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Gain presence in schools, public, media … and scale your impact using simple tools and tricks, amazing partners and model solutions.


Inspire your audience with solutions, young hero’ines, action opportunities and connect with local stakeholders and protagonists.


Make Changemaking part of your daily life, learn on-the-go from social media streams, share, contribute and take action.
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  • apply powerful model solutions

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  • make youth leadership omni-present
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  • establish international partnerships

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Youth Leadership 101 – Discover the Movement of our Time!

Teens are Rising for People and Planet

Across the planet, teens are rising in record numbers, passionately turning their love for people and planet into action – changing lives, laws, learning culture, worldview, media and industries.

Their impact is enormous. In just a few years, teen-powered movements have gained presence in 10,000 schools, and their gatherings score 6 hour live events on MTV and PBS.

We are seeing the rise of the Change Generation, and with you, we make it happen everywhere.

The Solutions Exist

We can create a world of peace liberty and abundance for all, and it turns out that innovation today is driven by ordinary people : social entrepreneurs, citizen groups and teens like me and you.

Changemakers’ solutions today impact millions, they are called hero’ines, celebrated in media and showered with awards.

What’s needed now is scaling and replicating their genius solutions to every part of the world.

This is where kids and teens come into play. Find out about the unique super powers of youth at school.

The Key : Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership(the training of) young people as change agents in their communities – has been part of civic education for forty years. Today, as teens are rising by themselves, it is taking on sensational proportions.

What teenagers are pulling off in North America today, no one could have imagined a couple of years ago. View some epic examples.

Their passion, vision, power, style and impact set the grand benchmark for all of us to follow to achieve the world of awesome that we want to see.

Their message is simple: “It’s about our future, we have an entire planet to save, and we can do it. So find your passion, take on a cause, take small steps of action and never stop.”



The trick : Make Changemaking your "SPORT"

Look at Youth Leadership like a “new sport” for most of the world. Not for the competition, show, false fame and ego, but because

  • there is a difference between watching how others take action, hobby style play, and the passion, vision and determination that make an athlete go beyond limits, re-define possible and humble couch potatos
  • it’s not about rocket science, but about simple steps, methods and action
  • like any sport, music, art or game you are passionate about, you can learn it, perform and rock like a pro in no time!

Apply this to changemaking. We provide

  • superstars _ changemakers galore
  • epic performances _ in various media
  • rules of play _ causes, methods, DIY model solutions
  • tournaments _ projects, campaigns, special occasions

and even

  • seasons
  • honors and recognition
  • and a sense of epic

as Change Generation Rising – our leadership program – is designed as a reality adventure game; for the fun of it, but also for down-to-earth benefits like smarter worldview, self-reflection, skill assessment and chronicles serving as an ace real world CV.

We Enable You to Do the Same

YOUTH-LEADER is designed to give youth and allied adults everything required

  • to inspire people
  • to make youth leadership omni-present at school, in public and media
  • to take multi-faceted action
  • the tools, tricks and community that changemakers need

We unite hundreds of wildly successful changemakers under one banner to equip you with an abundance of tools, tricks and support for sparking youth leadership and sustaining a year-round stream of stunning changemaking activities.

Wielding the tools and tricks of our ‘famous’ peers, our users quickly make impact and headlines, are booked as speakers and mentors, and see dreams unfold.

The methods are simple. It works in 10,000 schools, has spread like wildfire to 6 continents, and it will work for you.

A New Generation is Rising

and it’s a dream come true.

Download "Children of the Earth"

It is a FREE Gift to the World. Please share widely. Enjoy!

“Imagine … this entire global young generation to grow up implementing humanity’s finest solutions for peace and abundance for all. We can make this happen at every school on the planet – WITH YOU.”

We equip and empower everybody to inspire, inform and involve their peers and communities for action at local and global level, in *live collaboration* with amazing changemakers around the globe.

Our media, methods and services open up new opportunities for everybody to evoke positive changes they wish to see.

Unreal? Yes. View Our Secrets How We Do it
  1. Working at the intersection of sustainability, youth leadership, positive media and learning culture, we unite hundreds of changemakers, their solutions and services under one banner
  2. We focus on model solutions implemented by wildly successful teen and adult changemakers
  3. We collaborate “live” with real hero’ines. Yes!
  4. We adapt simple methods widely used (at schools) for “positive change action”
  5. WE KNOW it works, because we see it happen every day in 10,000 schools and on 6 continents!
  6. We equip and empower everybody to inspire, inform and involve their peers and communities for action at local and global level
  7. Our media, methods and services open up new opportunities for everybody to evoke positive changes they wish to see

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Bring global issues to life and equip people for action at schools, homes and events, in libraries, workplaces, public space and media, with inspirational media in 18 languages. Browse Media

At School

Make youth leadership omni-present in our daily lives, powered by students, teachers and caring citizens, using simple methods. Explore the Methods

Action Community

Organize a year-round stream of changemaking activities in collaboration with world experts, a global tribe and our live services. View our Services

The YL Presentation Kit - NEW!

Inspire youth and adults from all walks of life for youth leadership, feat. our finest selection of videos, hero/ines and action opportunities. Worldview change and wish for more are guaranteed.

Take Monthly Action

with amazing young and adult changemakers around the planet – scaling and replicating their solutions, evoking massive changes. Epic!

Learn, Team Up, Take Action with Changemakers all over the Planet
Join, scale and replicate powerful campaigns and solutions. Respond to needs at home and abroad, take small steps of action and shape history.
All you need to do is follow your passion, priorities and pick your favorite tools, topics and initiatives. Your impact will surprise you.










Join our world of solutions, spirit, vision and rocking action with beautiful souls in every part of the planet!

Youth crews are the drivers of concrete action and impact.

Select your favorite role aligned with your lifestyle and priorities.

You can participate in our full range of activities. You can also change your role later.

Your registration helps us get to know you, keep track of our tribe, our collective potentials and best serve our crews.

Kick back for a moment and connect with your bottom lines. What truly matters to you? Where are your deep powerful passions? It may be friends, nature, music, sports, gaming, and … some changemaking. It may be full-time changemaking. Be very true to yourself. Everything’s fine. We are a diverse tribe. When you got this clear, take a minute to reflect about topic foci, priorities, and time. Especially time. You may be surprised how little or – how much! – time you can allocate to planning and rocking actions with awesome people – for the adventure! Maybe take pen and paper to arrange the things that matter, take times of your day and what times are free for shuffling around and taking action.

Then select the role that fits in this year of your life.

Thanx for being awesome. We can’t wait to meet you and evoke ever bigger changes. Now hit it!




Adults play immensely important supportive roles.

Browse the options and select the role best fitting your lifestyle, skills and joys for the year ahead.

You can participate in our full range of activities. You can also change your role later.

Your registration helps us get to know you, keep track of our tribe, our collective potentials and best serve our crews.

Take a moment to reflect about what truly matters to you. About nature, the kids and what legacy we are leaving as an adult generation. Yes, we could do better as a generation – and now we can!

Assess where you are in life right now, and how you can upgrade living your core values by giving a few hours of support to hopeful young activists. Tap into your deep love, the fierce passion, feel your backbone stretch and your heart soar at the thought of spending your days in the company of groups of brilliant activist kids and teenage youth creating a good world all around you!

There’s a whole lot of us adults sharing this feeling, and from this place, we can evoke tremendous impact as volunteer networkers, presenters and mentors.

Now have a look at how you can join the grand quest of our lifetime – nurturing, birthing, uplifting the Change Generation. There are plenty of ways, all of them simple, beautiful and exciting!




“The most inspirational videos I’ve ever seen. It makes me feel I want to get up and do something too.” USA

“The most energized lesson ever. Even the most quiet students had something to say.” KOREA

“This should be in all schools!” GERMANY

“The epitome of youth leadership.” Ken Jones

“Internet Magicians. In minutes, they change the reader’s worldview.” Helmut Burkhardt, Council on Global Issues

“Ace. A game changer.” En de Raedder

Make a Gift to the World

Empower our young generation to protect what they love, help people and planet and shape the future we all long to see. Because they can- and we need everyone to help!

We wish to Publish a BOOK on Young Hero’ines all over the Planet

This book will help us all us reach the grand public through stores, homes and public libraries. It will be fit for ages 3 to 100, have exciting qr-coded multimedia elements and link to instant actions to get millions of people involved.

To do this, we need your help. Please contribute generously. Thank you! You are THE BEST!”

Our global community unites world-class change-makers, youth, students, teachers, citizens, professionals and partners from all walks of life for high-impact action with rich benefits for people, planet and everyone involved. Wherever you are – play your part!
We make Youth Leadership omni-present in our daily lives at school, home, in media and public through media, educational and leadership programs that facilitate year-round youth-powered action in alignment with multiple United Nations Days of the month. Very powerful!
We serve quality content and exciting collaboration to journalists, media, organizations, institutions, UN programs and school boards, adding meaning, purpose and a sense of action to their work and member and community relationships.
Our speakers, workshops and methods upgrade a wide range of events, from spirit and content to involving schools, citizens, generating media presence and tangible impact. Explore our speakers, offers and event ideas.