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Our stories are on outstanding changemakers with tangible solutions (not protest but projects!!!) CHANGING LIVES, LAND, LEARNING, LAWS AND INDUSTRIES at record pace and scalereplicable by youth everywhere. Adult Allies can inspire and support on demand.


To awaken your Inner Hero*ine, learn solutions, take action, boost your favorites, inspire others, team up, become part of the story and adventure


For the kids, deep conversations, positive worldview, power of shaping the world, taking action together, at home and in the community, forming precious bonds … and taking all this into kids’ schools


To bring issues to life with authentic solution stories, young role models, action opportunities, for exhibits as a frame for club stands and activities, inspiring actions and partnerships

Where can YOU use them?


As posters, placemats, calendars, exhibits … to combine with FUNdraisers and inspire project partnerships … to involve staff, customers, followers


Articles, interviews, columns aligned with UN Days, involving audiences, reporting on readers’ inspired actions – also connected with YL Magazine


Exhibits, audio installations, video projections …

Our stories connect with videos, interviews, social links and action guides to enable readers to learn more, see stories come to life on film, feel hero*ines power, gain deeper knowledge on causes they love, on actions, first and advanced steps to take, and equip them to take high impact action like their hero*ine peers.

In many cases, we facilitate encounters with hero*ines and YL Coaches, so that inspired readers can ask burning questions, feel empowered and nothing will stop them from turning their good dreams into reality. 

Would you like to see this happen at schools, in your town, in society?


We publish in formats serving diverse

  • audiences
  • settings
  • purposes

to create omni-presence in society. Which can you use? 


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Add Action!

when sharing stories with people.

(picture emma presentation)

At Home

Ask: what do you love? What could we contribute? Who if not us? What will be fun? Who else can we activate?


Add action calls, milestones, connect with the Boost Club

Word of Mouth

Share the magic, your passion, ideas, ponder how you can activate your folks, set exciting milestones

In Class

Use hero*ines’ Action Guides, propose actions in support of their initiatives or to replicate them locally


Add FUNdraiser stands, videos, presentations, Philanthro-Par-ties, ask what people would love to do

At Work

Inspire + involve workmates and customers, help in-kind, set mile-stones, task staff and trainees, of-fer perks, docu-ment + share

At School Fests

Exhibit, add fun activities, connect with like-hearted students and teachers, conspire to activate their class

In Staff Rooms

Challenge colleagues to #bemoreawesome, set epic milestones, do the SDG Challenge 

In TalkShows

Challenge guests and  audience to BeMoreAwesome, take relevant action,  and invite them to tell of their achievements live on the show

With civil society, politicians and RICH PEOPLE

Put on your Clint Eastwood smirk and ask them if they aren’t ashamed of their underperformance, if it be time they #bemoreawesome and Activate Their City for youth Leadership

A personal note from Eric, who takes unnecessary loss of peace, prosperity and species personal:

“I will refrain from detailing how fed up I am with oh so clever people in high spheres of “education” for ignoring this, and with oh so clever “progressives” waiting for messiah Obamas, Trumps and squads to fix things. Instead, I will ask you this.”

What if

all kids in your country had grown up with these stories
over the past 20 years?

What would society look like, what would citizens live and act like,
compared to the current abominations?

What impact had they made multiplying their hero*ine peers’ deeds a million times? What worldview, skills, friendships and relations would those youth have developed? How would they use them now as young adults? And in their next 60 years as badass qualified citizens?

What future do YOU choose for the next 30 years on Earth?



to your Language + Country + City + Schools + Libraries + Living Museums
+ to orphanages, hospitals, prisons and refugee camps