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Change Generation Rising is a global action program for youth age 8-18 and their adult allies
in real-time cooperation with outstanding young and adult changemakers all over the planet. Pure epic!


GAIN AN OVERVIEW + INSIDE VIEWS on what’s really going on in the planet IN YOUR LIFETIME.
Stop getting lost in the woods, being remote controlled, and afraid.

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Overview is your first step to understand a landscape. Then, you start walking.

Understanding is NOT enough

Don’t believe that “observing” and “understanding” things is enough. No, it solves nothing.

It’s bizarre to see so many educated people say, “oh yeah”, take a step back, and keep going on as usual. Maybe it is the science based education we all experience at school … observe something, feel incredibly important (like famous historic scientists that have figured out a grand truth) and stay totally detached in  our little labs and lala-land illusions. “Interesting”. But not being in “real life”, no passion, heart, hand and – action.

So, to avoid that you intelligent beast knowing everything better than the bad politicians believe you’re even cooler and a better, more valuable human than before … beware. You’re not. Maybe even worse – if you continue doing nothing despite the knowledge.

Ask the plants and animals suffering and being extinct whether your knowledge of climate, and your chit chat about solutions does anything for them. Take this as your benchmark from now on : Does it evoke tangible changes for people, plants and animals?

EVERYTHING that the CHANGEMAKERS on THE HERO SHOW and in CG RISING do changes lives, laws, industries. 

Understanding, and the “medicine” that The Planetary Guardian gives you, serves to dissolve your human doubts and distractions, to educate your mental, mental and spiritual bodies. Their alignment liberates you for LIVING your convictions at full power.

As a learner from The Planetary Guardian, you now know the direction to sunny meadows, mountain tops, and wonderful valleys. START LIVING THE NEW by boosting a culture of able, active, caring citizenship by nurturing youth leadership at grand scale at schools around you, and by supporting and teaming up with changemakers wielding high impact solutions.

To achieve your dreams for yourself and the world you have to live and nurture the new human model, which will masterfully implement the new model (solutions) that will make the current hurtful society obsolete. While doing so, you will naturally evolve bright, supportive community of kind, genius, like-hearted people that will protect YOU, your loved ones and your loved land in turbulent times ahead in this lifetime.


To really get started to evoke really relevant tangible changes … take the free YL Crash Course to ACTIVATE YOURSELF, as youth, as adult, as group at 

Life will get more awesome from day 1. Let me know of your adventures. You’ll have precious things to share on the show.

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