“Teachers are our generation’s most important allies.
They decide if we can learn to create a good world for all, or not.” Craig Kielburger, WE

Co-create Media & Publish

Media literacy is en vogue among educators, parents and funders. Usually, it means

  • in the U.S. : tech skills
  • in Germany : decipher truth, manipulation, context
  • to us : producing positive change media, i.e. solution stories presented in memorable, inspirational, empowering form

Here’s what we have to offer : how about your students find, interview, report on changemakers and solutions, get a regional conversation going by cocreating a kicass POSITIVE NEWS MAGAZINE – with the aim to amplify positive changes? 

We can at last live our purpose! 

not just co2 emissions voting and waiting, but everything that needs doing , act right away, act by new paradigm, of sovereign responsible citizens

We provide







We invite your contribution!

casual or solid, short or long-term.

1. Tell us about cool resources

2. More exciting : use our resources, tell us about your use, send in your creations, for us to publish and inspire others.

welcome video Eric

we don’t provide you with CO2 stuff. we’ll link to some good resources.

You know that solving global and societal issues are about much more than CO2 molecules and a few laws. You also know that a student’s personality and skills takes time to evolve.

Hence, we provide you with the tools, tricks, support and partners for a new learning culture (proven at 16,000+ schools) that nurtures youth leadership, active citizenship, evokes remarkable changes for people and planet, enriches learning culture, serves the greater community, and makes your days much more fulfilling. How is that? The key to all this are Changemaker student Clubs uniting your caring youth for year-round self-organized activities for people and planet, backed by a global tribe of like-hearted youth, adult allies, and today’s Einsteins and Gandhis, no joke! And – you.  

You’ll find much more on our website, also with more details to make school awesome, crash courses for youth, teaching tools … this page serves as overview of what we got, and what’s now available to you – with a focus on CLIMATE matters.

It’s not a little bit. And that’s good! Because with a couple of brochures you cannot cultivate a new learning culture! We offer you plenty of amazing things, and as a good teacher – your eyes should open wide, and you should smile ear to ear. So many exciting years ahead, now!

Get a drink, sit back and enjoy!

Teachers are the most important ally of our young generation. They decide if young people get the chance to grow up learning how to create a good world, or not.

Craig Kielburger

“Never before has a teacher’s profession been more important for humanity.”

Craig Kielburger

We value you super high!

We know that conventional schools can be tough on idealist teachers. Hence, our aim is two-fold.

To give you humanity’s finest resources to provide the education, and the self-organized learning that the Change Generation needs to upgrade our societies and make it through the 21st Century.

To enrich your daily life, aligned with your aspirations as a professional, citizen and human. Oh what joy to see Gryffindore crews wield magic and create good in the world in record pace and scale!

Our focus

is not on CO2 science teaching. 

We give you practical youth leaderhip stuff to make things exciting. stuff you find nowhere else, and the things you’d love anyway, whatever the climate does : hero*ines + solutions + activities

We help you make “creating a good world for all” part of learning culture, powered by students passionate about it, based on successful models at more than 16,000 schools.


are busy with their work, administration, students’ troubles, a lot of things. Your role is simply to offer gentle support, with simple steps, with swift results, and win-win benefits for your subject teaching.


have the spirit, the energy, the time, and other superpowers that help them outperform adults. They do 98% of the work.

Your role is simple. There is no doubt that you can do it.


Activate Yourself as Adult

Teachers are the young generation’s most important ally. Stay casually informed by connecting for free with our programs and get involved as you please.


Use stories as add-ons

to bring global issues alive through solutions, role models told in vivid, memorable multimedia


Inform (new) students on youth leadership

Organize LEVEL UP! crash course sessions in class


Cooperate with change-maker student clubs

Give them the best space at school, support on-demand, invite contributions in class, implement the YL Curriculum: every teacher integrate youth leadership once per semester as they please, to make it omni-present and normal for all kids’ worldview

Resources related to climate

from our vast scope of resources

Climate science 

Quality resources on the science, emissions, scenarios, online collections on #teachersforfuture platforms in different languages.

Role Models & Solutions 

Changemakers leading wildly successful initiatives for people and planet, related to different aspects of climate harmony.

Authentic stories

with vivid visuals, videos, social media updates and opportunity to get involved.

YL Magazine & more

Stories, columns, videos, music tell the unfolding story of the Change Generation, live before your eyes, calling you to get involved in spreading it, co-writing it.

Use for research, group work, translate, research, write, create local editions, also radio, video, art … as part of the global magazine network.

YL Speakers & Field Partners

Meet LIVE and collaborate in real-time with today’s hero*ines leading high impact initiatives.

Team up to boost their work to the next inter/national level, change lives, feel your agency, bring in own ideas, meet live, even go visit.

Make your Region Climate-Crisis Resilient

while reducing emissions and activating a much greater part of citizens to create the society, community life, peaceful economy and future they want – based on common sense policies and solutions already successfully implemented by communes around the planet.

Your Focus

as inhabitant of your region is this : to restore Paradise.

You shall not wait for national government to spend billions to pay adults to restore your local natural ecosystems, edible landscapes and create peace among local humans, animals and nature.

This is ridiculous – it is too expensive, takes too long, local councils would even resist this top-down order, and the young generation would sit idle, and stay impotent voters like today’s adults, waiting to be governed like in a de/centralized quasi-monarchy.

Instead, your role is to act as able, active, caring citizens, a responsible steward and guardian of your local region, your land, your people and your relations, your economy, your peace – by learning and implementing humanity’s finest solutions :

Quadruple biodiversity, pollinators, fertile soil, water, free foods, a sense of active citizenry – and city councils will love it, and say, “wow, we always wanted to do this, but couldn’t afford it,” and youth will team up with foresters, public servants, organic farmers etc.

This is the new citizen that our societies need, and The Purpose Of Schooling, and it perfectly synchs with your fiery passion, sense of urgency, of education, of action and the required impact – en masse.

Fired up students will self-organize for action beyond school hours, like they do with sports and music, and this is where the huge impact is made (also like in sports and music). 

But you, at school, are the hub and training ground where to learn, unite and practice with exciting first results.

We give you excellent resources and support to make it fun, impactful and a rich learning experience, too!

Focus :

Ecosystem Restoration

Healing the wounds of the Earth

restoring abundance, joy and peace

Protecting the Earth from abuse

We have grown so used to believing that things we produce, buy, and sell are the basis of the economy, it is hard to imagine that actually the wind, rain, and air are more valuable. – John D. Liu


Restore Ecosystems

Ecosystem Restoration Camps, global

Join a living legend in documentary films on bringing deserted landscapes back to florishing life in his new movement : going camping and restoring Paradise.

Detect Eco-Tipping Points

The Eco-Tipping Points Project, Hawaii

Discover 100 people-powered success stories and learn how to detect the key element of success

  • positive ETP : kicks off a virtuous spiral of abundance, sustainability, peace
  • negative ETP : kicks off a vicious spiral of demise, poverty, suffering

an excellent tools for informing citizens what steps to take for desired changes

We Are The Ark

Top 10 landscape designer of all time

Create Arks. Gift your land back to the Earth to re-wild and become a haven of peace, joy and abundance for wild plants, animals and minerals

Excellent for schools, private landowners, communes – no more costs, no more shame, but a LearnScape to let live, treat, observe

ReDiscover Local Nature

Griff’s Wild Tips, California

This living legend teaches you how (not) to behave with your local wildlife, about wild jobs, working in the greatest possible office – National Parks – and wisdom how to best live with people and groups. 

Save Our Sharks

Ocean Inspired, Hawaii

Learn from a real mermaid what shars are really like, and how to save these stewards of ocean ecoystem abundance from extinction by the ecocidal and criminal fishing industry. European youth, your mission is to shut down Spain’s involvement in 50% of shark extinction.

Protect Africa's Grand Wildlife

Walk With Rangers, Kenya

Join former radio host Raabia and rangers to on the plight of Africa’s great animals threatened with rapid extinction. World youth have important roles to play, incl. activating Kenyan youth! Yes, you can go visit! 

Develop a Mountain Village

Freiberg Germany & Gati, Nepal

Schools, solar, reforestation, crops, health clinic camps … experience all the basics, and the magic trick to score $30,000 with a single sponsor run.

Serengeti Ellies & Humans

Beehive Fences, Kenya

Human-animal conflict is rising, as elephants in search for food enter villages and plunder fields. Beehive fence projects keep ellies away and restore biodiversity. What’s needed is financial and smart ideas to help for these villagers abandoned by government officials looking for their own profit.

Re-Dream Malawi


Help bring Joseph’s combined expertise in farming, energy, education, sustaina-bility, water management, international cooperation to rural village people – to upgrade their energy, crop and food situation – with youth in the driving seat. What’s needed is finance, ideas, commu-nication, – and yes, you can go visit!

Focus :

Paradise City

The City we all want to live in

Making life awesome – with thriving community, friendship, no violence, no crime, no harassment, exciting public spaces, active citizenry restores and upgrades the social cohesion that we need for

  • resilience – to stand together against threat and catastrophe (scared, survival)
  • cocreativity – trust, appreciation, common sense agreement and encompassing vision to create the GOOD next level collaborative society together (our shared dream, LIVING!)

Paradise City


So, what if we simply take 100 good practice solutions and implement them all in our city? Isn’t this the common sense thing to do? What was wrong with our brains to miss out on making life way more awesome? Time to get started.

A Good City

is not just “sustainable” with solar panels and recycling waste bins.

It is also a wonderful place for kids to grow up in, play in public space, youth to enjoy themselves, people to feel safe at day and night, anywhere, also women in mini skirts. It is city without corruption, crime, where we make decision on what is good.


We are far from it, yet close, if we are clear about our vision and impelment myriads of common sense solutions.


Re-dream your city  

Focus :

We Create the Anthropocene

The Anthropocene begins to be communicated as new worldview, also at school. It serves to create big picture view and show the agency of humanity and humans, but it is so far badly done, like climate info – by fact checkers that know nothing of solutions and changemaker spirit. As this is about extinction, this is hurtful.

Already, teachers report that students break down in tears in the classroom, and they don’t know how to help the young generation. We offer help. We shift the story, vision and “to-do”

  • from seeing life wither to ashes wasting time on petitions, munching on organic muesli bars, proud of a jute bag, hoping for Obama #fail
  • to restoring life in record time through implementing high impact, transformational solutions at local and global level, that change lives, laws and industries, and prepare our upgrade to the next level collaborative society beyond outdated interest group democracy.

Yes, Harry, it’s big. It’s a new planetary age.

The problem

For the time being, this term, and planetary course are connotated with horrid images of destruction, as Game Over, like fate.

While we are the biggest fan of truth and hurtful scenarios, an unwise communication of Anthropocene without positive solutions galore for users to implement beyond turning off the bloody tap while brushing their teeth, creates apathy, mental illness, retreat, and sabotages positive change.

We need to upgrade the inherited programming of “irreversible fate” still prevalent in the majority of people; from disempowered minions of monarchy to able, active caring citizens, of changemakers, and from morons of totalitarian religions to becoming the hand of God on Earth aligned with God’s being : love, joy, peace – that means upliftment, not abuse and destruction bringing people and animals down into a state of hellish pain, torture, suffering, scarcety, death.

The Solution

Communicate 100s of solutions to shape a comprehensive vision that we can definitely right now create a GOOD world, as we wield the finest knowledge of humanity to shape the Anthropocene in ways aligned what our hearts want, and not what some greedy idiots do intentionally or through negligence or ignorance.

We paint this new story and global painting together by taking high impact actions with outstanding changemakers, and vividly showcasing them in YL Magazine.

Focus :

Hands-on Action
right at Home

Climate Crisis Resilient Region

All this talk about far away CO2, companies, government, waiting, frustrated, disempowered. No hands on action, no results for animals and planet.

But solutions for climate matters are at local level, and they add up hugely, as towns declare “climate emergency”. Now make them follow up with meaningful solutions!

Take a moment to play with the idea of shifting away from preventing climate crisis (it has begun) or creating change (which conservative, visionless people resist) to PROTECTING WHAT WE HAVE – the land, the food, the well-being, the peace, the culture … by strengthening that which sustains it – the land and the local community. Get it? It’s precisely what got neglected for profit. But now, in emergency, it is our right to implement it. No one can condemn us to a future of drought, poverty and violence. How daaare they? Bingo!

And it’s all hands-on, powered by people – by youth, and adult allies across generations.




  • to stand together against catastrophe, restore local food and energy sovereignity, peace, prosperity independent, incorruptible
  • requires social cohesion – that people are sane, have trust, appreciation for one another
  • requires collective agreement – on unifying encompassing vision to create the GOOD next level collaborative society together
  • requires co-creativity – to turn this into tangible action

For a teacher, subjects, school culture, the education landscape, this offers limitless opportunity. We pitch you a 70+ Good Policies Bundle to study, map and implement.

Focus :

Positive Change
Media Culture

Media literacy is en vogue among educators, parents and funders. Usually, it means

  • in the U.S. : tech skills
  • in Germany : detect manipulation
  • to us : produce meaningful content uplifting society, epower to overcome crisis, through role model solution stories presented in memorable, inspirational, empowering form

1. Report solutions

that empower citizens

2. We will only protect what we love

document natural and cultural heritage in a young, fun, positive, magical way

Co-create Youth Leader Magazine

Research, write, contribute stories and interviews, translate, transcribe, create videos, create a local, national, theme edition, or radio program, or … and get published in YOUTH-LEADER, short- or long-term.

Abbie Barnes


Organize intriguing hikes and micro expeditions, trace historic trails and tales, and capture it on film to inspire others.

The creative options are enormous, from co-producing Abbie’s films to visiting hero*ines and organizing youth eco short film festivals.



give you quality insights to global issues.

+ Resources

for preparation and follow-up activities.

+ Turn inspiration into action

with a profound practical learning experience rippling into students’ hearts, homes, the community, media and school.


How to harmonize their passion and goals with school, with 1,000 fold impact and win-win benefits for everyone involved.


Team up with amazing changemakers and take their initiatives to the next level and inter/national scale.

TIP : Class and course travel

If fly, then meaningful. Class and course travel are of course 


Use special Occasions

UNITED NATIONS Days help you package topics in a more interesting, meaning- and impactful way. They focus attention, energy and partnerships to create output reach and impact.

Our UNITED NATIONS Theme Days CALENDER of ACTION connects with forests, water, ocean, biodiversity, peace, girls, teachers, habitat, charity, mountains, wetlands, deserts, violence against women, youth skills, science for development, migrants, food … with role models and solution stories for each.

All these things take the issue of climate harmony far beyond vague CO2 belief bubbles to concrete truths and hands on work.

Use these occasions, pertaining UN websites’ resources, our hero*ines, your ideas to address this topic (in relation to climate change, and per se) with a special focus on solutions and people- / youth-powered action

Organize a creative activity, such as an artistic kaleidoscopic exposit, FUNdraiser, excursion, vertical food garden, pollinator campaign and vividly document for YL, social, news media

Connect with teachers, journalists, organizations – for greater reach and impact. It is a win-win for everybody.

  • teachers enjoy UN Day occasions to treat topics
  • media upgrade reporting with solutions and hero*ines
  • organizations enrich their events with youth action
  • cities, public libraries embrace your uplifting presence


Use your “Education Landscape”

Your region is full of partners, playing fields, opportunities. The concept of Education Landscape / Bildungslandschaft is making its way into communal policies. Many struggle to build meaningful connections between partners. Changemaking naturally facilitates exciting creative collaborations with journalists, organizations, organic farmers etc – powered by changemaker student clubs.

Use your local LearnScapes 

Terrain, in our eyes, is a permaculture, bee and butterfly garden, feeding the canteen, and home to cultural and technical installations. Can you turn a nearby park, street, waterfront, an empty lot or walls into an edible landscape?

City council, farmers, civil society, businesses with terrain can win-win benefit. What dreams do your district‘s teenage changemaker crews want to make true?


As a teacher, I can do some cool activities. But for bigger projects I need a team. How can I create one?

Well, not only adults have to become different from the past 40 years. Also students need to be different from the students of the past 40 years.

Teenage hero*ines operating as changemaker student clubs at school show us how this works. The real TFF & FFF & PFF work is to cultivate a culture of full spectrum youth leadership at school. Welcome to our world!

Embed your work in the bigger framework of Youth Leadership

Make “creating a good world for all” part of learning culture, 

powered by students on fire to do good for people and planet


Changemaker Student Clubs

are high impact student club running a wide scope of activities, strongly involving the student body. It is important that you know, respect and support them – so they can unfold their enormous and far-reaching superpowers, and you can collaborate. 

Omni-presence at school as club, with HQ, FUNdraising stands, exhibits, presentations, fest actions, informs and involves the entire school community

Powered by students on fire
for positive change, like athletes

It’s not about the structure (a club), it’s about SPIRIT. 

Hence, compulsory formal class setting activities can only achieve a very basic level – like with sport or music. Let the New Highly Gifted team up to unfold their skills, and they will act as role models and mentors for their peers for years, tuned to everybody’s favorite causes and inner clock. 

Contributions to subjects, projects, fests are natural for young changemakers. They are your experts on what’s cooking on media, inspirational videos, speeches, your animators for group projects, and spokespeople for media.

Year-round multi-faceted action

A changemaker student club is not about protest criticizing the old dysfunctional but about implementing solutions that make the problems obsolete.

They lead projects with high societal impact, presence in public and media, contibute to subject teaching, involve the entire school community and education landscape, with win-win benefits for everyone involved.

Linking with the greater community beyond school

The club naturally connects with parents, citizenry, media, organizations, libraries, city, enterprises …

We seek a long-term program framework for our School development

Cool. We have some stuff that you may find useful. This will keep you busy and your people inspired.

Happy to help

and accompany you

Re-dreaming New Mexico

was a fabulous initiative by Bioneers. Now let’s do this for your city and region! Begin as a mindgame, using the real playing field, to potentially turn into real action. After all, shaping the future begins with vision. yes, Future Sciences is part of our disciplines, nudge nudge.

Re-dream your region

Paradise City & Paradise Country are two YL resource collections full of good practices replicable by people everywhere. 

We also have something for climate crisis resilience.

Transform and upgrade your home region into a

Climate Crisis Resilient Region

Cities are declaring “climate emergency”. This is the perfect time to complement the FFF call for reducing CO2 bubble emissions (and waiting for faraway decisions on grand industry transfor-mation sabotaged by dirty lobbies, fools and lazy citizens alike) while our forests burn, harvests drop, water depletes and peace erodes. Sitting idle would be plain stupid.

Our CCRR Teaching Tool 

a cardset of 70+ existing common sense model solutions implemented by citizens and communes spread out on the city map is everyone’s practical guide on what to do next to

  • mitigate climate change impact
  • restore strong ecosystems and abundant biodiversity
  • restore trusting community and vibrant culture
  • reduce the need for excessive consumption
  • reduce violence, abuse, crime
  • make school awesome
  • create the city we all want to live in

because that’s what positive change to sustainability is all about, what it means to shift from scared to sacred.



Be aware

With us, you have a superb quality connection.

Be realistic

We are not (yet) a multi-million dollar operation.

Our time and resources are limited, we are doing our best.


The urgent need of the CHANGE GENERATION calls you to develop a good understanding of the Essentials Of Youth Leadership, so you sharpen your focus for what matters

  • for your students
  • for your greater community
  • and how your work contributes to it

Our online coaching gives you those skills, fast.

Get real 

Protecting what we love and creating a positive future goes far beyond CO2 emissions voting and waiting – and your 100s of students need to know this and get instant guidance and opportunity to learn the multifaceted skills needed.

The quest of our lifetime is to upgrade to the next level collaborative society of able, active caring citizens that have actively overcome totalitarian religion, monarchy, fascism, beating up children, women, gay people, and next now we overcome dirty industry and mind control. Big deal.

Nurturing high impact youth leadership activates the required operating system in the young generation. 

We have come to this planet at this special time for a reason, and we have not come to fail. So, rock hard, baby!