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Our Work


Youth Leadership

Replicate Solutions

Positive Media and Role Models

Activate Cities and Citizenship

Enrich Learning Culture

Boosting today's Hero*ines

to achieve next milestones

Empowering Youth

to unfold their changemaker skills as they grow up taking action with hero*ines

Empowering Adults

to live personal and professional aspirations for youth, people and planet in action

Living Dreams

to sustain, heal and enjoy what we are fighting for : Inner and Outer Paradise

100+ Partners

hero*ines, experts, ngos, RCE-Ruhr, UN University …

A groundbreaking training for youth, schools

Self-organized action with global hero*-ines, local coaches

World-premiere publications

books, teaching tools, magazine, poster exhibits

Training, Help, Programs

to activate youth leadership in their region

New West-East Europe Collaboration

student-led twin schools, projects, family travel, exchange, camps 

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Join our Crowdfunding Community for young hero*ines and local youth leadership

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