Translation Team – Card Game

Meet the Translation crew behind the legendary Change Generation Rising Card Game!

Find out more about this fantastic game here, and how its HeroInes can spark a Change Generation.

We are once again celebrating gorgeous online volunteers from around the globe, making this incredible gem available in 17 languages, and counting, for the classrooms and homes on the planet. Thanx go to the United Nations Online Volunteering UNOV Program for enabling such vivid online collaboration for good.


eric-HRA-square ERIC “MANI27771″ SCHNEIDER. YL’s Founding Captain has invented, designed and edited the game. A grand lover of Earth and her adorable lifeforms, he is eager to see the most powerful teen-led sustainability solutions spread to a billion kids, so they may grow up entirely different from their unsustainable parent generations: as heroines and inhabitants of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable, a sacred civilization. More about Eric’s horizons here.
Dima DIMA WANNOUS is an MA English Literature student. She was born and raised in Syria. She is currently living and studying in Edinburgh, UK. Interested in Literature, Arts and social development. She believes that volunteer work is the headway towards creating a better world. She is already participating in volunteer activities in Edinburgh. Contributing to YL is contributing to the future.
qiongsi-zhu QIONGSI ZHU loves volunteering in her community and is very excited to be part of the YL team. She embraces the YL mission, strives for positive social change, and enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.
Minglei Wang MINGLEI WANG. I received my English bachelor degree in China and my master degree of Culture, Communication and Globalization in Denmark. I love translating and interpreting, as well as meeting and getting to know people from different cultural backgrounds. I have also translated and published culture-related books as well as one article. As a Chinese, I always feel excited and responsible to bridge the culture gap, reduce misunderstandings or conflicts between Chinese and other cultures when possible. This is a passion of mine and I will strive for my goals as I keep working harder and harder.


 Valentine .Costa VALENTINE COSTA. I come from France, this tiny patriotic and imperialistic country which has always secretly dreamed about overruling the world with its prestigious culture… I flew to Italy to do an EVS and then was hired as a social worker, responsible of the future volunteers. This experience was amazing from A to G. “When you have tasted honey, you don’t go back to sugar,” was the most striking italian sentence I learnt. I thought that I should not stop at the first place where I am happy, following the track of The Alchemist. So after several years in Italy, I packed everything and I ended up in the Big North. Here I am in Finland, back to study: education!
Maie Mesiona Limocon MAIE MESIONA LIMOCON. I love life, I love people. I believe that everyone is unique in their own way. I’m a student, a volunteer, a translator, and a dreamer! :-)
 gen acio GENEVIEVE ACIO is an optimist and a kid at heart. Her interest in people and the world around her is deeply profound and which she constantly satiates through an unending passion for stories, photography, and travel. Currently, she works as a development practitioner for the national productivity organization of her country, the Philippines, and hopes that someday the experiences she gains from her work and other endeavors will help her to become a better citizen, not only of her country, but also of the world. If not travelling, immersed in writing, or stuck in reading, she normally spends her weekends teaching Catechism to financially-challenged but emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually-able kids.
eric-HRA-square ERIC, probably. Poor guy. As if he wasn’t buzy enough ;-)
Ariela Zucker ARIELA ZUCKER. Born in Jerusalem, Israel. Following my army service I completed my BA (Geography & Archeology), plus a teacher certification, in the Hebrew University. Studied in the US for my MA degree in counselling, and worked as an educator in the small town of Arad, in the Judean Desert, for twenty years. Most of my work was geared towards the integration of special-ed and LD students. In the US for the past 13 years, the first 6 as a homeschool teacher to my youngest daughter, and for the past 7 years as a motel owner in a small town, in Downeast Maine, not far from the Atlantic ocean.
Supreet Kaur SUPREET KAUR. I am passionate about saving the environment and fighting for women’s rights because I believe that there is a connection between the two – both the environment and women are neglected and disregarded. I love volunteering because it gives me a medium through which I can reach out to so many people in the world and come across so many fascinating stories about courage and resilience. I enjoy reading books on spirituality and religion, dancing, learning different languages, practicing yoga and sharing some quality time with my friends and family. I hope to time travel someday so that I could experience the most defining moments in history that shaped human civilization.
Edit-Szugyi EDIT SZUGI.  I have an MA in English literature and linguistics, currently I work as an animator and tour guide, and it’s been high time I did something about my ever-present temptation to join a good cause. Some of my favourite things in this world are: linguistics, backpacking, getting to know other cultures, good conversations, long walks, Mediterranean old towns, cats, cartoons, and chocolate. 🙂
Adam Torok ADAM TORÖK. I grew up in Hajdúszoboszló. I hold a BA degree in teaching history and geography and a MA diploma in contemporary history specializing in international affairs and globalization . Range of interests: recent crisis areas, the global economic system, terrorism and eco-terrorism.
andi tenri ANDI TENRI. I’m a freelance translator. I love cats. I love food.
Debby Lukito Goeyardi DEBBY LUKITO. I dream of being able to step my feet on the ground of Tibet and wandering around the small streets of Paris where Nicholas Flamel once walked. I love camping and hiking with my children and their friends. Our home is the base camp for our children’s friends, especially on weekends and holidays. We love volunteering. We have a pet turtle named Mumu and he’s just like human and I believe he understands what we talk to him. Hahaha.
Fredy FREDY HUDIONO. Supposed to be a scientist but ended up doing things completely unrelated. Love reading, dream to travel across the globe. I believe everybody can be that little light of change :-)
Rikobimo Badri RIKOBIMO BADRI. A professional architect with 10 years of experience. Riko was always keen to be involved humanitarian efforts. As a youth, he was a member of the youth red cross during Junior high school. A rostered member of the UN Volunteers since 2008. Rikobimo.
Manola MANOLA D’ALESSANDRO speaks English, French and German and also a bit of Spanish. She likes travelling and meeting people and different cultures all over the world, cooking and reading. She loves nature and animals e she believes in the respect of them. She loves helping who is in a tight spot. She is very happy to contribute to YL
roberta ROBERTA LANCIANO.  I am an English and Spanish into Italian Translator, for work and for passion. I studied Translation and I chose this job as I have always thought that translation is a bridge between people, so, I try to bring the ideas and thoughts of the other worlds into my own world: Italy. I am really happy that my job can serve to the purpose of Youth Leader.
Serena SERENA VISCARDI. Born and raised in a village near Milan, I love travelling, discovering different cultures and meeting new people. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and Translation, I speak Italian, English, Spanish and some German. I have always been interested in international cooperation and international affairs. As everyone knows, youth means future, so let’s give a voice to our future, empower young people and spread their powerful ideas!
veronica aeotti VERONICA ALEOTTI is 25 years old and a recent graduate in International Affairs with a special focus on environmental sustainability. She has lived in Italy, Switzerland and the US, and she loves reading, travelling and cooking. Her goal is to keep working on sustainability issues in the future.
Ayako2 AYAKO YASUDA. A very passionate traveller who is inspired by nature, energetic people and new culture. Currently taking a break from professional career to pause, flow and study something new.
MelanieKim4 MELANIE KIM is the adaptable, go-with-the-flow type. She enjoys traveling, meeting people all over the world, and trying out ethnic cuisines. What did she miss the most after her 3-month volunteer work in Belize? Ice cream and goat cheese.
Photo Goeun GOEUM CHAE. I am originally from Seoul, but currently live in London, UK where I work as a professional translator. I speak Korean, English and Japanese and always love the opportunities to turn my language skills into something practical and meaningful – such as contributing to Youth-Leader magazine. I’m happy to have my part in shaping a better future for both the young generation and our planet!
marta1 MARTA SARUMI. I am a very positive person with sensitive to children’s needs soul. I love travelling and Italian couisine. I am passionate about helping others, especially children and young people.  I have MA in Bilingual Translation and wish to use my translating skills to change the future of youths around the world. Children are future of this world and they can change it for better. We just need to give them a chance to do so. Youth Leaders will ensure children and youths will get this chance and therefore I am happy to become part of Youth Leader Language
jadwiga JAGWIDA RYZOWICZ. A Polish freelance translator who currently lives in London, a city, which she enthusiastically explores with her newly married husband. She loves children’s picturebook illustrations, reading books (not children books, though) and being creative in daily life. Enjoys finding the beautiful in the everyday humdrum world. Hopes to fulfil her creativeness and design her own illustrations and cards in the future.
Alessandro ALESSANDRO GRASSI is a certified teacher of English as a second language and a professional translator. He was born in Brazil and has lived in many places. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and a specialization in Language Localisation in London, where he currently lives. He believes that the pathway to harmony can be achieved by minimizing the differences and maximizing the similarities. “Cosmic mother awaken us in thine impartial love for all, bless us that we be free from the sway of greed and delusion. Inspire us to build a new world – one in which famine, disease and ignorance will be only memories of a dismal past” (Paul Masvidal). 
Danilo Aguilar DANILO AGUILAR is a professional translator and musician. Born and raised in Brazil, he now lives in Valencia, Spain. Danilo has been studying languages since he was 9, and music since he was 14. He’s fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French. Danilo also studied Law and has 10 years of experience as a lawyer, having worked in Brazil and Spain. After deciding to pursue his true passions, Danilo today dedicates his time to translations and music. When he’s not working on legal and general translations from English and Spanish into Portuguese, he is playing the guitar, composing and recording his own music, and  vice versa.
iuliia IULIIA PROKOFEVA. I live in Siberia, but love summer. I have diploma in economics, but work as an English language teacher on my free time. I love travelling, meeting new people, but can’t live without my kid. So I’m full of contradictions, but definitely want to make this world better.
Elena ELENA TUKMACHEVA. I speak Russian, English and Italian. I believe that altogether we can make a better world. Living in Italy I am currently teaching Russian to Italian students.
Ksenia KSENIJA KOMKOVA-TATARUINAS. Passionate about art, ingenuity, youth and possibilities. Influential speaker with an extensive experience of work in different domains, including sustainable trade, entrepreneurship, youth mobility and creativity in technology-based solutions. I am currently working with international educational projects at the Academic Cooperation Association in Brussels and contributing to the collaborative initiatives of the European Young Innovators Forum. My previous employments have been in the European Commission, UN and a bunch of private and public organisations. My experience in life taught me that inspiration is the greatest power of all! A truly inspired person can reach greater heights and transform the world into a better!
LIUDMILA BACHKALA. A teacher of foreign languages with rich experience in teaching and communicating with teenagers. Speaks Russian, English and German. She likes reading, traveling, cooking and meeting new people.In spite of elegant age she would like to be young as long as possible. Her motto is: Live and learn. Youth Leader Magazine gives her the chance to learn more about inspiring people from around the world. After reading these incredible stories about young people she believes that it is possible to change the world for better. She is ready to make a positive impact in the society through her work.
svetlana Svetlana Mikhaylova . I’m former journalist from Russia who switched to human rights and humanitarian action and doing a master degree in this field in Paris. In endless love with small children, big dogs and touching books.
Ana M. Bennasar ANA M. BENNASAR is a Spanish Translator. She likes translating from French, English, and Arabic into her mother tongue, Spanish, for NGOs that work in humanitarian and development activities, cultural heritage, nature, or education. She likes reading, nature and meet new cultures and language facts. And that is great if she can help people at the same time! She would love to have the change to work as a mediator between people and nations, and contribute to the noble mission of an international NGO or organization.
ClaraSuarez_Spanish CLARA SUAREZ. Spanish translator and interpreter with the purpose of breaking frontiers between different cultures by building bridges between them with the help of languages. Always looking for new challenges, projects and wonderful places to visit.
Idalye KARINA IDALYE CORRALES SANCHEZ. I have done enviromental projects in Costa Rica, taught spanish in the Netherland, and done translations
Sandra SANDRA STOREY. I am a 23 year-old translator who is currently studying for an MA in Audiovisual Translation. I have a great passion for languages, as I believe that languages are just word-barriers that we can cross easily in order to learn from other cultures. I truly believe that the world will be a better place when we forget our prejudices and open our minds.
Mario MARIO FONTALBA. Hi! Languages are my passion and I wanted to do something meaningful with them. In the place were I was born, the South of Spain, I learned the importance of cultural diversity and the interaction among them. Although that now I am a translator, having worked as a teacher and being abroad for some time already, made me pursue the idea of contributing through my love for languages.
Özlem AKIKI-Photo OEZLEM AKIKI is a digital marketing professional with the experience within the advertising, aviation and higher education industries. She was born and raised in Turkey however currently living in Switzerland. Travelled all around the world, saw many cultures, met new people and she still can’t get enough of it!!!  Özlem is passionate about the youth power. She thinks today’s teenagers are more resourceful but yet too distracted, therefore she believes that if youth power is empowered regardless of boundaries and prejudges, they can totally revamp the future in which we, adults are no longer required for peace talks!! Aside from her beliefs, she used to be a professional basketball player. Also she knows how to thank in almost 20 languages. Last but not least her favorite quote is “Just keep swimming” – Dory from Finding Nemo.
Bao Tram BAO TRAM loves science and language. She is completing her bachelor degree in Applied Life Science and practicing translating through her volunteer work at Vietnam Operation Smile and other tasks from UNOV. Hoping for positive social changes, Bao-Tram is very interested in YL’s mission and wishes to promote its stories in Vietnam.
Oanh THI HOANG OANH VO. I am a Vietnamese scout girl studying BBA International Business in Finland. I have a desire for sharing my ideas, doing volunteering and above all, listening to the world. The life around me is always vivid and full of colors. Therefore, expressing the world in front of my eyes onto paper and sharing with others are my passion.