Here is our advanced sketch of 

WEB POSTERS, horizontal format, more to come, incl countdown.

POSTER SET FOR EXHIBIT for offline use at multiplier spaces like schools, offices, cafes, community centres; for self-printing on home, school, office printers, print shops and reach 100s with ease, daily; 6 core posters of a set of 20.

WEB POSTERS are for use on whatsapp, telegram, social media


for self-printing on home, school, office printers, print shops

  • for use at multiplier spaces
  • ike schools, offices, cafes, community centres
  • creating visual space to reach 100s and involve people in immediate challenge participation, signing letter etc as listed on the website’s frontpage

+ creating vision for follow-up building strong long-term bonds of collaboration through school partnerships with indigenous communities.

Eric and Elizabeth have been working on this since sunday. Coco is with us.

We can provide working models as well as coaches and project partners and more for youth and adults fired up to create such partnerships – fast and fun!

Example: student company Namaste Nepal

Namaste Nepal, in a small german town of 40,000 inhabitants, runs a project partnership with a village in the Himalaya.

Past week-end, they did their annula 48 hour sponsor run and generated $36,000€, getting the entire town involved.

They have raised 1,5 million over the past ten years, built libraries, kindergartens, schools, pay teacher salaries, afforested, run health camps, built greenhouses, introduced new crops and do an annual summer work visit.

IMAGINE thousands of partner schools doing this with Amazonia communities, learning in action, living the SDGs in action, feeling their agency, seeing their impact unfold, making friends, paying visits, organizing exchange visits and professional pipelines BOTH WAYS.

(Craig Kielburger’s organization WE has teams at 16,000 schools, with partner villages on 3 continents)

Coco and friends work with schools and project partners in Britain and South America.

Eric,, facilitates Project Partnerships with high impact changemakers and community organizers in India, Africa and Eastern Europe, and is preparing such for the Amazon, currently Ecuador.