A Guardian of this magnificent world of mountains, streams, forests, oceans, teeming with myriads of flowers and animals clad in the most beautiful colors… for the little ones to grow up in in peace, joy and abundance. Protecting the vulnerable from violence, abuse and poisoning of their bodies, minds and hearts. #ReDefineAdult

Welcome! Empowering the Change Generation calls on all of us to do our part.

It’s no longer just about institutions and organizations. Today, teenage changemakers, social entrepreneurs, teachers – and caring adults like you can spark fireworks of action – wielding tools and tricks of experienced changemakers.

Whether citizen, mayor, teacher, celebrity or millionaire … be part!

Young changemakers have superpowers.

And adults do, too!

We help you unfold them!

We know your aspirations to do good as 

  • Citizen
  • Parent
  • Teacher
  • Journalist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Employee
  • Celebrity
  • Councillor
  • Changemaker
  • Organization
  • College Student
  • Funder
  • Artist
  • Nurse

and want to help you live your love for people and planet.


Let’s activate our local relations!

You will be surprised at how many untapped potentials we can activate with our personal and professional relations!

We can also inspire our workplace – our daily hangout! It’s clear how youth leadership helps teachers and journalists upgrade their profession with purpose. But (almost) anybody can activate their workplace! We’ll show you.

There’s hundreds of caring adults, with enormous skills, resources and influence in your region. They are nice people, with the heart at the right place – FOR YOUTH to make grand changes for PEOPLE & PLANET!

How about we all meet up to shake hands, join forces, resources, dream big and celebrate achievements – for the next 10, 20, 40 years?

That is what YL makes possible, in new, simple ways, common sense and people-powered.

With us, you can enjoy boosting Youth Leadership in a million ways, at home and abroad, with win-win benefits for life in the family, at work and beyond.

Take a little time out with us … to learn.


You – as a caring adult – have an incredible lot of opportunities to spark youth leadership and evoke enormous changes. 

For example
  • a brief presentation at school can generate 1,000 good books worth $10,000 for aboriginal kids in need
  • a fundraiser party of $1,500 can liberate Pooja to get another 24,000 poor kids into school
  • a school may turn their land into an ark, an edible landscape, or both
  • a news article can reach 10,000+ readers
  • inspired student clubs run dozens such projects year-round

This is the little stuff.

More examples
  • help local crews in-kind with printing services
  • give spaces for workshops and summer camps
  • treat a hero*ine with a stay at a holiday cabin or yacht
  • take us to a big gala with your private jet

Common sense, costs nothing. Super precious!

These potentials are too important to miss out on. That is why we are showing you your new opportunities at great scope, length and detail.

We know that people love joining us for workshops, and we look forward to meeting you. But now, for practical reasons, we need you to spend a little time online with us, reading, viewing brief videos of amazing youth (we are all used to watch films, right, and it’s part of workshops anyway) 

So, get a drink, sit back and enjoy learning how you can 

  • empower young hero*ines around the globe to take their life-changing initiatives to higher levels
  • spark and cultivate local youth leadership, with cascading effects for the community, people and planet


In Youth Leadership, the role of adults is to support.

This refers to all youth-led initiatives.

However, we also need you to spread information on youth leadership, since it is yet little known. Hence, with us, your role is to 

1. inform
2. inspire
3. support inspired youth

We also produce media, network with potentials partners, and you are invited to be part as local and online volunteer.


being part of the global phenomenon of Youth Leadership has immense benefits

  • at personal, idealist and professional level 
  • in the family + at the workplace + in the community, for society

It offers opportunity to

  • live your ideals + make a difference for people and planet
  • make great new friends + live real adventures
  • heal your heart

It boosts your Ikigai, offering ways to contribute to what the world needs right now.

If you do not get involved in boosting youth leadership, you’ll stay in a suboptimal state

  • frustrated about the state of the world and people
  • missing out on living a more vivid, uplifting, meaningful life
  • conscious that you could actually do something, making it worse

and this for the remaining 50, 30, 10, 2 years of your life, so make sure to connect and once again dare feeling your love, wishes, hopes and dreams for people and planet – because now you get opportunities to live them !!


A Guardian of this magnificent world of mountains, streams, forests, oceans, teeming with myriads of flowers and animals clad in the most beautiful colors… for the little ones to grow up in in peace, joy and abundance. Protecting the vulnerable from violence, abuse and poisoning of their bodies, minds and hearts.

How many of us are living this today? How do we feel about this lack? Especially now that #FridaysForFuture are spreading this awareness to every part on Earth? Falter not, redemption is here for those with heart.


A famous anecdote on the role of adults

As the Parkland school shooting on Valentine’s Day 2018 left 17 students dead, and Emma Gonzalez roared her pain and rage into tv cameras, the world’s living rooms and millions of hearts, and a couple days later her group of friends announced the March For Our Lives on Washington to spark a national movement and ban the sale of military assult weapons … adults came up asking “How can we help?”, and Alex Wind responded “Bring Pizza.”

The teens knew perfectly well how to organize themselves, communicate, ask for help, and get things done, from Cameron’s living room floor, in a matter of weeks. This says it all. The role of adults is Support On Demand.

When they invited a donor that pledged $500,000 to share a few words on stage, he declined – no, you speak, only youth speak. That’s the way.

That is good news for you: you, as an adult are not expected to run full-time projects. That’s what fired up youth do. Your help is to be brief, efficient, and no less extremely important!

Let’s go to work.

I come here with a specific interest. I would like to ...
I want to

I want to

Here is what’s ahead!

Come have a look what daily life in the YL community looks and feels like, online and locally. There’s a lot going on, so get involved!




I want to be part!


I want this in my city!


I want this at my school!


Can I help teen heros abroad?


How can I help you?


Can you train me?


Do you give workshops?

YES! We give workshops!


We give presentations, our famous Level Up! Crash Course, we are available via online video, and we might have a crew near you, too!

Dont wait for us to turn up at your doorstep! We’re in a hurry and we want you to get started today.

We have compiled a guided crash course for you to take right now in the comfort of your home, garden or jacuzzi. Yay! 

1. Anybody – Connect!

The solutions for a good world exist, so, putting up with today’s unnecessary suffering of people and planet (view some of it here) would be plain stoopid. 

Whether you just want to observe, or join the team, please do connect, so you can see what’s truly going on with the grand movements working to upgrade today’s broken hurtful civilization, and the next GOOD collaborative society that you want to come into existence, so that your future is one of peace, joy and abundance. 

2. EXHIBIT / TUTORIAL Discover Youth Leadership

Okay, you felt inspired, moved to tears by teenage changemakers before. But you’ve seen nothing yet! We need you to discover the fascinating world of youth leadership : the scope of causes and solutions, how far it has progressed, its role for humanity, how you can make significant contributions, even at schools, the workplace, in public and media – starting today!

Stroll through the exhibit, or better – choose the “guided walk” : the Tutorial, which is like a training workshop on how to spark youth leadership in your region, and detect lots of potential allies.

3. CRASH COURSE Take first steps

Let’s get practical! 

Spread the spirit and make first impact with swift, simple steps

  • at home, at work, in public and media

Don’t worry, anyone can do this. You get the tools, it’s swift and fun.

4. Form or Join a Team

  • as friends
  • as workmates
  • as business
  • as organization
  • as local YL volunteer
  • as online volunteer

Browse the options.

Many are new!

Online Community

Boost! Club

Boost global young hero*ines with donations, open doors and in-kind. See impacts unfold, meet live, celebrate, bring in own ideas, even go visit!

Spark and support local youth leadership. 

Local Unit

Boost! Club 


Boost! Club

Sales Point

Boost! Club

Local Volunteer

Act as individual and/or develop a chapter 

Online Volunteer


Team up with us for ventures like activating your city, a campaign…

Geez! So many cool options!

5. Activate Your City

It’s part of the Crash Course, but we want to highlight it here for first visitors to our page. We are not here to think small. We’re here to change everything.

So, if you consider yourself a big thinker or strong stakeholder, like

  • city council, responsible enterprise, citizen network, civil organization

view how you can

  • support our work
  • activate youth leadership throughout your city and region


If you’re busy right now, plan a time to take the tutorial and crash course, and take these quick steps now:


with our media


online and locally using a couple of our resources


to your favorit hero*ine

Get our book

for your home, kids, a school, a library. It’s the new Bible.





Discover more on-the-go





Discover more on-the-go