He opened a school

at age 9 for kids too poor to afford school, powered by volunteers. His first students are now part of his staff.  Activate your school to team up with him, meet his students, develop projects together and pay a visit!

They built 7 schools + boost development

in the Himalaya, raising funds with 48 hour sponsor runs. Join this rolling project with your school and enjoy success!

She raised $2.3M

to make great orphanages full of love, friendship, health, education, IT cabinets and training. Join in!

500,000 good books

for indigenous schools in remote regions in crisis. Do like her, bring dreams, peace and literacy to peers in need!

3D-print hands

for children in poor rural regions that lost fingers and could never afford one. It only takes $25 and a few hours of zip-zapping. Perfect for STEM class!

Restored a watershed

in grade 7 biology class, developed a curriculum and taught hundreds of students to do like them. You can do so, too.

Community fruit trees

in 10 streets and 100 seed libraries in all 50 U.S. states. What kids can do in one place, kids everywhere can do!

Made water public, a human right

in 27 towns with the Blue Community Resolution, at age 13, and trains peers via internet to do like her. Join in!

They make charity part of lifestyle + school life

with a big dose of FUN, magic and adventure. Use dozens of tricks and Philanthro-Parties to support fav’ causes!

Food abundance on a dry piece of land

while the country’s farmers go hungry for 3 years. Help Luwayo and Grace train 100s + gift free seed packs!

30,000 girls trained in self-defense

against sexual assault – on the road to 1 million. Help them reach milestones, meet online, pay a visit, host them!

Gift private+public land

back to the Earth so that Her animal and plant children can live in peace once again. Set up a sign, declare it an ARK, an Act of Restorative Kindness and mark it on Mary’s map!

Make Ecocide a Crime

to cast a protective web of Law around the planet with Earth Lawyers and Earth Protectors. Teens play a mighty important role!

What stories do you tell your children ?

... your students, audiences and fans ?

We tell stories of outstanding changemakers with tangible solutions changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries at record pace and scale … replicable by youth everywhere.

The purpose is not to edutain. The purpose is to initiate youth and adults to the rapidly emerging phenomenon of high impact youth leadership and myriads of people-powered solutions for creating a good new society of peace, bliss and abundance for all, enabling readers to contribute, implement solutions locally, connect with hero*ine protagonists, follow their unfolding adventures and team up to create a world of awesome together.

Our stories are doorways into the fascinating world of youth leadership and YL Programs.
And you can take them everywhere, today!

Explore Stories

in our Online Exhibit
‘ Discover Youth Leadership ‘

Immerse Yourself

in #BeMoreAwesome Crash Course Phases 1 +2

Take Stories Home

with our Books, Calendars, Cardgame, Student Planner

Take Stories Public

with our Poster Set for Exhibits

Use Stories at Work

as teacher, journalist …

View Stories in Context

in YL Youth Leadership 101

Our stories connect

with videos, interviews, social links and Action Guides so that readers turn into users, become part of adventures and start taking action to turn their GOOD dreams for people and planet into reality.


to bring stories to life, feel hero*ines’ spirit, memorize, share, inspire



for deeper understanding, insights, fun anecdotes

Social Media

to connect, follow, learn on-the-go, contribute, share, grow reach and support

Action Guides

to contribute, replicate, join, scale, adapt the solutions, 4 missions each, simple to advanced for greater impact

We publish in formats serving diverse

  • audiences
  • settings
  • purposes

to create omni-presence in society. Which can you use? 


for kids at home



for deeper reads, see adventures unfold

Poster Sets

for long-term public presence


Crash Course

to activate groups and school classes


for the office + aligned with UN Days

Student Planner

for school + weekly actions


for gameful learning, pocket companion, sturdy teaching tool

Youth Leadership Training Platform

for fired up youth to do like hero*ine peers

Crowdfunding Platform

to boost hero*ines, share their stories

Where can YOU use them?


To awaken your Inner Hero*ine, learn solutions, take action, boost your favorites, inspire others, team up, become part of the story and adventure


For the kids, deep conversations, positive worldview, power of shaping the world, taking action together, at home and in the community, forming precious bonds … and taking all this into kids’ schools


To bring issues to life with authentic solution stories, young role models, action opportunities, for exhibits as a frame for club stands and activities, inspiring actions and partnerships


As posters, placemats, calendars, exhibits … to combine with FUNdraisers and inspire project partnerships … to involve staff, customers, followers


Articles, interviews, columns aligned with UN Days, involving audiences, reporting on readers’ inspired actions – also connected with YL Magazine



Exhibits, audio installations, video projections …

An example how towns use stories

on model solutions in context of SDGs, active citizenship, sustainability, ESD …

Michendorf, a town of 13,000 inhabitants

near Potsdam and Berlin, Germany organized an exposition on regional Good Practice projects for sustainability 

  • along the main road
  • easy to set up
  • in windows of 21 businesses, cafes, kindergartens …

that enthusiastically take part, since many entrepreneurs wish to see positive changes, uplifting ambience and more vibrant interaction in neighborhoods, schools and public. WHAT’S NEEDED IS EASY OPPORTUNITY!

Adapt it for Youth Leadership

with many interactive aspects.

  • involve businesses, social, environmental, youth associations as host spaces; unveiling that they all care for youth + positive change, which is new to them
  • exhibit also at schools
  • announce it in news media and on newsletters

Add local context for the GLOBAL hero*ine exhibit

  • an initiative to boost local high impact youth leadership
  • an action call for locals to take action
  • (1) youth to do projects
  • (2) or support or replicate hero*ines’ model solutions locally; no need to reinvent the wheel
  • (3) adults can boost favorite global heroines’ initiatives and local youth projects; fund, in-kind, team up
  • vividly document and submit
  • to get displayed in the NEXT exhibit on LOCAL youth leadership actions


The optimal add-on to recognize local youth efforts + boost follow-up

(A) a Flowfund donated by participating businesses, town and others

  • involving schools – all their students get to vote on fund investment
  • in local youth projects
  • in global youth projects

(B) In-Kind contributions by businesses and coaches, such as

  • horseriding days for newbies
  • canoeing training for newbies
  • permaculture, sourcing color from plants, vegan baking and cuisine …

for local youth project participants…

which is a heartwarming recognition
+ provides magical experiences of lifelong value
+ builds friendly bonds with kind entrepreneurs for more
+ generates vivid media, stories, testimonials for news media
+ creates opportunity for a GET TOGETHER of fired up people


Common sense results


of youth

student clubs

adult allies

Global SDG Challenge

for schools, companies, city, celebrities

action on all 17 SDGs

based on 50+ hero*ines’ high impact initiatives


Set big Milestones

for important local issues

Start Project Partnerships

with favorite hero*ines to the future of entire regions over years

Add Action!

when sharing stories with people.
Each story is a model solution. Most include an Action Guide.
You know stories, optional actions and partners to team up with.
Many are simple, swift, impactful, fun, rewarding. Go!


At Home

Ask: what do you love? What could we contribute? Who if not us? What will be fun? Who else can we activate?


Add action calls, milestones, connect with the Boost Club

Word of Mouth

Share the magic, your passion, ideas, ponder how you can activate your folks, set exciting milestones

In Class

Use hero*ines’ Action Guides, propose actions in support of their initiatives or to replicate them locally


Add FUNdraiser stands, videos, presentations, Philanthro-Parties, ask what people would love to do

In Staff Rooms

Challenge colleagues to #bemoreawesome, set epic milestones, do the SDG Challenge 

At School Fests

Exhibit, add fun activities, connect with like-hearted students and teachers, conspire to activate their class

At Work

Inspire + involve workmates and customers, help in-kind, set milestones, task staff and trainees, offer perks, docu-ment + share

In TalkShows

Challenge guests and  audience to BeMoreAwesome, take relevant action,  and invite them to tell of their achievements live on the show

With civil society, politicians and RICH PEOPLE

Put on your Clint Eastwood smirk and ask them if they aren’t ashamed of their underperformance, if it be time they #bemoreawesome and Activate Their City for youth Leadership


The world-premiere positive change medium for youth + use in education + everybody else

tells the unfolding adventures of today’s hero*ines

  • solutions
  • interviews
  • music + films + art
  • teaching tools
  • action opportunities
  • travel + volunteering
  • freebies & more

sign up + enjoy daily inspiration


purchase copies

distribute to homes, cafes, schools, libraries, refugee camps, prisons, orphanages, hospitals, doctors cabinets, hairdressers, waiting rooms …

see success projects unfold

experience video meetings

read, like, comment + share


contribute stories, links

donate, fund, help

take action


tell your stories

Online Volunteer with YL

write, translate, design, coordinate

create local/national issue

as youth crew, school …

What if …

all kids in your country had grown up with these stories over the past 20 years?

What if YOU had grown up with them since kindergarten?

> What would society look like, what would citizens live and act like,
compared to current abominable abuse, incompetence and impotence?

> What impact had they made multiplying their hero*ine peers’ deeds a million times?

> What worldview, skills, friendships and relations would those youth have developed?

> How would they use them now as young adults?

> And in their next 60 years as badass qualified citizens? 

Shall we lose another decade

or act as fast as we can?

What future do YOU choose for the next 30 years on Earth?

Us at YL are heartcore determined to evoke real change by making humanity’s finest spirit, solutions and action opportunities omni-present in our lives at home, school, public and media and we invite you to get involved in relevant ways – not just a little bit – so that *everything you see on this page* be present in your region within 1 or 2 years.

It’s simple stuff. One just needs to WANT it to happen, since without it, no relevant CHANGE can happen in citizens en masse. YL Crash Course, Academy, Resources and Coaches provide all you need. We LISTEN TO YOU how YOU seek to manifest it in your region and then work together to make it happen. Enuff said.


to your Language + Country + City + Schools + Libraries + Living Museums
+ to orphanages, hospitals, prisons and refugee camps