I never knew young people could do this. This gives me so much hope!

It makes me feel I want to get up and do something, too!

A must for every kid on the planet!

The most energized lesson ever. This should be in all schools.

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Our works are designed for uplifting you with the purest spirit of youth leadership


Many items connect with bonus online contents and year-round newsletter updates with action opportunities and freebies sourced from our global changemaker and artivist community.

IMPACT! You boost groundbreaking initiatives solving global problems & see success unfold


All transactions serve the sole purpose of advancing a culture of youth leadership around the planet!

  • 1/3 goes to teenage hero/ines that you select
  • 1/3 seeds our media to schools and communities
  • 1/3 fuels the Change Generation Rising leadership program


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your purchase

  • benefits their initiatives financially
  • seeds their stories to youth at school
  • sparks youth crews

This Christmas Season and beyond, the 7 Virtues Campaign

  • invites you to make gifts
  • gives you music/al return gifts on Christmas
  • presents success updates
  • offers live meetings with staff an hero/ines
  • involves you in solving causes you are passionate about
  • scroll down the page for details

you can get involved

  • all items link to their profiles and campaigns
  • calendars offer action for several UN Days per month
  • you can opt for updates via newsletter and social media

you can become part of our community

  • by taking action on your favorite causes
  • by joining as citizen volunteer, seeding the media, giving presentations and more
  • by joining the Change Generation Rising program

It is all easy, casual, uplifting, wonderfully positive, rewarding … and comes with many surprises. So just get connected & follow the flow. Enjoy!


Make the gift of YOUTH EMPOWERMENT to the Children on Earth

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So – rejoice, and merrily seed these beautiful jewels into the hearts of the people.


You may have seen teen hero/ines inspirational clips on the internet or at an event, BUT you have never experienced them in bulk before, and in the big picture context of what their phenomenon means for humanity.

These reads will uplift your heart, boost your spirit and equip you for instant action of sparking and nurturing youth leadership around you. It begins with a maximum dose of inspiration. Share and seed far and wide, online and in print!

What makes them special?

the obvious

The finest breed of changemakers!

  • each with a model solution that is implemented, well documented and replicable
  • short stories conveying solution and spirit
  • qr-codes for viewing videos on smartphones
  • news, updates and gifts via newsletter

the very special

  • qr-codes to online profiles with latest news and more
  • UN Day alignment of calendar and hero/ines for “current” news
  • instant action opportunities galore for every hero/ine and UN Day
  • action kits for joining, scaling, relicating solutions


  1. year-round stream of action
  2. leadership program in partnership with featured hero/ines
  3. tips and tricks for involving one’s community
  4. how to harness current UN Days for amplifying impact

This Young Generation


This best-of collection of teen hero/ines, solutions, videos, music and instant action opportunity inspires, changes worldview, equips and empowers beyond your imagination. Discover a bright new world already happening for a quarter million teens, and how you can easily make it part of your life and inspire hundreds, even thousands of youth and adult adult allies in a matter of weeks.

A must for homes, classrooms, canteens and waiting rooms!

What makes it special?

the obvious

  • the only publication of this kind, and available in 9 languages
  • powerful short stories on the world’s most impactful teen hero/ines
  • solutions that can be replicated in every part of the planet
  • its big photos make it perfect quick, casual reading
  • simple big picture explanation of the secrets and potentials of the phenomenon for creating a global civilization of peace and abundance for all; worldview-changing, memorable, empowering!
  • plenty of tools and ways for getting involved at home and abroad
  • quality paper, long-term value

the very special

  • a “multimedia book” with hours of powerful videos and reading!
  • Pacha’s Pajamas Live APP – launching hero/ine videos on your smartphone!
  • music soundtrack – the true sound of the Change Generation, extraordinar!
  • Bonus Content multi-media website – more videos, music, musical, profiles, interviews, latest news, teaching tools, posters, action kits…
  • multi-lingual resources – evolving in 18 languages
  • excellent for homes, classrooms, canteens, waiting rooms – and as bedtime stories

the world-premieres

  1. designed for simple, efficient action in many forms
  2. Instant Action – support, scale, join and replicate the hero/ines’ solutions, for evoking tremendous impact like them!!
  3. seed this PDF online, as reading tip, and locally – to reach, inspire, equip and empower hundreds, even thousands
  4. download Presentation, Project & Action Kits – to give presentations, involve schools, set up field partnerships…
  5. join the Community – take action WITH the world’s finest teen and adult changemakers
  6. invest as donor, funder, mentor, in-kind sponsors – in novel ways for making waves at home and abroad
  • App-animated booklet – hover smartphone over hero/ines’ images to view their powerful videos
  • 48 pages, soft cover, high quality feel heavy paper, a true artefact on your sideboard
  • music soundtrack linked by QR codes
  • companion website with videos, interviews, latest news and more
  • digital cd with media and teaching tools in several languages

Excellent for canteens, cafes and waiting rooms, a must for every home, classroom and public libary

  • interlinked with online multi-media contents
  • read and share on mobile devices
  • seed online as Book Tip and Free PDF via social media, and via newsletters to staff, employees and clients

Daughters of the Sun


This booklet dives deeper into the youth leadership phenomenon, with big interviews, behind the scenes looks, exploring the energies at work in successful ventures, how to make fundraisers and campaigns super fun, and – meeting some of the most courageous, powerful and visionary changemakers on the planet – all girls and women! Surprise : the majority of teens featured in YL are girls, and there are reasons for it!

As always, this book is for action, and it is in the hands of teens to change everything stupid and hurtful done to the feminine.

Get it, and seed to family, friends, schools and libraries around you!

What makes it special?

the obvious

  • top-notch collection of girl and woman changemakers
  • healing for self-image, social life, lifestyle and careers
  • efficient initiatives to join, scale and replicate
  • world-view changing and memorable
  • excellent educational resource and personal gift

the very special

  • powerful videos for involving friends, peers and public
  • outreach media and methods for involving and building community
  • Girl & Women Hero poster set exhibit
  • direct collaboration with girl and women changemakers
  • Field Partnerships for groups and schools


  1. leadership program for girls (and boys) for making youth leadership present at school
  2. and for changing the gender climate to harmony, upliftment and collaboration
  3. global movement for re-awakening awareness for the beauty and sacred of the feminine
  4. premium access code to Peace With Our Bodies special publication

Beautiful, richly illustrated 108 page booklet, soft cover, full color, heavy quality paper.

A precious “artefact” and powerful companion of timeless value.

Maybe the most important gift we can make to girls today.


Perfect for sharing and gifting, interlinked with multi-media contents, dozens of videos, music, interviews, action kits and more.

Accompanying websites with hero/ine online profiles, latest news and major campaigns offer year-round inspiration and empowerment.

Pacha’s Pajamas – A Story Written by Nature

The smash hit nature novel for kids by our friends Dave and Aaron of Balance Edutainment! The story by itself is a rich tropical rainfall of impressions, the App adds dazzling magic for memorable bedtime reading and cuddly couch afternoons. Then, the musical – with viral hit songs to last a lifetime. And a meditation. And a dance. When do you get such  a combo? If you ever searched for a surprising gift for kids, this is it. Parent’s Choice Award!

What makes it special?


Enrich and boost your days with real, grounded inspiration, enjoy linked multimedia items and even get involved in countless actions aligned with United Nations Days of the week.

Imagine yourself after one year of learning on-the-go and involvement. Wow!

What makes them special?

the obvious

The finest breed of changemakers!

  • each with a model solution that is implemented, well documented and replicable
  • short stories conveying solution and spirit
  • qr-codes for viewing videos on smartphones
  • news, updates and gifts via newsletter

the very special

  • qr-codes to online profiles with latest news and more
  • UN Day alignment of calendar and hero/ines for “current” news
  • instant action opportunities galore for every hero/ine and UN Day
  • action kits for joining, scaling, relicating solutions


  1. year-round stream of action
  2. leadership program in partnership with featured hero/ines
  3. tips and tricks for involving one’s community
  4. how to harness current UN Days for amplifying impact


The Hero/ines of Change Generation Rising

52 weeks, 52 hero/ines, 52 solutions… a true immersion in changemaking spirit!

A fabulous companion for everybody loving, following and involved in our Change Generation Rising program. Follow your intuition and passion for digging your favorites from 100’s of videos and actions unlocked throughout 2017.

Can you imagine yourself, your views, knowledge and memories one year from now?

I love how the kids are peeking at the calendar and how their minds start wandering. – Miriam

My colleagues and I have already organized two fundraisers. This is total fun. Thanks for this brilliant idea. – Jonah


Teen Hero/ines

Bless your room with a portal to a bright new world in the making with these beautiful large photos. The calendar shows the full range of UN International Days and Weeks that we support, while focussing on twelve outstanding changemakers. Each month invites you to get involved in their major campaign for a cause we all care for.

Tip: Perfect for offices, staff and waiting rooms, where people sit idle, a quick glance at this gives them a key to a beautiful new life. Seed widely!

This is beautiful. Every time I look at Craig, his story, the images, the impact is playing out in front of my eyes, and I like the feeling and I wish to live the same things. I can’t even stop it, it’s in our kitchen. It’s a virus of good. – Jamie


Daughters of the Sun

12 superstar girl and women changemakers whose unforgettable face and story change worldview, spirit and the way we live. QR codes link to their online profiles with videos, latest news and action kits. This mini-exhibit is a gem for every space that’s “girl”, “women”, “school” or “innovation”. Seed widely!

Tip: This should be in every home with kids, be it girls or boys!

There is so much need to better perceive girls and women. But the public only shows bad examples. This calendar feels so good. I already see myself pointing to the calendar ti my clients. 2017 is coming. Yay! – Ritika


The 7 Virtues – An Action Calendar for Youth

  • An inspiration
  • An action companion
  • An adventure reality game

involving youth in the thriving initiatives of 7 teen changemakers with proven solutions for urgent issues of peace, sustainabilty and abundance for all.

An epic action learning program for kids and teens around the planet with many opportunities for weaving into family, school and community activities.

I wish I had had this when I was a kid. It would have activated me so much earlier. – Chloe

What makes it special?

Never has there been greater need for positive media, role models, embodied values, tangible solutions, uplifting one’s community, protecting people and planet – and nurturing an entirely different and better abled young generation.

That’s a mouthful, but it’s all true and our work meets these challenges in every regard!

This Calendar is a gem – combining conscious values, ideals, hopes, hero/ines, action and playful reality game features in completely new ways for youth of all ages.

  • inspirational contents – stories, videos, interviews, social media
  • rich action opportunity – with favorite causes and activities for everyone
  • a vibrant global community – activities visible on social media

playful action with impact

  • Every hero/ine comes with a multi-level action kit to choose from
  • Many extra missions that are EXCLUSIVE to the 7 Virtues Campaign!
  • Missions include art, media production, research, fundraisers, public speaking, projects, exibits… things that kids and teens are doing all over the world.
  • Players are equipped with top quality causes, media and our UNESCO status
  • Creations are published on our web media, some also in print and educational media
  • Fundraisers make real-life impacts for young hero/ines
  • Impacts are visually shown on hero/ines’ social media
  • Activities can be shared online and onsite with family, friends, even schools and media
  • A rewarding experience!

This calendar is an entry door to the Change Generation Rising leadership program.

the science

  1. The solutions for a world of peace and abundance exist
  2. Thousands of them are led by ordinary people
  3. What’s needed is informing the people – knowledge transfer
  4. What’s needed is awakening involvement – spirit transfer
  5. 80% of human behavior is shaped by role models
  6. Active citizenship requires learning from concrete examples
  7. Action learning is the most efficient way of skill building
  8. Play and imagination help us overcome emotional limitations
  9. Playful action strengthens our resilience
  10. Young People have superpowers unequalled and unattainable by adults

Make it a gift to the young generation and get involved as a parent, an adult ally, a teacher, at your workplace … our guidelines offer plenty of ideas!!

Our 7 Virtues Collection explores the inner spirit, the inner workings of changemakers, – this spirit (which fuels their own vision, and drive, and inspires others) makes all the difference. We do this using the living example of teen hero/ines who fully embody the Cardinal Virtues. This is very special.

Inspired, many people have asked us for turning this into educational materials for use on ethics, finance, self-development and applied spirituality. They are coming.

What makes it special?


When Austrian artist Niki Eberstaller set out to create a series of bank notes on the 7 Cardinal Virtues, he was deeply moved by the teenage hero/ines in our programme, and asked that they would grace his work – “No question. Who else but these youth can represent these sacred virtues?”

Living the Virtues!

Everybody admires changemakers and raves how we should all be like them. But – what are the inner workings enabling them to shine, do and manifest as they do on the outside? Those are in-tangible aspects, not material but spiritual. And it is high time that we re-educate our societies so confused by religions and ideologies, to feel, name and live the values we all “like”.

Living the Virtues? You bet. It is what the world needs and this collection is a strong mirror to burn your ego to ashes, challenge your honor and make you jump up to work on your upgrade!

Living Embodiments

Even among our top notch community, when asking “who embodies the virtues?” … these are the ones standing out. These 7 teenage hero/ines truly embody them to the fullest. This is extraordinary. Ex-tra-or-di-nary!

Attention! These young people deserve all our attention. Not just for being inspired, con-su-ming or even fee-ding on their inspiration, draing hope for ourselves, sighing “the world is saved”, sitting back idle or even waddling in a consumerist egoistic life. This is not what this is about. These youth are “shooting stars” on our inner sky for making us become like them. And – for fully supporting them, these finest who give us, and humanity, the … only hope, in these awful times. So, rise and actively support their quests!

Getting involved

Each of these youth stands for a fundamental need and solution for our society. This needs to be scaled and replicated everywhere. For each youth, we have an Action Kit, with simple, proposed actions from simple to advanced, short-and long-term, at home and abroad. This means – with the right actions for you! And for everyone around you! Study them and get involved. You’ll love it. And the blessings of the virtues will begin to shine in you.

The 7 Virtues Campaign

… is a prequel to the Change Generation Rising action program. The greatest adventure reality game in history. Join the campaign, dive into the myth, share it, get involved – on social media, with your peers, colleagues and community. And if the epic of the sacred warrior in the slightest form appeals to you :

Take the 7 Virtues Challenge!

Take an action for each of the Hero/ines and earn the complete set of badges. It will change everything for you. More than you can imagine. Just do it!

The Sacred Mandalas

Mandalas are en vogue. And they have true and proven effect on well-being and harmony. However…

This collection is extraordinary. It carries powers. The highest ones.

Make it a guessing game to find out which Mandala pertains to which Virtue. You will notice that you are pretty right on most or even all of them. You may be surprised, but these virtues doubtlessly Do Have Form. Hence, make them present in your home, in your mind, spend time with them.

These Mandalas appeared, when Eric was introduced to the paintings of Master Artist Karine Hervé. As Eric shared “This Young Generation”, our interest in quality artists, and the idea for illustrations of the 7 Virtues for our Warrior Shirts, Karine felt strongly inspired, smiled and said “I already begins flowing, I see it, they [the Virtues] want to get expressed,” and the process of creation had begun!

A few days later, Karine had brought the Mandalas onto paper. And she loved seeing every step of them being integrated and combined with our finest … as postcards, as banners, as coloring book, and more to come!

So – imagine this spirit, and what it stands for, and the actions – being present in every kid’s room, in public and at school. Even in the media of faith communities.

This approach adds exciting angles of spreading our work to people not tuned to the changemaker tune… to convey and amplify the values of caretaking for people and planet, of being true to our values, of unfolding our inner hero/ines, sacred warrior, angel, Christ, Maria… for real.

Join in, start seeding!

The Postcard Set

More than a card. A work of art, a heartfelt hug, a visionary twinkle, a story, linking to videos, music and interviews with some of the brightest young souls on the planet today, and helping these wonderful changemakers realize their dreams for their generation.

What makes it special?
  • both sides designed in full color
  • 7 motives : custom-designed powerful Mandalas conveying the energy of the virtue
  • 7 stories : brightest teen changemakers of today, and this means – in history
  • 7 QR codes to online profiles with videos and more
  • introducing recipients to youth leadership, solutions and support
  • follow-up opportunities for inspired people

I ‘m in. The first set of these beauties is for decorating my home! – Agnieszka

Humbling beings. – Arturo

The Coloring Book

A unique work for children and adults!

  • beautiful, sacred, true Mandalas
  • 7 teen hero/ines embodying them
  • 7 stories
  • 7 qr codes to online profiles with videos, interviews, action, interaction on social media, and even opportunity for meeting them “live on Skype”
  • a timeless artefact for personal development
What makes it special?

1. There is so much in it!

  • blank versions for coloring
  • colored versions
  • the stories and stunning visuals of teenage hero/ines embodying the virtues in their mindful action
  • as an example of what it means to feel and live the Virtues. This helps translating the common virtual, somewhere out there vague mental space feel into a tangible experience, a tough in your face mirror of what it means to live these virtues. It can be slightly breathtaking to realize that one’s totally not up to it. But one can. And that’s – wow. This is a powerful and new experience for most people!
  • a new relevation of the sacred, its symbolism, its practical value … lost for most of us, and coming back!
  • stories link to multimedia profiles of the virtuous youth
  • inspired people can follow up and get involved
  • instant usability in education
  • sparking conversations
  • a source of inspiration

2. Mandalas

are en vogue, and science proves they bring peace and harmony to our mind.

But this one is extraordinary. These are not just pretty forms, they are charged with the essential power of the highest virtues. And it is obvious, since everybody is able to connect most or all of them with pertaining virtues. Virtue has form. Stunning. And a portal to changing one’s life and many others one touches in this life.

To ponder : how do common ‘coloring books’ and ‘living ethics’ media compare to this, and what belongs into every home and classroom in this critical times?

Tip : A fantastic teaching tool, a timeless artefact on your kid’s walls

I never even knew about Virtues! Now that I’ve done some research and seen these young heros, something has clicked in me, and it makes me cry. This is profound. Keep up the good work. – Allie

Beautiful. I sense that you are walking special ways in your activism. The Mandalas are remarkable. I will find them a place in our church. – P. Abraham Lathasi

The Mug Set

We have been playing with youth leader portraits on mugs for years, but now we got it – the Beauty, the Spirit – that a MUG needs. For you, your fav causes, and – for your entire team. Geez … to have this spirit everpresent and drinking its waters… how cool is that?!

Every changemaker generation has its sound

The Sixties, the Nineties. But those do not help us today.  Of teens standing up with fierce love, committing their days and nights to fixing a broken world, protecting everything love and creating a good future for all led by the feeling of “this is our planet, our future, and we will not let it be destroyed. We will achieve a good world for us, our children and most of all for all animals on Earth!”

This sound has not been heard ever before, but it is here now, and it is the lifeblood of the new movements, inspiring millions across generations and cultures.

What makes it special?

Being at the heart of the movement…

WE know what our soul and music feels like, and we know who is conveying its in its truth and essence. These are not conventional adult musicians or kids led by a director.

Youth Artists

are wildly successful teenage activists, who are also stunning musical talents and are strongly connected to the planet and her sacred, spiritual traditions. Never before has this combination existed. This makes this music uniquely powerful

  • energies that awaken with dynamic fire for activism (the youth), and

Adult artists

play a different role. In our action program / reality game Change Generation Rising, we differ between  youth Hero/ines (with instant solutions changing society) and adult Magicians (with grand solutions transforming civilization). Likewise, it differs in music. Adults create

  • patterns that embrace, carry, heal, guide, on transformational levels that are somewhat more elevated, like the cosmic embrace of the Great Mother and the Great Father.

also born from deep, profound sacred, spiritual traditions, strongly rooted in nature sounds – but not the common lukewarm new agey stuff. These musicians move among the highest respected traditional wisdom on the planet and guide healing ceremonies and rituals themselves. This is for real!

The Soundtrack of Change Generation Rising

is made of both. The sacred fire of hero/ines, magicians and healers. So make sure to immerse yourself in both!

  • set the ambience of your daily life
  • of workshops and events
  • make sure to use in music class
  • and spread widely!


  • The Youth Artists’ music is available free and online via our Action Kits and Teaching Tools.
  • The Adults’ music is available in its entirety in our Boutique


€ 11


€ 10


€ 10

I hate musicals, I really do, especially cheezy eco kid stuff. But this is coool stuff, its REAL fun, so professional, the voices, the music, man… now wait it’s insane but I and my crew are amped up to dish some Pacha’s theater for kids! – Dan

I feel how Fire Mane is totally synched to the planetary changes occuring, and know I can entrust my heart and soul to her to travel to healing spaces. “We don’t need to fight a war now, just walk another way” – I felt it. Now I know. And it gives me strength – Miko

Halfway in the first song, and I was gone! Ocean, Andes, condors, and light beings. Wow! The idea of a week-long retreat intrigues me – Iris

This is so powerful! The lyrics, the styles, and it’s all done by teens. I’ll never get it how they do this, but I just say yay, you rock me !! – Wonderghoul

Everybody loves youth leadership, and the magical power of role models sparks youth crews, student clubs and citizen volunteers by the thousands.

It begins with inspiration! All we need to do is seed these finest hero stories with youth powered solutions and instant action opportunities to the people.

Empowering our global young generation en masse for being completely different from all unsustainable adult generations is not a coice but an obligation. So let’s go!

What makes it special?


makes all the difference. It reaches the empathic youth, gives them a lifeline to their global, caring likes and empowers them to form YL Teams across classes and grades. As well equipped student clubs, they sustain a year-round stream of activities – with presentations, campaigns, projects, fundraisers on global and local causes – and have effect on their peers, over years. Their HQ, an exhibit and fundraising stand, serves the entire school community as learning environment. This is how change happens.


facilitates dialogue and cooperation across schools, instantly giving the activity the feel of a project, a movement. Seeding to many classrooms and schools, especially in combination with offers of support (see Office Communities below) makes a fabulous story:


can easily be generated by seeding in bulk, combining delivery with a presentation, adding a challenge or campaign, requiring groups or schools to make a project pledge for receiving their bundle of copies. We like the idea of an article showing you + recipients of a 100 copies, all happy, shining, inspired by a few YL clips, maybe even a skype live meeting Video Bridge with YL staff, or amybe with a regional YL Hero/ine! The world needs such positive news, and it will generate demand and makes a great start to featuring inspired youth crews’ actions.


love living their purpose of public service, and our media help them do it. Many actively ask for guidance and flyers on how best introduce teachers and school classes visiting the library to the materials. Public libraries also organize exhibits, seminars and film sessions. They make a dream team with our youth crews and citizen volunteers!


are splendid spaces where people sit idle, have time, have an open mind, and are grateful for every uplifting, exciting distraction. Our booklets are exactly the right reading for capturing their attention for introducing them to youth leadership AND inspire them to want to know more AND give them the links to find more.


(like schools) are in the excellent position of combining the inspiration with instant action – like fundraisers for favorite hero/ines. Our community offers them a rewarding, uplifting experience of

  • seeing the impact of their generosity on social media

Our tools and services however empower them for even more:

  • follow-up for more
  • make changemaking part of their company culture
  • form bonds and projects with field partners, enjoying seeing the evolution of success, but also
  • becoming involved as a project partner harnessing more skills and capacities than “just money”

and to seed and nurture a culture of youth leadership in their city and region

  • by seeding our media and action packs to schools in their district and city
  • by mentoring inspired youth teams
  • even by delegating trainees and staff to support their causes and campaigns
  • and offering prizes to active groups who successfully completed their YL Mission Packs, such as organic food baskets, canoeing trips, project development workshops, travel, in-kind sponsoring etc.

TALK TO US – and let’s make the most difference our hearts have always been dreaming of!

App-animated Booklet, A4 1 page size, Softcover 

10 pieces €149

25 pieces € 249

50 pieces € 400

100 pieces  € 700 (option 1 : use the occasion for a photo for in- and external communications)

500 pieces € 3000 (option 1 + 2 : personalize in booklet with photo, interview)

1,000 pieces € 4900 (option 1+ 2 + 3 : collaborate on a highlight for media presence and a youth action campaign)

App-animated Pocket Booklet, A5 1/2 page size, Softcover 

10 pieces €107

25 pieces € 170

50 pieces € 270

100 pieces  € 470 (option 1 : use the occasion for a photo for in- and external communications)

500 pieces € 2000 (option 1 + 2 : personalize in booklet with photo, interview)

1,000 pieces € 3300 (option 1+ 2 + 3 : collaborate on a highlight for media presence and a youth action campaign)

Book, A4 1 page size, Softcover 

10 pieces € 227

25 pieces € 400

50 pieces € 700

100 pieces  € 1200 (option 1 : use the occasion for a photo for in- and external communications)

500 pieces € 5000 (option 1 + 2 : personalize in booklet with photo, interview)

1,000 pieces € 7000 (option 1+ 2 + 3 : collaborate on a highlight for media presence and a youth action campaign)

Pocket Book, A5 1/2 page size, Softcover 

10 pieces € 150

25 pieces € 270

50 pieces € 470

100 pieces  € 800 (option 1 : use the occasion for a photo for in- and external communications)

500 pieces € 3300 (option 1 + 2 : personalize in booklet with photo, interview)

1,000 pieces € 4700 (option 1+ 2 + 3 : collaborate on a highlight for media presence and a youth action campaign)

A4 Booklet (1 page size)

10 pieces €

25 pieces €

50 pieces €

100 pieces  €  (option 1 : use the occasion for a photo for in- and external communications)

500 pieces €  (option 1 + 2 : personalize in booklet with photo, interview)

1,000 pieces €  (option 1+ 2 + 3 : collaborate on a highlight for media presence and a youth action campaign)

APP Animated Pocket Book, Softcover 

10 pieces €

25 pieces €

50 pieces €

100 pieces  €  (option 1 : use the occasion for a photo for in- and external communications)

500 pieces €

1,000 pieces €  (option 1+ 2 + 3 : collaborate on a highlight for media presence and a youth action campaign)