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We are delighted to invite you to meet the amazing changemakers that we have met in 20 years at the intersections of youth leadership, positive media, learning, sustainability sciences and a good life.

We only select Great Hearts that have a rich lot to gift you to make rapid positive changes for you and many others, plus whose spirit will stick in your memory to keep you uplifted. You may even connect and collaborate long-term. We look forward to making the most of it with you.

10 aspects that make encounters with YL Speakers unique, special, powerful, with very high pedagogical value



  • high impact tangible initiatives
  • for you to wield, for you to join
  • big hearts
  • love for youth
  • belief in your youth and citizen powers
  • the wish to see you succeed, to realize your good dreams

+ available for you to meet !!! VERY FEW CHANGEMAKERS HAVE THIS MUCH HEART, belief in you and take the time! VERY FEW EQUIP AND INVOLVE YOU. 

2. YL members

  • sharing our vision for youth leadership
  • involved in YL programs for you to take part in
  • we see each other as friends
  • as YL Coach / team / tribe member, you are part of the family

You can make the encounter a highlight of a UN Day, a UN Week, a Project Partnership, the Global SDG School Challenge etc.

You can have formal coaching and non-formal community meetings with our global YL Community before and after the encounter to make the most of your local activities, projects, educational programs, school development, events, campaigns etc.

We can team up several Speakers, aligned with your event, with YL Programs, with the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration etc  


When meeting Gandhi, you do not expect him to give a powerpoint presentaion on his life. This would be disrespectful. He is busy changing lives. He is not to serve your enter- or edutainment. Save on his time by learning on his life’s journey through webpages, pdfs and videos. Also, your group would lose out on meaningful personal questions and action-oriented conversation on how to do like Gandhi to achieve a good world.

After all, that’s why you wish to meet a changemaker, right? Because you care for the cause and the solution that s/he represents. Hence, you want to make a real difference on the cause. So, prepare well to make the most of your encounter.

>> This preparation much amplifies the pedagogical value of the speaker encounter and learning experience; read on below!

  • using their profile page’s resources: a mix of story, comment, video, interview social and weblinks, action guide
  • to share among group members, to form teams that study parts of it, and all teams share their findings with the group, making a vivid, highly conversational co-learning experience, a kaleidoscope of knowledge, each contributing and all together now sharing a set of knowledge and can together take action in support of this hero*ine and the initiative


Failing means : they do not awaken your students to become changemakers and self-organize actions with tangible impact on lives and land; that’s what the world needs, now!

First time encounters of your youth or adult group with a hero*ine via common 45min powerpoint presentations using eloquent rhetoric tricks to capture an audience’s attention and with 5 minute time for “who has questions?” cannot have relevant effect. The youth have been passively listening for 40 minutes, are observing, checking out,l feeling into the hero*ine’s personality to empathise, to find *trust* etc., they get filled up to the brim. But so saturated and glued to the fascinating outside, their inner alchemy cannot stir, digest the information and inspiration, and ferment it to give birth to heartfelt feelings, ideas, vision and will to know and do something. This is why we do things different. your students shall already know and have felt the hero*ine and build a tangible relation to their solution and to apply it physically.

  • This preparation over a few days or even weeks before the meeting gives students time to digest the information and come up with deep and burning questions they truly care to learn more about.
  • This is what makes the encounter also meaningful for the changemaker. A changemaker’s motivation to spend hours of their precious lifetime talking to people is not money, no matter how much. Our hero*ines would not join YL for blahblah to lame listeners! and we would not want to waste their precious lifetime that is to serve to save real lives and real land! Please consider this and live your love for people and planet. By living Your Inner Hero*ine you meet true Hero*ines in a proper way. And this sparks follow-up energy in your group. This is the true magic of the transformational learning experience!

4. ACTIONS optional, highly recommended

  1. action guides
  2. boosting, personal gifting


  1. your students know their hero*ine
  2. have deep questions, digested
  3. open conversation
  4. casual, humane
  5. have taken actions, contributf. share common experiences
  6. time for anecdotes, what’s current, what’s next
  7. celebrate common achievements
  8. option to decide on follow-up activities (highly recommended)

6. FOLLOW-UP ACTION, optional, highly recommended

7. Follow-up meetings

8. YL Tribe membership

9. individual connection and collaboration

Higher pedagogical value than a common 45 min powerpoint-based 1-way speaker experience.

Altogether, this makes for a very rich, very long and very deep learning experience, that stretches before and after the speaker encounter. Much learning happens before the actual brief encounter, but the encounter is the highlight and pinnacle event to work towards, which stimulates the learning effort, with a strongly rewarding experience.

An active experience of participating in changemaking

  1. A practical contribution to boosting a hero*ine’s initiative through the ~$100€ donation that can be upped by using FUNdraising tricks
  2. Activities with tangible impact on lives and land and / or intangible impact on one’s worldview
  3. A meaningful gift boosting the hero*ine’s energy through experience of heartfelt support by youth and their adult allies
  4. Vivid documentation and communication of the encounter and activities in casual positive news style using simple phones cameras
  5. Inspiring others, friends, colleagues, school community and citizenry with story, testimonial, call for contribution and participation via schools newsletter, social, news and YL media

10. Additional opportunities

  • Share information on this extraordinary experience with peers, colleagues, familes and friends.
  • Share with media and school newsletter
  • Invite people to join the video meeting, workshop or project day
  • Involve people in the activities, leading up to the event and during and after the encounter

We invite you to harness these opportunities to the fullest!


MEET EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE able and ready to help you realize your GOOD DREAMS.