Thank you for wanting to do Good and empower the Change Generation!

Here is how to take part.

For details, follow the links below and sign up with YL to find out more on the go.


discover youth leadership

You awaken to a different world and realize that you need not thirty years of experience or status, but all you need to do is activate this young generation to take simple, swift, robust steps.



Teen hero*ines are aware of problems but focus 100% on doing and creating the NEW, GOOD. This inner + outer Paradise feel-set makes you the best interviewee, friend, lover and parent. You embody the GOOD NEW WORLD right here right now. Attachment to doom and gloom limits your shine, reach and impact. With YL you can live this to the max.

discover yl

The enormous scope of cool common sense tools, tricks and lovely partners compiled from 100s of ace changemakers makes positive change actions easy as pie.



The very special thing about YL is that you can always go bigger and bolder and we back and cheer you on. The energy behind success is to think big and put in the crazy effort having wild fun doing it. Our missions-based approach helps make it temporary and reach rewarding results fast.

Over 90% of people love it.

If you love it, live it. VOLUNTARILY.

Like you do with sport, playing music and hobbies.

Taking part is easy.

You pick what you love ~ at your own pace


connect ONLINE + contribute

_ constant inspiration with YL Magazine, social media, newsletters and updates on successes, new tools, upcoming occasions like hero shows, action days, conferences, camps…

_ you co-create as you like, also as online volunteer, artist, networker etc. with fun, perks and YL certificates



you activate others

using plenty of common tools in our Resources, like letters, flyers, posters, films, music, file bundles, books, postcards, shirts, cardgame, calendars + poster exhibits, guiding workshops

people help you

YL Coaches, project partners, volunteers …
also via quick video call on evenings and week-ends

You follow hero*ines’ adventures


you support Hero*ines

wildly popular causes, lovely stories, photos, exciting milestones, simple contributions, big impact changing lives and land, with tips how to boost support, help in-kind etc. with weekly success updates, video-meets, celebration, collaboration

easy impact + easy to inspire folks

you act on 400+ missions

based on 100+ hero*ines’ ventures

favorites for everybody

year-round multifaceted actions

Already, you’re relevant part of their quests!

whether 5 min’s per week, sharing posts, sending news to colleagues …

or occasional book drives or full-time action – it all matters!

you take on grand projects

impacting thousands of lives for decades to come, literally shaping the future of entire regions with YL Project Partners and in response to local challenges, with our support



you activate the city

with positive exhibits, presentations, crash courses, stands, fundraisers, activities, campaigns … You set up HQs and LearnSpaces, involve local coaches, certified as National Youth Leadership Learning Centre with YL LearnPlanet Map Marker



Don’t panic

It’s optional. But we know you can do this. And soon.

recognition + proof

of your ace achievements, spirit and competences;
badges, certificates, vivid media articles, YL profile …

of value for school, CVs, funding proposals …

open doors and paths

live dreams

do work visits, family travel, youth exchange, summer camps

casual, result-oriented or to meet your friends; it all makes a positive difference!

a rich life with global friends

Because you deserve it. 

And so it unfolds. You evoke true Change.

To Best Serve You

and your specific setting, powers and interests, we provide programs for diverse users

Your main role is to TAKE ACTION.

You do projects in a million ways, also with Adult Allies – like and with your hero*ine peers

You can act alone, or as group, silent nor roaring loud, on activities like art, FUNdraising, planting, expeditions, boss battles + your ideas

Your main role is to SUPPORT.

You boost hero*ines, inspire and support local youth in many fresh, fun ways – using your resources, relations and skills

You are encouraged to do own projects, but let youth run theirs in their way


you make formidable allies.

Hence, also check the other’s page to best understand how to
activate each other, generate win-win benefits and combine your powers and passions.