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attuned to your lifestyle; a little, on occasion or full-time.


You have powers like no one before.

A note from our founder on your game changing potentials

The solutions exist.

Knowing this – how much action will you take? A little bit or swing yourself up to massive action? I know what I seek, and so do the teen heroInes working around the clock who we all admire for the hope they give us. I feel not only inspired. I also feel responsible. How can I leave the task to them, and sit back comfortable, as the world goes down? I feel it would make me part of the problem. And if I take action and make efforts, I feel it makes me very much part of the solution. And this comes with so many rewards, upliftment, magical moments and, gifts and opportunities that I know this is the best choice to make.

I hope that millions more will choose this. Since then, it’s really EASY for all of us together to end the suffering, the worries, … and create a world of awesome. So, why sit idle and put up with it?

If you’re unsure but it gives you a smile to be nudged for a challenge – take the Warrior Month Challenge. And see if it hasn’t given you sparks of magic. Also, it puts you in the know of the wildest stuff going on on the planet – youth leadership – and you’ll forever know that when you need it, you know where to find it. And point other people to it, who need it. That already, is being part of positive change.

Would you tell someone that their house is burning? Or better not disturb people in their sleep, or their sheepish apathy in face of the flames.

The future of all species and generations to come depends on YOU, and our time window to avoid or navigate drastic collapse is short!

Adult generations are not able nor willing to change their ways and protect you and your future. Seriously.

So, connect, take the test month, have some entertaining moments with inspirational videos, feel can-do spirit, and hack into life around you, seeding some sparks of inspiration, observing people’s reaction, and see how much support you can generate for humanity’s finest teen and twen heroInes. I think we agree they deserve it. So, come on, take it as a game, an adventure. And if you like it – stay with it, scale it up. I’m sure you will. Whatever level you choose.


“Never let anyone tell you you cannot change the world.”

Craig Kielburger


“Our generation can change everything. What an exciting time to be alive!”

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Earth Guardians

“You cannot oppress people who are not afraid.”

Erica Fernandez

stopped construction of a dirty factory

“We need YL in all of our schools.”


Books With No Bounds


Young people are the heart and backbone of our tribe. Implement your choice of 400+ actions from 100+ heroInes with powerful model solutions. Make quick impact, build community, gain support and media presence, using our full spectrum of tools, tactics and services. Then, freestyle! Respond to local causes, design own initiatives, backed by our global tribe.

Casual, occasional activities


Get some friends together, select your favorite causes and organize your first activities. Have Fun!

We recommend to sit down together and explore our huge scope of resources, heroInes, solutions and actions. The Crash Course is a really good introduction and training. You may discover passions and visions you never dreamed of. Our selection of Instant High Impact Actions helps you get started with flying banners, make an impact, headlines, new friends and allies. Taking photos boosts fun, reach and impact via social and news media. Share with us, please! Then, there’s school …

Frequent actions involving many

[rad-hl]Student CLUBS[/rad-hl]

School is a place to reach hundreds of youth daily. Our tools, tactics and services help you spark and sustain a year-round stream of activities, reaching into classrooms, common space, canteens and the community. “Victory Lane” lays out the path to success. It is actually simple, and your benefits are enormous.

Registered High Impact Student Clubs can also have official pages, gain badges, bring in own campaigns and more.

Why this is our #1 priority :

School is our entire young generation’s daily hangout. It’s the one and only space where our entire young generation can agree on what future they want for themselves, for each other, people and planet, define goals and take action implementing solutions – like their famous hero peers – for ten plus years at school! Even those not interested will develop positive worldview and know where to find solutions when they need them. This is the game changer, fulfills the purpose of schooling (and there’ll never be time for it from age 18+ buzy with professional and family lives). We hope that this vision motivates you to become active part of our gobal tribe, and unfold the full potentials of High Impact Student Clubs.

Constant, year-round action like a pro

[rad-hl]Warrior CLANS[/rad-hl]

Cookie sales, short showers, tree planting, petty petitions, not enough? Agreed. But where find stuff, solutions, support for high impact actions that make a real difference, changing society?

We help you shift from amateur to athlete mode. Warriors, Wonders and Weirdos commit to a set of three monthly missions, selected from dozens of options, tuned to UN Days, and document them for maximum reach and impact. As heroInes do, they level up for completed missions, gain credits, badges, and wield magic. From Level 10, they can freestyle their missions and bring in own campaigns.

As our tribe’s powerhorses, warriors routinely interact with our core crew and heroInes, have personal and clan pages serving as public profiles, news streams, stunning CVs, gather at Summer Camps. Pure epic!


You have Adult Allies!

Check ’em out below. Pay special attention to teachers, journalists, Boost! Club units and YL Chapters.

Local Hero In A Month?

Easy. Check out this start-up Challenge.

Instant High Impact Actions

Get started with flying banners with these model solutions.

How to Take Over School

in simple steps. View our Speed Run Maps.

Go Pro.

Think : What do you want for your life, people and planet?

Got it? CG RISING is the by far most powerful changemaking program.

Take the Pledge, choose your role, get active.


have an extremely important role to play! Don’t you dare shy away.

We need you to be an adult now: a guardian protecting and restoring a world of peace, dreams and abundance for the kids. We don’t ask you to help us – but to act with us.

Your role is to inform and support.

View what it does to your life!

Japanese graphic

We know that your life is buzy. You need not spend much time or money. Our simple steps for brief, efficient actions can generate remarkable results AND add value to your workplace.

Align involvement with your lifestyle, workplace, ideals and aspirations, bring in your own ideas, make new friends, new allies, and even benefit professionally.

It is an entirely new and highly rewarding experience that adds meaning, fulfillment, inspiration, surprise and even adventure to your days. Take some time exploring, get connected and discover our world on the go.

Here’s an idea of instant activities

Scroll down for business, media etc partnerships


[rad-hl]Boost! Club UNIT[/rad-hl]

Organize as citizens, workmates and friends.

The idea is to tap into idling resources and to bring inspiration to adults who wish to contribute to positive change in their buzy lives.

1 _ Support teen & twen heroInes around the planet. Start small, scale up! See your impact unfold online, celebrate, and meet “live” online. Feel part, become part. Start financially, add in-kind support. Bring in your ideas, visit heroInes, document your stay, report back to local media, scale your campaign. Simple.

2 _ Boost local Youth Leadership by seeding _ digital media to your communities and newsletters, and _ print media, flyers, brochures, books and posters to local cafes, clubs, canteens, libraries, schools, media and events.

Our tools _ flyers, posters, videos… _ help you reach, inspire and involve your community and citizenry. Our people-focussed approach enables you to become highly creative, in-kind, with events and campaigns.

You can personalize and deepen your interaction with local youth as YL Chapter and Partner; view below.


[rad-hl]Boost! Club OUTPOST[/rad-hl]

Set up a window to the public!

Perfect spaces are cafes, canteens, bars, market stands!, book stores, boutiques, organic grocery stores, stands at green festivals … also online stores, your facebook stream and newsletter.

1 _ Put up our Posters

2 _ Gather Donations : and

3 _ Sell our Hero Products : books, calendars, mugs, shirts …

4 _ Organize Charity Parties : techno, concerts, galas …


[rad-hl]YL CHAPTERS[/rad-hl]

Our local Adult Volunteer Crews

1 _ spread the spirit of youth leadership into schools (using our tool packs)

  • giving presentations
  • organizing poster exhibits
  • organizing workshops

2 _ support youth on demand

3 _ network with local allies; see below

Starting informally, Chapters can develop into a solid group with an “official YL page and logo”, and evolve into well informed, experienced and qualified Ambassadors representing our programs, mentoring young people and forming alliances with local stakeholders. *PERFECT for Moms* _ *GREAT for twen changemakers*


QUICKLY empowering the Change Generation involves all of us.

You are super important.

You are not aware of the many ways that you can make significant contributions – or your city’s youth would already be champs and have changed everything. That’s okay, but now it’s time to do what we all really care for, have fun and shape history.

We show you how to get started, and how to respond as things begin to unfold organically.

View superpowers & win-win benefits for various groups below.

Teachers / Schools

_ use our stories and videos as Add-Ons to bring global issues to life with real-life role models, media, solutions, interaction with authentic social media, current developments and opportunity for contributions in form of donations, projects and local activities.

_ use teaching tools, presentation and workshop packs for long-term integration of youth leadership in learning culture

_ collaborate with student clubs as role models, mentors, assistant teachers, especially on global issues and projects and on occasion of United Nations Theme Days through the year; view YL CURRICULUM and YL@SCHOOL

_ use our Action Guides and Badges for goal-oriented projects

_ design courses on Youth Leadership using our resources and services

_ book Speakers

_ develop Field Partnerships with HeroInes for multi-faceted long-term programs


_ involve us in campaigns for their focus causes, adding new angles based on our heroInes’ good pactice examples, positive news philosophy, interaction with youth, schools, the citizenry and connecting with international partners.

They also use our popular kick-off tools : The Presentation Kit, Workshop Pack and Poster Exhibit to reach to youth, into schools, to inspire youth, and empower self-organization. They also offer their support, invite youth to join their initiatives, and use the Fundraising Mega Pack to diversify their fundraising efforts.

Journalists / Media

_ use our hero / solution stories

  • to upgrade focus from problems to solutions
  • using role models, teen heroInes, vivid visual imagery
  • in particular on UNITED NATIONS Theme Days like water, girls, forests, oceans, teachers etc.

_ learn positive news media culture

  • for better reader relevance, response, involvement and empowerment

_ collaborate on

  • calls for nominations
  • UN Day columns
  • positive news editions

Businesses & Entrepreneurs

_ seed our media

  • to staff, clients and customers

_ adopt their district

  • seed media packs to schools
  • offer mentoring to inspired youth teams

_ boost heroInes with funds and in-kind support

_ team up for tailored campaigns on their fav causes

_ sponsor prizes and YL Summer Camp participation

Donors, Funders, Sponsors

_ support our programs

_ team up for campaigns on their focus causes

_ finance YL Summer Camps for young activists

to better nurture youth leadership in their communities and focus regions



team up for bringing our media to the people

  • books
  • coloring and activity books
  • calendars
  • cardgame
  • teaching tools

in their country, their region

Cities / Councils

team up for distribution of our Teen Hero Media Packs

  • to schools, libraries and youth clubs

co-organize campaigns and events

  • with focus on youth leadership
  • responding to local needs

also involving

  • our resources, music, hero speakers …

Public Libraries

_ set up a Youth Leadership section

  • with our and friends’ media

_ inform staff how to best inform teachers, students, youth and parents

_ host YL Poster Exhibits

_ collaborate with local YL Chapters and Crews

  • for film nights, presentations, workshops…


_ involve YL teen and adult Speakers

_ include action

  • in support of teen and twen HeroInes
  • with YL Crew stands, walk-acts and activities

_ upgrade ambience

  • with Change Generation music
  • with teen heroIne poster exhibits

_ involve audiences, invite contributions

  • by schools
  • via media
  • pre- and post-event


Remember we have tons of tools and tricks. These may give you ideas.



Tons of

  • media
  • tool packs
  • videos
  • music

conveying youth leader spirit, creating ambience, inspiring action


showing straights paths to goals that others don’t even dream of. Straight to goal, no distraction or delay!


  • presentations
  • exhibits
  • flanking measures
  • workshops
  • student clubs
  • UN Day actions
  • positive news media
  • ISLEs

creating OMNI-PRESENCE of youth leadership at schools, boosting reach and impact BIG TIME


  • defining, tracking, chronicling, honoring achievements
  • for orientation, documentation, reference, credits
  • new benchmark of youth leadership
  • self-image, confidence
  • value for CVs


Vividly document activities (cell phones are fine : planning, travel, organizing, conversation, packing, action, HI5s, celebration, water fights … ) to share on YL, social and news media, boosting reach and impact, tracking development, evolution, serving as visually rich CV.


of like-hearted youth and adults around the planet, for inspiration, exchange, collaboration, open doors around the globe and true friendship.


  • with YL staff, youth crews and badass heroInes
  • via skype, at school, events, workshops and camps
  • to inspire, plan, learn, celebrate
  • highlights for events and campaigns


with experienced changemakers.


telling the story of the Change Generation

  • following the unfolding adventures of the world’s finest teen and adult changemakers
  • success stories, model solutions, interviews
  • global, national and local focus
  • option to launch regional editions


for your positive change initiatives.


  • for year-round action
  • better connecting with teachers, journalists, NGOs
  • for greater reach and impact


Local and global partners for your initiatives

  • hero field partners
  • supportive parents
  • teacher allies
  • rocking youth crews
  • philanthrophic investors
  • surprises

CG RISING is a self-paced changemaking program enabling you to make significant positive changes for people and planet from day one. It helps you not just respond and moderate today’s crisis, but to create the new level of society of awesome that we all want (link to about / why / 0%). We keep designing CG RISING with you to make it most epic, fun and rewarding. Sign up, get active and discover on the go. Choose your fav way to get involved below.