Would you like to have more stories

than the few short, same ones circulated on the internet?

Of true hero*ines, not power politicians, greedy goofs, comedians, ballhitters, models and marketeers?

Not old, dead people, but young changemakers, relevant to you? 

We got that. 

Plenty of them, in vivid form, as books, coloring books, music/al, digital, cardgames, posters
for use at home, school, in public and media, many are interactive & you can even co-create them with us.
You can even interact with hero*ines and become part of their story’s next chapter.

How cool is that? Where else can you do that?

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Inform Media, Cities, Organizations

on our work and how to be part

We’re busy forging more tools, programs, adventures and support that we all love and need, that newbies and badass performers ask us for. Here’s the latest scoop!

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