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flip cards OR blurb (dont overdo flip cards (only when info is needed to comprehend; here not needed) – with LINK to LINKEDIN

big ad for EUROPEAN COLLABORATIVE … showing without / with youth leadership & YL

this can be a without and with YL … what cities have … no local heroines, few student clbs, no big impact (pie charts & scales), vague internartional sister city relations and SDG project partners … little purposeful youth travel and eocunters in europe east west … then WITH YL … the map is FULL of it with BIGGER LINES indicating higher effort intensiity volume impact … i can use YL impact maps graphics for this illustrartion

+ note that we aim to create such impact mapping with UB … need partner, money

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united to inspire and equip youth en masse with humanity’s finest solutions knowledge and support.


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YL Coaches

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Project Partners

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Magical Coaches

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hier unten paradizing THE EUROPE WE LOVE wäre gut als illustration bild irgendwie it GEFÜHL.