You feel like taking part in … empowering the Change Generation! congratulations, thank you and welcome!

In any case, stay inspired, get free tools, action opportunities, to see today’s hero*ines adventures unfold and contribute as you like.

To take part, begin with exploring like a guide book to a magnificent National Park, with flashlight impressions of spectacular scenery. It gives you fresh worldview, ideas of what you want, where to direct your steps, what to share with friends, plans for next holidays, some ‘for later’, and immediate actions.

FIRST OF ALL, get to know and understand the most fascinating phenomenon of the Century

YL Youth Leadership 101

Over 90% of people LOVE it

They love young hero*ines, wish Youth Leadership to thrive in every town on Earth, to exist at schools, 
and over 75% are willing to contribute, to become part, to take action. We hear you and we want to give you ample opportunities to take action in ways you love, activate many others, and always have options to do more, to go bigger. Since that’s best fun and it’s exactly what the world needs. 

So let’s take a quick general look at WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH YL.

What You Can Do With Us

We have over 35 programs that you can take part in.

Yeah, exciting! So it’s really worth that you spend a little time exploring! 


We want you to find your favorite projects

and experience your new powers fast & fun

so we have created a guided tour for you.

So, your really best start is a quick session in the Sport of Changemaking to enable you to take swift, simple steps of action with relevant results, perfectly aligned with your lifestyle.

You can speed through it for orientation. But it is through committing to practice the steps that you will upgrade to #bemoreawesome !

Get comfy, favorite drink, headphones on and immerse yourself in pure Youth Leadership Spirit

Phase 1 is a must for everybody. It’s like a highly edutaining adventure film.

If you are on fire to Go Pro, continue this 5-Phase guided tour of our ‘Hogwarts School’, meet real hero*ines, wield magic wands, make remarkable impact … and eventually proceed to Phase 6 to get certified as YL Coach.

You are not obliged

to take the Course in order to use YL Resources, join Action Programs etc., but we highly encourage you to take it. 

Here is what makes this Crash Course so very special

The Crash Course Whether total newbie, casual follower or experienced changemaker… the #bemoreawesome Crash Course makes you incredibly more powerful, since unless there’s youth actions changing lives and land at record pace and scale happening at schools and beyond all over your town, there is much to improve, to learn and do. This Course enables you to make that happen.

It is built on proven high impact initiatives and gives you an incredible lot of common sense ideas that people entirely ignore. Plus super inspirational tools that people lack, appreciate or seek; such as teachers, parents, youth, colleagues at work, journalists, councillors…

Equipped with these stories and partners you can make groundbreaking new swift impact. But more than that.

The scope of Phase 5 High Impact Actions (that you can already take after Phase 1)  rapidly creates a foundation of friendly crew, first allies, public and media presence, reach, supportive communityin just days or weeks.

On this foundation you can build on with ease, also own initiatives, and wowzer greater ventures that we offer you to join with our Project Partners to shape the future of entire regions. You will agree that the causes, stories and activities are what many teachers, citizens, youth, journalists and donors love. More exciting impact, reach and growing community.

Whether newbie or veteran, your new views, ideas, opportunities and relations will be beyond your current imagination. You can tell after each Phase. We highly encourage you to try it. We have a planet to save and people are currently grossly underperfoming. We all have good reason to learn to #bemoreawesome

You will see that we design YL in ways that YOU experience many, many rewarding moments and benefits for daily life, family, school, work … that the efforts of small time, creative thinking, contacting people or getting out there are fully recompensed and it is super FUN, it ENRICHES daily life.

We do this, because in our busy days in this Century we all need inspiration to keep heads and hearts up – also or especially in our many, many hours at school and work! – to keep momentum and motivation high, to be mentally healthy and radiate light on the world, and opportunity to live our values, virtues and to live DREAMS.

All of it boosts our ability to grow into more awesome changemakers in every sphere of life. This is why we intentionally design our programs so they are powerful for the people and land we help, and AWESOME FOR YOU, too, and so that Good people glide in positions of influence.

Think of Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings. The characters make no sense … until you have seen the full first film or read the full first book. Until you know Hogwarts, Middle Earth, Lothlorien, their hero*ines and magical beasts … the SPIRIT! That is a feeling! 

It takes a couple of hours of immersion to ENTER THAT DIFFERENT WORLD. And then you have this feeling with you at all times. And it is shared with all HP and LOTR lovers you ever meet on Earth! 

It is exactly the same with the magical world of Youth Leadership, its true hero*ines that are so wildly in-SPIRIT-ional. The Crash Course immersion will activate the same key on your inner Piano. It will awaken your Inner Hero*ine. And then you start walking this in practice in real life, changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries like today’s greatest hero*ine changemakers.

Dare opening up to receiving this bombstic gift! They are ordinary teens and they SAY that it is ridiculous simple and everybody can do it.

It’s as unimaginable to voters as voting was to medieval monarchists. But it’s easy. Now we need to upgrade from impotent voters believing to be incompetent and hiding behind experts, waiting for the quasi-monarch to pay someone to fix things… You have seen that that era is over.

A new Operating System is needed: the able, active, caring citizen implementing humanity’s finest knowhow at local level… by not just watching the world’s best eyeshader on youtube but the world’s most genius huggable hero*ines with tangible solutions. Not PROTESTS but PROJECTS. And we help you activate it in yourself in record time.

Further, the Crash Course enables you to bring the same experience to others, to guide groups. It is very simple. The stories and films do most of it, and your sincere passion complements it! You will even have your own anecdotes to tell. People will think you’re a pro. For sure! We’ve seen this happen for so many newbies on all seven continents. It’s such a fun experience.



We don’t tell you what to do.

We tell you “do like the hero*ines do”.

Like in music one says “play these Mozart notes, sing this Yesterday song, sing We Are the Champions, speak these Shakespeare lines – with VERVE and SPIRIT, like this Freddy Mercury dude on stage, but your way … it works for one billion fans and karaoke weirdos.

Now take HEART and do the same, practicing what creates a world of peace, bliss and abundance for all. What kids, teens and their adult allies can do in one place, kids, teens and their adult allies can do everywhere!

Like Uriel in the desert, we are really nice and helpful and say “That way is the highway to slide into Hell on Earth. You have tasted that one, it stinks and hurts. And that one is new to you … it is the way to walk gently uphill to Paradise on Earth, full of beautiful sights along the way.” Which do you choose? 

For young people age 8 to 18 we offer The Path Of The Warrior.

For adults, we have the YL Boost Club.  Both are mighty awesome.

The perfect start is the Crash Course.

We want you to succeed as a changemaker, and to benefit both personally and professionally.

Whether you just connect, contribute on occasion or rock full-time … you are precious part of the Tribe.

To Best Serve You

and your specific setting, superpowers and interests, we provide programs for specific programs.

Their role is mostly to do activities and projects, in a million ways, also with adult allies

Their role is mostly to support hero*ines and local youth in a myriad intriguing ways

View also what the others do

so you can best activate people, their resources and relations,
team up and help another achieve your good dreams.