Wow, cool … youth leadership … this is exactly what we need for all young people, in every town, in every town !!

This shd be everywhere. Everybody should know!

Share online (button?)

Gift a book to a child

Discuss your experience, newly found knowledge, passion, ideas … decide on what you want for people and planet, what world, life and future you want, for yourself, your future family, all children of thousands of years in the future, all animals and plants, the mountains, forests and waters …

Decide on action.

Team up with parents!

Activate workplaces

Let’s do something really cool together.

Let’s go pro, and learn lots of tricks.

Begin with the Tutorial.

Do the Crash Course.

Walk The Path Of The Warrior.

Will you earn your Shirt?

Score the 7 Virtues Patch.

I want this at my school

The Crash Course pack in hand …

… Activate your class, your school

What students say

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What teachers say

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What parents say

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Activate other schools

Set up an exhibit

Form a team – a student club – a warrior clan

Form a student club – uniting students across classes and grades. Even if it’s only 1 per class, that’s 10 to 50 of full-on fired up warriors, a formidable force! Get together, bond, recognize one another for your common bottom line, share your feelings, dream up goals, begin with marching through the Crash Course together to expand your common badass knowledge, toolsets, partners, and select your favorite rapid high impact actions from 400+ actions

Everybody pick their fav’ actions, form focus crews and dream up actions

Everybody help one another as needed

Year-round Action Days

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Meet “live”

Team up with teachers

Book speakers

Start project partnerships

Let’s mobilize everybody¬†in the community!

Meet local mayors

Meet journalists

Do volunteer fairs

Activate financial and in-kind support

Go to conferences

Go visit

Go volunteer

Go to camp