Let us tell you a little more about the energies at work behind success stories. We call it the Science in YL; some of it IS science, others are science for us – and may be science in the future.


This knowledge has made a lot of AHs and OHs in people, enlightened them with a grand vision so WOW that they could not sit still but got started in taking action. It may do the same thing for you.

There’s true magic in this. Pay good attention, and you’ll be able to wield it.

  1. The Solutions Exist

The solutions for everything good that we wish and need to see exist by the thousands. They are proven, successfully implemented, impact millions. They are powered by ordinary citizens, changemakers, visionary designers, educators and youth. These bright changemakers are celebrated in media and showered with awards.

All we need to do is spread the knowledge and inspire and help everybody to take them to global scale.

We can create a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable civilization in a couple of decades, and achieve inner and outer peace and abundance for all within our lifetime. View an abundance of worldview- and world-changing solutions on The Discovery Tour.

2. Role Models shape 80% of human behavior, much of it subconsciously. “Copy paste”.

Role models are key for positive change. The bad status quo goes back to forty years of green info and advocacy – without role models, showing what it looks, feels and acts like to BE a co-creator, inhabitant and steward of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable civilization. Without them, nothing happens. With them, miracles happen! It is proven by millions of people across age groups and cultures and half a million activist youth and teachers taking daily action in 10,000 schools across North America.

The Power of Role Models
  • This is true for all mammals.

Wolves copy paste from their healthy hero parents. That’s great. But it’s bad for inhabitants of a dysfunctional society, void of role models qualifying as inhabitans and co-creators of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable, a sacred civilization – in one word “hero/ines”.

  • Hero/ines, because facing, naming, addressing and transforming the rigid societal ills we have inherited require living the most noble virtues. Courage included, but more than courage. In fact, all the cardinal virtues: knowledge/wisdom, justice, temperance, fortitude, faith, hope, love.

Hence the sustainable civilization we are to create is aligned with the values of the sacred (warrior), also.

  • Role models are key in Transformational Learning Experiences.

Be it growing up, motherhood, career changes, stepping up for world change. The strongest ally in these periods of self-transformation are role models.

  • These role models can also be imaginary or be conveyed through media.

We know this from Christ, Gandhi, Craig Kielburger, Harry Potter, Legolas – we have met none in person. Whether they have lived or not, they (only) exist in our imagination and they do have effect. Transformational Learning (Mike The Mentor)

  • Repeat : For learning to evoke the changes we wish to see in the world – we need hero/ines.

They make us see, feel and envision what hero/ine changemakers think, feel and act like. We need this, because the omni-present non-hero environments have – over generations! – dumbed down our natural empathy, passion, clarity of mind and crippled our vision, hope, passion and sense of possibility and entrepreneurship in varius ways (that we don’t list in detail here). It is obvious. Our non-hero environments can only drown us in apathy, enchain us in variations of “impossible” or simplelack of experience.

  • So – make hero/ines omni-present in genuine sirit form in our daily lives, the best option and place to do so is for years at school.
3. Positive Change Media Culture
is key to knowledge transfer and spirit transfer for co-creating a sustainable civilization. Role Models are also communicated via media. This is how the Paris Hilton epidemy could happen. It is also how insanities like fashion, peer pressure, lingo, porn culture etc are spreading. The game changer is to communicate positive hero/ine role models to override the suboptimal vibes.
Positive Change Media Culture is essential for knowledge and spirit transfer
(spirit transfer = inspiration, awakening our own “Inner Hero/ine”).

  • Conventional media have no significance for relevant influence on positive change

They are rather sustaining and aggravating the ills, by conveying the pertaining dysfunctional memesets and role models. Conventional media are either (too) detached (not touching the heart) or manipulate using fabricated emotions for their own hidden agendas of sensation, profit, propaganda and manipulations of all sorts.

  • Positive Change Media Culture lives by the principles of meaningful comunication

– which is always and purely for upliftment of the other; compare mother baby, father-child, children playing, mentor-student, team-mates. Several initiatives are working on introducing transformative positive elements into conventional mass media. We promote what we see as the the most advanced model:

  • Positive Change Media Culture is not just for information or inspiration. It aims at tangible replication of model solutons by inspiring, equipping and empowering the reader for action

– this is what’s needed today.  Positive Change Media Culture conveys solutions and how they work (knowledge transfer), the people behind it (the human role model), with genuine changemaker spirit (lively, authentic), in lively, memorable format (this is how the mind works; images representing the people in action, like a brief dynamic documentary film; this can also be conveyed in static images with good text and lively quotes), and links for more study and finding support for replication.

  • Related:

Negative stories do not reflect the real world (BBC) Healing Stories for Children in Times of Crisis (The power of YL real hero narratives is even greater) Positive News improve mental health, generate the most ‘share-clicks’, nurture an active citizenry etc (Arianna Huffngton)

4. Youth Leadership
is the true innovation in human history, with many unprecedented aspects, occurrences, achievements and potentials for being the game changer and stepping stone towards a sustainable civilization of peace and abundance for all. For comprehensive impressions, take The Discovery Tour.
5. New Learning Culture
is the key to reaching the entire global young generation and empower humanity at relevant scale to create a civilization of inner and outer peace and abundance for all. This learning culture is successfully pioneered, established and studied in thousands of schools. It is simple. Students have a duty to attend school, but they also have a right to an up-to-date learning culture enabling them to lead a successful life : as active citizens of a libertarian, democratic society, in a global peacefully cooperating family of nations; in fact, we all have a right that the young generation learn this for our common future. Ignoring and not implementing it amounts to a moral crime against humanity.
Education for all – yes, but what education?
All of Europe can read and write, sort of, but is Europe sustainable? Are the USA sustainable? Are the graduates of elite colleges really creating a good world? Rather the opposite.

  • The UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development DESD

aimed at upgrading learning culture, but, being designed by administrators, not changemakers, focussed only on lukewarm general theory.

  • The UN General Secretary’s Education First Initiative

promotes Global Citizenship Education, with a focus on global awareness, transformational skills and evoking changes also in conflict with existing status quo, but lacks the concrete tools to make this happen – educational tools, solutions, role models, support networks. We collaborate with humanity’s finest changemakers for enabling a holistic approach for 21st Century Learning Culture.

  • New Learning Culture is to qualify our young generation as inhabitants and co-creators of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable civilization, with passion and skills for transformation.

Kids have an obligation to attend school, but our young generation also HAS THE RIGHT TO AN UP-TO-DATE EDUCATION aligned with The Purpose of Schooling – which is to empower the young generation to become active citzens in a libertarian, democratic society that today also has to be sustainable in a global, peaceful collaborative family of nations.

6. The Super Powers of Young People at School
The energies behind youth leadership success stories are pretty evident and simple. Still, neither youth, teachers or supporters of youth leadership are sufficiently training youth to follow their excelling peers’ example and evoke changes just like them. But this is what the world urgently needs. So, obviously, people have not understood the energies at work, the tricks, the truly miraculous powers that make these amazing changes happen, nor the true potentials and indispensable relevance of youth leadership for humanity and the future of all people, species and generations alive today and to come. Or they would invest all their time and passion into nurturing these Super Powers of Young People at School! Here they are:
View the Super Powers
Genuine Spirit Pure, authentic, clear and passionate, without wounds or subliminal opinions about decision-makers and stakeholders.
Daily (Macro-) Community … of hundreds, at school
Free Infrastructure rooms, beamers, printers
Good Public Status Activities in public, on farmers’ markets, at events, at the town hall? No prob for student clubs
Good Media Presence Inspired youth with better world actions? The darling of journalists.
Donor and Sponsor Support Kids and better world actions? $500-1,000 from banks, Rotary clubs and kind businesses? In a whiffy!
Access to Mentors Teachers, organizations, project developers, parents; just ask and you’ll find them.
Win-Win Benefits Galore! More exciting school days, fun and adventure, real friends, open doors around the world, lifetime memories, life skills, grades, eye-level encounters and contacts with various interesting stakeholders, an ace CV…
TIME! Adults get up, commute to work, work, commute home, make dinner, bring the kids to bed, wind down, tv, off to bed. Week-end – regeneration. They have no time to make a relevant impact at grand scale, even if they wanted to! Kids and teens have time on the bus, during recess, in clubs, at home … and the ones making changemaking their sport have all those hours that kids spend playing video games and watching youtube; that’s 4+ hours a day, and 20 hours on the weekend (like others spend at sports tournaments); that’s huge! That’s what changemakers DO, and this is how our “hero/ines” evoke such fabulous impact.

  • P.S: you don’t think they’ll have to worry about getting a job, do you?

Full-time changemaking evolves skills, intelligences, experiences, media presence and CVs that enable them to choose and shape their own ways of making a living aligned with their passion and purpose.


+ Our New Highly Gifted
If society complains that a majority of young people was acting stupid, ignorant and uncaring of local and global issues, has no empathy – how can we tell the FEW at school who are empathic, care for global issues and want to take action “that there was no time for this at school” and “that they should take care of their B in chemistry”? How can we tolerate that they are ridiculed and bullied by their orkish peers? These are our finest! They are our natural born cultural creatives and social entrepreneurs, the ones who are going to fix our broken societies.
We must recognize them as Our New Highly Gifted
and grant and give them the same that we give our “gifted” and “talented” musicians, ball dribblers and chess players : time, space and opportunity to self-organize, practice and perform their passion, for the benefit of their peers, people and planet -as student clubs !

  • Look at them as “changemaker student clubs”,” high impact student clubs”.

Teachers do not need to have “professional experience” in the field; just like they don’t need to be professional chess players. All they need is genuine appreciation for what the youth do (passion for positive eco-social change) – and an outer school partner … like a sports club or music school.

  • This expert partner for youth leadership and changemaking is YOUTH-LEADER

We provide rules, ball, trophies and tournamets for this “new sport”. We also help connect with local and inter/national partners.

+ “Future Sciences”
Future Sciences explain, that the future is shaped by 4 things: 1.) trends, 2.) intentional influence, 3.) accidents (like earthquakes) and 4.) vision. And the most important element is – Vision!
  • Vision is the most important element.

Without vision, no relevant purposeful action can be planned and undertaken. An example: Whenever you are planning yur next backpacker holiday, you are shaping the future through vision. The destination, base camps, etc – and the details happen when you are there, you remain flexible, respond to rains and new friends, trusting in your basic skills and ability to adapt. This is how creating a sustainable future works – the base camps are the model solutions, your basic skills and ability to adapt are communication, collaboration, empahy, creative thinking. So far, people are afraid of creating a new society – but it is because they lack the base camps. Changemakers know of model solutons and have experienced their skills. They know that when we embark on co-creating a new society, economy and city, we as people can easily come together in solidarity, work through the system changes and make it.

  • Why are changemakers optimistic?

Because they see this success happen around them, every day. So can others, once they get involved with passion and determination int meaningful changemaking activities – especially when adapting a functional model and being in touch with experienced changemakers and facilitators.

+ Vision for a Holistic Civilization
There is not much vision in conventional offers in education and youth work. We offer high end vision, and this makes all the difference : for the level of inspiration, quality and impact for the youth, teachers, community, partners in media, civil society, administration, business, funders, people and planet.
  • The Vision is about “Utopia”

Utopias are not “impossible”. Utopias are by definition a societal vision that is not yet realized. In 1800, people would call democracy a Utopia. Health insurance, air travel utopian. So … yeah, here we are. The new vision for Utopia is a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable society of inner and outer peace for all, and inner and outer abundance for all. It is even sacred. Everyone is pleased.

  • The Encompassing Vision is Inner and Outer Abundance for All.

The Arab Spring and Occupy have shown that calls for this or that liberty by a specific interest group are not functional. Worse are nonsensical wars on hunger. How do you fight hunger? And who wants to go to war, anyway? Instead, use proper language and memes: Healthy food abundance for all. Everybody subscribes to this, and also has a clear idea of what to do (it also shows how current activities fail to achieve the aim that this is about). Can we create encompassing vision that all members of society agree upon? Yes: The encompassing vision is inner and outer peace and inner and outer abundance for all. Inner abundance encompasses self-determination, liberties of expression etc. Outer abundance liberties and basic needs and more covered. EVERYBODY subscribes to that. They then ask “But how?” The response: “Well – the Solutions Exist. Now stop waiting for a messiah, good (ML) King or Obama and begin upgrading your own Inner Hero/ine (King), learn and implement the solutions. To do this, get the solutions, learn from role models.

  • Holistic Wealth requires minimal Material Wealth.

The concept of “Gross National Happiness” (GNH) inspired by the Buddhist vision of the King of Bhutan offers a proper understanding of poverty and wealth. GNH observes economical, ecological, cultural and spiritual wealth. When the latter three are high, one requires minimal economic weath. We know this from our most amazing nature trips, eco-cultural holidays, spiritual retreats and jam sessions. In these – our best – times, we couldn’t be bothered less about race cars, slaving away day and night in competition with greedy banksters or watching trash on tv. These are moments of inner abundance. Fill life with meaning, and consciousness rules over, transforms and shapes the material circumstances. Spirit over matter.

+ Regenerative Sustainability (Sustainable Development is outdated and not helpful!)
Sustainability is unhelpful: we need to think about regeneration. The term sustainability has been stretched to become almost meaningless. It’s time to talk about regeneration.
“Sustainability is unhelpful: we need to think about regeneration. The term sustainability has been stretched to become almost meaningless. It’s time to talk about regeneration.” Herbert Girardet in The Guardian Regenerative Design, Wikipedia
+ Spirit, Ethical Values, The Sacred
“Inspiration” makes all the difference in the great success stories of youth leadership and social entrepreneurship. It is true for the energy that drives the young and adult hero/ines and it is what inspires millions of citizens, students, schools and stakeholders to follow their example. There is more to say about spirit and spirituality and re-understanding what they truly are, and what they mean at personal, community and civilizational level.
  • Spirit(uality) is key.

Spiritual is everything that you cannot touch. Inner abundance is about things you cannot touch. This is the difference between spiritual and material. Healthy sacred traditions know this. The inheritants of empires have lost this and are traumatized by their experience of distorted, dysfunctional and non-sacred “re”-ligion. The sacred is the feeling that kids perceive in Lothlorien (Lord of the Rings) and Harry’s Patronus (Harry Potter).

  • Grand changemakers know these feelings.

The fact that they radiate and inspire proves that they are filled to the brim with spirit. This is not about fanatic brain-coded ideology (the problem), but heart-centered, empathic spirit.  You can sense this in successful young and grown-up hero/ines. In changemaking, spirit translates into EMPATHY and PASSION. Craig Kielburger: “Find a cause you are passionate about, set a goal and take small steps of action to make it true.”