Founder of N+ Noticias Positivas Argentina Radio Magazine … positive news community radio / online radio / online magazine. Andrea’s home-produced positive news shows reached 3 million weekly listeners internationally. Learn how she did it, and how we set out to do this globally with teen and twen volunteer journalists, school teams and you

The viral dancing legend of¬†CALIFORNIA CONSERVATION CORPS himself! Best boss and trainer, author, creator of “Griff’s Wild Tips”on how to (not) deal with wildlife, and host of the epic “Wild Jobs” show on Animal Planet! Expect fun galore, plus Eric wants to explore the practical DIY steps for teens to create similar episodes on Wild Jobs in their region. Tune in!

India’s (the world’s?) robust voice challenging and de-constructing conventional schooling / education and schooling, designing free learning spaces, harnessing simple humanity, traditional wisdom, hands-on doing, community learning and collaborative wisdom for a healthy mind, village, society and civilization. Geez, we’ll be tripping up and down the mountains and beaches of life and the intellect. Expect to be surprised, to wonder, and see Eric’s rare moments of trying hard to follow someone’s thoughts on education.¬†I bet you look dumb too, on your end of the screen, facing these mental acrobatics. Join the journey. Humanity needs to upgrade schooling.

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This groovy Podcast

features conversations with GRAND CHANGEMAKERS providing transformational solutions for our societies, protecting our people, restoring our planet, healing our communities, upgrading our societies, creating peace, bliss and abundance for all.

These badass visionary creatives are the Leo da Vincis, Gandhis, Einsteins and Sitting Bulls, the Merlins, Galadriels and Dumbledores of today, with queensized hearts, lust for life, and of course, a sense of silly.

Their solutions are powered by people, fit for replication by you and me. That’s mighty rad. And it’s time that humanity, that everybody who cares, learns of them.

A World Premiere? Yes. No journalist Q&A. But conversations between people who know the world of heroInes, zooming into the heart of the matter, focus on action, digging anecdotes, dreaming up new stuff. Freestyle, high-pitched, unpredictable.

Join the fun, students of magic, and be part. We have a planet to save.

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