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As the founder and driving creative force in YL, Eric is a jack of all trades, playing roles as social entrepreneur, educator, scholar, researcher, writer, designer, trainer, speaker, water boy and what else is needed. He personally knows most of the changemakers featured in YL and has a lot of adventurous stories to tell.


  • ticks on purest idealist changemaking spirit
  • has profound generalist knowledge

in avantgarde

  • sustainability sciences
  • youth leadership
  • positive change media culture
  • learning culture (you cannot imagine the amazing schools there are!)
  • holistic worldview
  • socio-cultural models, change and evolution

Eric already lives IN the great future – as he spends his days with hero/ines and solutions nonstop

  • the positive, solution-oriented thinking
  • the personal liberty, flow, inner and outer abundance
  • (abundance – consider the Gross National Happiness holistic understanding of poverty and wealth: there is economical, ecological, cultural and spiritual wealth; when the latter three are high, you need very little economical wealth)

He shares the bottom line of Craig and Marc Kielburger 

  • banish the terms impossible and hopeless from your vocabulary
  • we can change the world and millions of activist changemakers are proving it every day

As a consequence, Eric

  • does not listen to the arguments of inhabitants of unsustainable societies
  • based on defunct meme patterns … none of which qualify for a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable civilization

Eric does not engage in talkshow style discussion

  • with those sticking to the old hurtful societal models with 50% cancer rates, 30-80% child rape rates and abominable corruption by incompetent people in positions of influence already leading to self-destruction, choosing to pass on this obscenity to the children generation of today and the future, even denying them the right to learn how to change things for the better. Ugly!


  • in those willing to LEARN, SPREAD and IMPLEMENT humanity’s finest changemaking knowledge for creating a civilization of awesome for all

In sports terms

  • Eric is a world league or national league trainer
  • who appreciates if you support or play the sport at district level
  • but says that in our time, it really matters to play at top class level
  • and that YL is for everybody
  • but his consultation and YL leadership programs
  • are for those on fire to make changemaking their sport of awesome, as athletes like their famous peers
As YL is a true Hogwarts School of Magic


  • Eric is your best friend mix of Dumbledore, Legolas and Aragorn
  • with a quiver full of arrows and magic wands on everything youth leadership, sustainability, education, learning culture and everything for creating a good world for all.

He is able to

  • sense the essential gem in best practices, societies, cultures and traditions
  • combine, refine and upgrade them
  • convey them in humane language
  • unite the sectors of education, youth, changemaking, media, administration and entrepreneurship
  • along aligned aspirations for win-win benefits

As a planetary guardian

  • he has an eagle eye for global solutions and a clear sense for quality
  • sharpened by his Native American warrior uncle
  • for sniffing out bugs and shadows
  • so only the purest and finest be featured in YL

He also detects, knows and unveils

  • the really bad bugs in unsustainable hurtful broken societies
  • as well as people and institutions
  • that others are too blind or afraid to face

For you, that’s great news, because

  • he finds the best for you
  • you can trust that everything in YL is ace
  • he shamelessly whips you to immerse yourself in all of it, so you become awesome
  • this gives you access to the best food, tools and community for creating a good world

FOR YOU to learn to pave the path to a good future of peace, love and abundance for all.

Born in 1971 (no photoshopping; but daily energy flush with sacred practice and youth leader spirit), Eric grew up playing sports, pen and paper fantasy role playing games and dj’ing. After magical years of djing, discovering the magnificient magic of the planet and ancient cultures he decided to trade a future as your favorite english and phys ed teacher (and telling you how to run fastest in circles) for a life of adventure and meaning, serving the spirit of Life on Earth. Eric became an education activist in the year 2000, when he became aware that the solutions for a sustainable civilization exist, and that this knowledge becoming available to everybody on Earth will change everything. His work at the intersection of sustainability sciences, youth leadership, media, learning and culture meshes cross-platform media fit for use in education and with a focus on action. Among other projects, he founded a positive news magazine for disseminating information on good practice model solutions from the whole spectrum of sustainability. Over six years, he mobilized over 10,000 online volunteers for regional editions in 14 languages winning several international awards. During this time, Eric recognized the game changing power of teenage youth leadership and refined the link into education and involvement of changemakers as speakers and mentors. YOUTH-LEADER gained status as Official Project of the UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development DESD, and was highlighted as best practice in the UNV Annual Report 2010. From 2011-14, Eric served as member of UNESCO’s Round Table for the Implementation of the DESD. His work of connecting the global changemaking movements with education through a synergy of online, multimedia and print media with informal learning philosophy, student-club powered wall displays and global community was awarded the Images & Hope IVOH Award 2012 (also known as the „Nobel Prize for Media of World Benefit“; laureates include the Director of TED and the founder of Frontline). Eric also refines and develops definitions and concepts, speaks, co-organizes and contributes active elements and dynamic spaces to conferences and trainings around the globe. His fierce love and quest for empowering humanity to acquire the worldview, mind- and skillset of planetary guardians has made him a friend, ally and mentor to scores of visionary activists, many of who Hi5 him for his work to be beyond awesome. To Eric, they are the hero/ines, he is only the messenger playing Santa Claus. Considering the state of affairs, it’s an important role, though. You can follow him in YOUTH-LEADER social media and newsletters.
represent YL at events and schools, to partners and supporters around the world. They have experience in positive change, many of them leaders of their own initiatives, and well understand the unique value of YL for education, youth empowerment, people and planet.
Fueled by passion for positive change and far reaching vision, YL Ambassadors stick out in their communities. They are not limited to one topic but seek holistic transformational change and empowerment of their generation.

  • ACTIVITIES include informal networking, presentations, brainstorming, event presence and creative support of our work.
  • THEY ENJOY the high quality vision, network, tools and actions, creative involvement in campaigns, presentations, projects and events – and opportunity for combining their own ventures and ideas with YL status, tools, members and services.

Ambassadors are naturally selected from our project or network partners, affiliates and citizen volunteers, who have participated in our work, events, campaigns, have given presentations etc.  




  • EMMA MOGUS, Canada

Emma is an ardent supporter of YL’s vision to be present in every school in the world. Emma’s priority are CHILDREN’S RIGHTS and she has many touching and exciting success stories to share, as well as efficient ways for you to make a difference using our resources and network. As co-founder of Books With No Bounds, she has mobilized schools, citizens, authors, publishers and media to raise more than 100,000 books for kids and schools in 49 aboriginal fly-in communities of Canada, and has built bridges of peace, friendship and collaboration on 3 continents. Her incredible experience as an activist, starring in Free The Children / We Day movies, national news and commercials, as MC of the World’s Children’s Prize and more make her a unique speaker, presenter and mentor.


Avalon is a magic box of surprise, knowledge and solutions for everything NATURE, ENVIRONMENT, ANIMALS and ECOSYSTEMS. Fired up by YL’s holistic and creative approach, Avalon is strongly interacting with youth leaders, our media tools, educators and schools in our network. As founder of Conserve-It-Forward and a native of Florida’s swamps and wildlife, you meet her feet in the mud and up in the air with red-eyed tree frogs. An adventurer, explorer, citizen scientist, campaigner, artist, filmmaker and editor, Avalon has educated kids, parents, teachers and led summer camp groups from an early age, and founded her own organization Conserve It Forward. In high demand inter/nationally for her multi-faceted commitment to peace, health and sustainability, she raised eyebrows and stakes at COP21 in Paris, asking that the UN get serious about the main cause of 50% of global warming, ecosystem destruction and species loss – factory meat farming – and facilitate the shift to a lush, yummy, vegan diet for everybody. Avalon takes you for a surf on the tidal wave of humanity!




Oh, you can read about this guy on top of this page. He’s your dude for general strategic collaborations and presentations on the main pillars merged in YL: the youth leadership phenomenon, positive change media culture, high-impact changemaker student clubs, how to weave youth leadership into learning culture (powered by students), as well as tricky secrets, needs, nasty cans of worms, and blissful miracles for overcoming the Dark Age of Unsustainability. If Eric has a priority it is ACTION-orientation; when booking him, make sure to open space for enabling tangible results by empowering the audience. Also: Eric is not capable fall back into a stoneage of linear powerpoint presentations. He’ll be creating from the moment, using a mix of usb stick, cardgame, posters, web, and call in some friends “live on skype” if they’re online.

  • KARL WALKER, Great Britain

Karl is a dynamic driver of intersectorial collaboration in the fields of education, entrepreneurship, media, communications, culture and community, equipped with the skills, suits, tricks and traps of the corporate world, know-how of the Climate Reality Project, a globetrotter’s experience of magical moments in nature as well as speeches and projects at schools in many parts of the planet. Karl has a focus on developing innovative global school-based co-learning worknets for a sound, holistic response to climate issues – empowering youth and citizens to manually make their region climate change resilient and – BINGO! – at the same time creating peace and abundance for all. The way things go, you may also meet Karl with Russel Brand, dishing out evolution memes to a global audience or marvelling about Britain’s rewilding. It’s not like he’s sitting idle, so get him involved!



Omang is a Social Activist and Youth Advocate for Education, Gender Equality and Peace building. Omang’s former and present positions include District Interact representative, Rotary Action Group for Peace, Asia Representative for the Commonwealth Peace Network, A World at School, HeforShe Delhi Youth Voices (mobilizing 67,000 people to pledge their support for the campaign), the UN Major Group for Children and Youth and a Policy Strategy Group member at the World We Want 2015. His project HumAct was recognized as one of the top 8 Success Stories at the World Humanitarian Summit Global Consultation in Geneva hosted by the UNOCHA. He has been involved with strategizing various inter/national NGOs, organizing MUN’s and – he raves about YL as the necessary game changer for going beyond anything the word has seen.

  • TASHI DORJI, Bhutan

is director of Earth Guardians Bhutan, an extraordinary crew in the global Earth Guardians tribe. As children of the secluded Buddhist kingdom nestled in the majestic Himalayan mountains, the crews and their student relations maintain a strong connection to genuine spiritual values, to the land, its people, the invisible realms and our common humanity. Bhutan represents a spectacular example to the world with its constitutional principle of Gross National Happiness GNH, its transformation to a collaborative democracy of shared stewardship, and making the country 100% organic and sustainable by 2025. We feel honoured and excited to evolve YL in the most beautiful, healthy, peaceful and well governed country on Earth, in collaboration with school and college students, educators, young social entrepreneurs, the GNH curriculum, government, and of course in vivid collaboration with schools around the planet!


At age 18, Abhay has developed his own mathematical thesis, published a book, launched a vegan food service, plays and promotes vegan traditional drums, and has founded Vegania Nation, India’s most active animal rights network, leading highly creative protests, marches, banner campaigns and educationalprograms at schools. We partner with Vegania Nation for global promotion of veganism, and for holistic inspiration and empowerment of school students reached by Vegania Nation members presentations across India.


  • KJELL KÜHNE, Mexico

is a world citizen and climate activist with a diverse set of insights into the climate challenge. His journey has taken him to five continents, working with very different people from all walks of life such as government, business, NGOs, farmers, indigenous people, schools, universities etc., groups like ZERI, WWF, Plant-for-the-Planet and Climate Justice Ambassadors. In 2011 he initiated the Leave-It-In-The-Ground coalition and has been working towards the LINGO goals since then. Kjell developed the world’s most clear and powerful Climate Change infographic (eclipsing all other incomplete and lukewarm infos) that Eric put into visual form, and which we promote for use in education and activism. Kjell is German, trained as a psychologist and anthropologist and is fluent in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Indonesian and Lingala, and lives with his family in Chiapas, Mexico.


is the founder of world-leading, multi-award winning N+ Noticias Positivas Radio Magazine, the cross-platform positive news radio model. On a $100 budget and a home office, Andrea started a community radio show, soon scaling to creating 55min ready-to-air shows – with interviews, skype interviews, music, jingles all included – distributed to 120 radios reaching 3 million listeners (!); you go do that, baby! Andrea has published 8-page special editions in the nation’s largest print paper, covered international events, presented and trained across the Americas and scored N+ the first B-Corp status as a news medium. Andrea knows Eric and YL since hers and YL’s founding days in 2004, loong before youtube, facebook and wordpress. Geez, we’ve seen it all – and we still know that OUR ventures are still the lone leaders in their fields. With YOU, we intend to take both YL and N+ models everywhere! Are you into running positive news shows as school, uni and citizen radio? Let’s GO LIVE!

are the backbone of our global worknet. They write and edit, translate and design, coordinate teams and magazine editions, manage facebook pages and social media outreach, develop projects and campaigns.
OUR ONLINE VOLUNTEERS love being active part of exciting ventures for positive change.

  • YL offers a friendly, passionate global team with a fantastic vision, dealing with inspirational content and tasks.


  • research and write for our magazine; develop our online / PDF magazine
  • translate and edit our main stories, posters and brochures for use in education
  • manage our facebook pages and community
  • publish our stories in online media


  • are driven by idealism, not for hunting certificates and polishing their CVs
  • can solidly contribute 5 hours per week; that’s an entire afternoon or more
  • take the 2 hour self-guided Discovery Tour to fully understand our work

BENEFITS include

  • membership in a global movement
  • live meetings with our staff and hero/ines
  • insider news and backstage access


  • study our website
  • send a completed application form telling us about yourself
are our teams on the ground! They connect to all sorts of partners in their local community, organize presentations and exhibits, and develop and implement their own ideas.
CITIZEN VOLUNTEERS love being part of positive change and pure-hearted global community. They enjoy interacting with people and are inspired by the vision of benefitting the youth in their community. They connect to

  • schools and school boards
  • libraries and administration
  • media and organizations
  • events and the public
  • donors, funders and sponsors

They also

  • organize presentations and exhibits
  • at schools, workplace, offices, cafes, waiting rooms and public space
  • and develop and implement their own ideas

As core part of our team, they BENEFIT from

  • full access to our offers
  • support for optimal application of our media and methods
  • live meetings with staff and hero/ines
  • inside news and backstage access


  • can commit some hours per week
  • are confident, willing to learn and self-organize
  • for printing, organizing presentations, exhibits and partnerships
  • take the 2-hour Discovery Tour to really understand the youth leadership phenomenon, our work and offers


  • study our website, especially our media, methods, services and The Presentation Kit
  • make up your mind for first actions
  • complete the registration form
OUR AFFILIATES – Activists and Experts
are independent and accomplished changemakers. We have not made them who they are. In fact, we find and select them once they have achieved an outstanding level of success (cf. our Benchmark for Selection). We promote them, their solution, tools and services to a greater, global audience to help them scale their work and bring the benefits to millions of people in need. We collaborate on special projects, campaigns and events. For our teams, schools, partners and donors, it is an incredibly opportunity for personal encounter and collaboration.
are wildly successful changemakers, no less than the most highly recognized young hero/ines of our time! On top, they are not only focussed on their own work but share the vision of empowering their entire global generation to bring about changes like them. We are honored to closely collaborate for bringing their stories, solutions and services to entire humanity through media, music, campaigns, events and more.
are powerful changemakers in high demand at schools, festivals, conferences, at the United Nations and in major media. We connect them with the global public, combined with instant action serving their causes. You can meet them Live on Skype, on UN Day webcasts, at events, trainings, summer camps and even at your school – well equipped for good preparation, instant actions and follow-up opportunities!
are courageous changemakers leading groundbreaking initiatives, fit for nationwide and even global replication. Facing some of the biggest challenges of our time, they have made global headlines, gained inter/national recognition, some are even in educational text books. Still, like every innovator – they face harsh opposition and only lukewarm support from inside their nations. There is great need for support! By mobilizing schools, we can evoke fantastic changes, and provide extraordinary experiences for schools.
are the ones taking action, which makes them the most important part of our global family.
are the driving force of positive change in our local communities! As YL Action Teams, they are our true champs and enjoy making the very most of their time and opportunities at school! They are organized as

  • student club
  • after school club
  • local chapte
  • other

or even as YL Warrior Clan >>

Students BENEFIT best from YL! YL Teams

  • develop leadership skills leading a global movement
  • interact live on skype and at events with great changemakers and YL staff
  • turn their passion into action at high level, with good tools, support, impact and satisfaction
  • build a rich, visual CV as active student club, especially as a Warrior Clan


  • organize exciting actions
  • year-round, weekly, even daily, if they decide to
  • make fantastic friends
  • make lifelong memories
  • mesh their passion and priorities with units and subjects
  • evolve into role models, project leaders and assistant teachers

They literally grow up with the finest hero/ines of our time,

  • learn about various causes and solutions
  • learn changemakers’ tricks and vision
  • develop amazing skills, incl. team work, public speaking, media work
  • interact at eye-level with adults, incl. activists, officials, journalists and teachers


  • presentations and exhibits
  • fundraisers
  • lifestyle challenges and social experiments
  • projects and inter/national partnerships
  • petitions and campaigns
  • organizing events and Youth Action Days
  • managing an ISLE learning environment at school
  • and more

Students join as

  • student club
  • or Warrior / Clan
  • group of friends
  • local chapter of an organization

JOIN us by

  • studying our website
  • completing the registration form
live YL to the fullest. Wielding all our magic weapons and implementing scores of solutions simultaneously through small, simple powerful steps, they walk in the footsteps of our Hero/ines. They practically make changemaking their sport. Expect awesome results!
By taking nonstop actions and spreading youth leadership in all its forms, YL Warriors act as groundbreakers and leaders of the Change Generation. They playfully take on changemaking like an athlete, overcoming challenges and growth edges, and aquiring a wide spectrum of skills and knowledge on positive change.

  • This path is not an ordinary one. It is the most epic of our era!

As this Change Generation grows into adults over the next seven decades, the path of the Warrior is the gate to a lifelong journey of living their values to the fullest, serving as mentors to their generation and those to follow.

this new rising “species” represents no less than the noble knights of our time, the upcoming immaculate, kind, wise and trustworthy stewards of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable a sacred civilization. Planetary Guardians.

  • We are not talking about “getting a job”, limiting oneself, selling out and kissing up to someone

YL Warriors enjoy the benefits enjoyed by Youth & Student Clubs:

  • develop leadership skills leading a global movement
  • interact live on skype and at events with great changemakers and YL staff
  • turn their passion into action at high level, with good tools, support, impact and satisfaction
  • build a rich, visual CVas an individual and group


  • organize exciting actions
  • year-round, weekly, even daily
  • make fantastic friends
  • make lifelong memories
  • mesh their passion and priorities with units and subjects
  • evolve into role models, project leaders and assistant teachers

They literally grow up with the finest hero/ines of our time,

  • learn about various causes and solutions
  • learn changemakers’ tricks and vision
  • develop amazing skills, incl. team work, public speaking, media work
  • interact at eye-level with adults, incl. activists, officials, journalists and teachers


  • presentations and exhibits
  • fundraisers
  • lifestyle challenges and social experiments
  • projects and inter/national partnerships
  • petitions and campaigns
  • organizing events and Youth Action Days
  • managing an ISLE learning environment at school
  • and more

JOIN us by

  • studying our website
  • completing the registration form
are young people’s most important allies. By using role models and success stories as ADD-ONs to units, teachers give our young generation access to the key information, activities, experience, skills, mentoring and support they need for mastering the grand challenges and opportunities of their lives, as a simple part of the conventional curriculum.

  • introduce our stories at school
  • organize presentations
  • support student clubs
  • invite presentations
  • encourage projects
  • honour commitment

and also

  • form school and field partnerships
  • exchange with colleagues and schools abroad
  • connect with YL staff
  • introduce innovation in their school
  • encourage colleagues to implement the YL Curriclum across subjects and grades

Teachers BENEFIT from

  • the world’s finest role models
  • authentic solution stories
  • high quality media
  • live meetings
  • like-minded community
  • learning from good practices and model schools


  • opportunity to live their educator’s dream
  • with inspired student clubs
  • being a pioneer
are wise investors in youth – knowing where to put energies in these crucial times. We accomplish a tremendous lot with online / volunteer work, but solid broad spectrum outreach, inspiration and innovation and training requires finance, and we offer and return a whole lot to honor support.
Donors BENEFIT from the rare opportunity of investing

  • in youth leadership
  • in new learning culture – entirely student-powered
  • in today’s finest young hero/ines – lifelong changemakers
  • in a groundbreaking youth leadership program

in combination with

  • humanity’s leading sustainability solutions
  • positive change media evolving in 18 languages
  • events and trainings

as well as tailored collaboration with funders and sponsors

  • for their cities and regions
  • aligned with their priority regions and topics
  • for events and campaigns
with a warm heart is called to get involved

  • journalists and media
  • kind companies and entrepreneurs
  • city administration and ministries
  • citizen groups and organizations
  • filmmakers and producers
  • artists and event folks …
We offer fabulous contents and characters enriching

  • media and events
  • campaigns and innovation
  • active citizenship and healthy community
  • creative challenges
  • reason for celebration
  • and living dreams!

Explore our offers and GET IN TOUCH!