As European representative of this gathering of 600 young changemakers, Eric brought in global youth, the only teen-agers: Babar (India), Red Brigade (India), UN Forest Hero Rhiannon (USA) who held the keynote, arranged for video contributions by Robyn (Canada), organized practical workshops by YL, Red Brigade (self-defense vs sexual assault), Rhiannon (Roots&Shoots strategic mapping), and a follow-up event at prestigious Loyola College with Red Brigade and siren Holley (Australia) rocking a crowd of 500 students.

Events in Europe

Eric added high impact youth leadership to

  • week-long international student company campus with crews from 7 countries
  • youth band (UNICEF) Earth summit
  • 7 Virtues public arts performance
  • school project days and workshop series

Each resulted in follow-up actions with various inspired youth and partners; his workshops at other education, nature and europe themed events got rated “best of the day/week, by far” by close to all young participants

sevengardens dialogers

all over Earth + now also via video!

source colors from plants for diverse uses, groups, products, dyeing gardens, ESD, SDGs, learning cities …

  • mesmerizing; kids stare in fascination at colors on their plates more magical than shiny screens
  • adding practical meaning to nature
  • bringing history to life with this ancestral craft
  • for colors, ink, fashion dyes, cosmetics, tourism …
  • a low threshold citizen science 2.0 exercise in sustainable economy, self-organized acquisition of societally relevant skills to teach others, to produce products, to make an income …
  • sense of wonder – opener for education on seeds, diet, vegan cuisine, crafts, cultural heritage …

Many Girls' Dream

… to travel the world on horseback !

Siarah lives it as a discovery journey into her inner and outer nature, as initiation into adulthood – and takes young audiences on a heartfelt storytelling escapade into animal communication, barefoot living (which she both practiced since early age), archaic living, the sacred feminine, menstruation, sociocracy, life cycles – especially the one around age 18 – when we should take TIME OFF to shed the limited experience of society we got boxed in as a child – to become full adults. It’s urgently needed for mental health, societal peace and evolution. TIP: Book her while she’s young

Our Approach

YL is action-oriented. We are not here to entertain or edutain. Our purpose is to inform, inspire, equip and enable you to take quick relevant action for people and planet in your region, also for your Speaker’s region and with them,

That hardly ever happens when you listen to other speakers. But it happens when we speak to you – so prick your ears and browse this page.

You can build a bridge from inspiration to follow-up action as a group – or your fired up students organize it themselves as club or individual, at or beyond school by using YL’s free ecosystem of resources, relations and support. 

You can even take speaker-related action before your meeting, which makes it a much richer experience, since you contribute to a genuine conversation. You have become part of the story. And you can write next chapters together!

Unlocking these potentials is really easy, but it needs to be done right. View below how we do it. It works!


Learn more about our approach below


We want to provide much more than a brief encounter of listening and Q&A. We want to strongly inspire and help you turn your good dreams for people and planet into reality and make life at school awesome.

To achieve this, we recommend that we walk these common sense steps together.

with story and online profile with videos, social links, action guide

Know hero*ine & solution


Discuss fascinating aspects


Dream up burning questions

Do you take action?

Will you make a gift?

Your Encounter

An informed conversation driven by caring enquiry, pleasant, uplifting, meaningful, respectful, appreciative, empowerment and action oriented. 

An Open Conversation

You share goals, ideas, burning questions, hear anecdotes, gain insights, tell of actions taken, celebrate common achievements, make each other’s day and plan what’s next

Optional Immediate Action

in support of the initiative. It makes a real difference, makes their day and an exciting chat.

Follow-up opportunities

abound. Fired up youth can form a student club, organize year-round activities, continue to interact with changemakers, as part of the YL Tribe

Knowledge, bond and access open up rich opportunities, formal in class or self-organized, short and long-term


Action for the hero*ine's initiative


Local action based on the solution


Form a team, club or local chapter for long-term action


Operate at and beyond school


Document activities for YL, social, news media


Grow reach in school and community


Meet again, celebrate, plan


Pay a visit

This makes the 1-hour video- or local meeting a highlight of a rich learning experience that reaches beyond one hour of listening, is far deeper, memorable and empoweringPre- and (optional) post-meeting activities strongly boost the educational value of the encounter and your topic.


View precious learning aspects in our encounter

that conventional speaker models miss out on



Before meeting Gandhi, one studies his bio, what he cares for, what’s current and how to be part.

Individual study

Students view story, video, social media at home for a deeper, more memorable immersion than in class. Option to share tasks in your group.

Time to think

In a one off meeting most students are overwhelmed, It takes time to build trust, have courage and dream up meaningful questions one cares about. 


Burning Questions

appear over a few days at home as one digests the new amazing information and has casual chats with friends 


appear as one realizes what the cause, solution, impact and action opportunities can mean for one’s own life.


builds up as meaning, ideas and bold vision bubble up with friends and class mates backed by a caring teacher on fire to use this special cocasion

Group Action

#bemoreawesome is the call. Inspiring cause, feasible swift action, MILESTONE and deadline of the meeting boost sportive mood. As impact builds, the group gets charged with fun and pride that want to get unleashed and expressed in the meeting.


Hero*ines amazing spirit, our info on how they tick, how to  give back and make their day can result in the most touching ideas, deeds and rare magical moments for everybody involved. That’s YL spirit!

This is a lot of high value and changes the encounter from  passive superficial listening in a state of incompetence, low care and involvement to an active conversation, with passion, purpose and intrinsic motivation. that’s what we call LEANRING. It is a practical exercise in Able Active Caring Citizenship.

No need for PPT monologues telling the hero*ine’s story (an umpteeth time, so boring for them); we have time for true conversation and *what matters to your group* = it’s efficient, impact-, meaningful, pleasant for our hero*ines. It grows from giving to the kids to being integral part of their mission.


Eye-level encounter

through prep and becoming par tof the story

Heart-centered encounter

through truly caring and giving one’s time, spirit, making contributions to changing lives and land!

A conversation

since everybody in the room has something meaningful to say, is interested in hearing it, since they know it matters to them


Time for fun anecdotes, insights, behind the scenes

This is the most interesting, memorable and powerful that there’s never time for in timestamped ppt presentations


Tell of your highlights

What you personally find most remarkable, what to know or do more about.


Tell of your actions

of the experience, steps to success, breakthroughs, breakdowns, revelations and mysteries to solve and vision for what’s next. 

Present your results

of your collective achievements … and check what this will mean for real lives and land. Your turn to inspire hero*ines with a bright vision for the now and times to come.

Present gifts

We love it, because no one knows what this will be. It’s always a surprise and hero*ines don’t expect it. Your turn to make them speechless.

Your students have something to say + it is meaningful + is a relevant contribution to the hero*ine’s quest.

They have become part of the story!


Please consider that our hero*ines are busy 24/7 for the cause. Taking time off to inspire youth is no longer a sacrifice, but part of the mission. Your action makes their day. Your love boosts their energy. You become allies!


The true spirit of changemaking


Freestyle + Surprise

All else you can get from pdfs and youtube. When you meet a world expert, seize the occasion!

Project Ideas

Your youth are not tiny listeners. They are to unfold their own Inner Hero*ines

Milestone Ideas

Get concrete and do it fast. Aim for goals, tick ’em off, let go, move on. We have a planet to save and life is busy.

You meet a world expert. You have a caring conversation and bond. If your group would like to heal local problems, or adapt the hero*ine’s work locally – this is perfect opportunity to ask for guidance.

Space for Local Issues

You had time to digest, check if this relates to your own life and region. Ask! These people exist to help others.

Expert tips, coaching

Changing the world is their fav’ sport and fun, even better if a few words help others move mountains. They have wisdom and friends beyond your imagination. Use it full on!

Novel Project Ideas

CHANGE means being different from all that ever was before. It can only be fresh and crazy! And it comes with love and care. Hence: be prepared, open, welcoming that surprise goals are formulated and want to be taken on. We know this and we are here to help! DARE TO DREAM!

You see, our hero*ines have big hearts, are flexible … maybe you will decide to team up. Some of your group may connect via social media. Some of your group may go pay a visit. Hero*ines  may come into town to join activities… 


Agreement on follow-up

You can decide while leaving it open … know that you are not left alone. YL Coaches know hero*ines and can pursue your path also if they are busy. GET IN TOUCH. Welcome to our sport! 


We encourage you to think far beyond the encounter. We all wish to evoke real change for lives and land. We cannot guarantee it, since it depends on young people’s feelings and ideas. But – as educators and facilitators – we can open up opportunities.

Aim for Action

YOUTH-LEADER’s purpose is to enable youth to take big action, to replicate model solutions globally, to boost hero*ines initiatives, to enable adults to unfold their superpowers, and to make school awesome. Hence, our Speaker program is designed to make action possible by providing the best possible framework.

You and your group are not obliged to follow up with action, since change unfolds organically, and depends on the passion, context etc., but we will all reap best rewards if us and you seek to make life- and world changing action possible with our encounter.

Give Space to Surprise

We seek to enable SELF-ORGANIZATION.

As you know from our publication YL Youth Leadership 101, Changemaker Student Clubs can activate many unexpected local resources and relations.

Our encounter is most rewarding, if you stay open and give space to the expression of individual soft and strong feelings, small and big ideas in your group.

Use as Highlight

The Speaker Meeting can also be a highlight, a creative element giving momentum to a long-term program, such as

  • Project Partnership
  • Global SDG School Challenge
  • West-East European School Partnership; both schools participating in the encounter for a common cause

View our Action Programs for inspiration.

Inspired folks can also meet YL Staff afterwards, informally

so don’t panic, if your group comes up with crazy big ideas. We’ll help make them real or attune them to current reality.

As organizer of the encounter, you are not responsible to realize your group’s dreams! That’s their mission. Your (adult) role is to make inspiration and action possible and to support on-demand. Enjoy seeing the results!

Take it easy

We have big hearts, are huggable, know what matters and take time # fulltimeforfuture. GIVE TIME FOR LOVE. WE DO.