Competence Partner of Regional Centre of Expertise RCE-Ruhr, Germany, UNU United Nations University

Since 2019, we are Competence Partner for Youth Leadership of RCE-Ruhr, Germany, certified by the UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY, UNU.

The role of RCEs is to manage interdisciplinary networks of partners to promote and amplify Education for Sustainable Development ESD in society. They have broader scope and focus than the majority of stakeholders with single and local focus – like most educational institutions, from schools and universities to business, communes and NGOs.

This is what we have been doing since 2005, and are glad that the UNU has added this important dimension to their efforts to nurture ESD for positive changes for people and planet. We have a lot to contribute, such as

  • hero*ine and solution stories for stakeholders to spark intrinsic motivation among youth
  • high impact initiatives to join, replicate and adapt
  • inspiring causes and activities for everybody
  • coaching and community, expert speakers
  • local and global project partners
  • connecting schools, network partners, changemakers and experts

Status with UNESCO as Official Project of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development UNDESD 2005-2014

UNESCO is in charge of coordinating the UNITED NATIONS DESD around the planet. Part of this global effort of upgrading education curricula and learning culture to enable the first generations qualified to shape peaceful and sustainable urban societies on Planet Earth is to highlight extraordinary educational programs and partners – since these are outside the conventional frameworks of education.

YOUTH-LEADER has been given this status, with special mention of “Outstanding Value for Citizen & Youth Empowerment.” Throughout the decade, official projects had to renew their status, proving their growth, scaling and evolution. YL was among the first projects to be honored in 2005, and is among a small handful of projects that have gained renewed status through the ten years of the decade. YL was also present at the World Conferences at the half-time and closing of the decade.

YL’s Director, Eric, is Member of the National Round Table for the Implementation of the UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, ESD 2005-2014 in Germany. His impulse has made “Empowerment for Youth Leadership” one of three year 2012 priorities for ESD in Germany.

UNOV United Nations Online Volunteering program partner

The UNV United Nations Volunteering program enables caring citizens to volunteer in UN programs and partner programs all over the planet. UNOV enables citizens to volunteer online from their home.

We have offered many volunteer opportunities for article writing, translation, editing, team coordination, cartoon design, and self-organizing full fledged YL Magazines for countries and on themes. Over the course of 10 years of the UN Decade of ESD 11,000 online volunteers (or 10% of total UNOV applications) applied to volunteer with YL projects. We accepted over 5,000 volunteers from 70 countries to work in 14 languages, across timezones and continents.

Our teams INDIA and YOUTH RISING FOR PEACE were selected by a global expert jury to be honored with the UNOV Award in 2010 and 2012, and we were mentioned as Online Best Practice in the UNV annual report 2010.

Status as Official Project of the UNITED NATIONS Decade of Biodiversity 2011-2020

We promote the decade into the education sector, coach young changemakers to communicate their activities as part of a bigger picture, and offer their role model, initiatives, skills and services to schools, media, institutions and organizations.