These amazing young people give me hope!
I wish that youth everywhere can do this.

How can I get their stories into the hands of my kids and friends?


We tell hero*ine role model solution stories for various age groups, and for professional users

as book, coloring book, cardgame, poster set, calendar, vlog, magazine, social media, student planner, teaching tools, story set

  • in vivid, memorable, inspirational form
  • using heroi*nes authentic materials
  • conveying pure changemaker spirit
  • with action links and opportunities
“Where can I learn more on current developments?”


The unfolding story of the rise of the Change Generation following the adventures of today’s changemakers and our youth teams – online, pdf, print, in real-time + local editions, people-powered

  • solution stories, interviews, music, film
  • hero columns and campaigns
  • aligned with UN Action Days

> shapes positive worldview, makes change feel “real”
> bonds changemakers, citizenry, youth at school
> empowers readers to take action

“Do you have a collection for newbies, and for use at school?”

Heroflix & The Planetary Guardian

Multimedia resources of and about outstanding changemakers

  • music, videos, film
  • interviews, conversations
  • vlogs, podcast
  • columns, social streams

for readers, newbies, teachers, journalists

Multimedia Hero Profiles

Handpicked best-of collection

  • story, film, photos, articles, interviews, social media, news
  • take action guide to support or replicate their initiative, with level 1-4 actions, easy to advanced for greater impact

special value for our readers, youth in our changemaker training program, teachers and journalists

“Can you teach us more on positive news and your approach?”

Positive Change Media Culture

We promote a new, proper media culture that serves our societies’ priorities

  • uplifting, solutions, empowering, involving

via guides, teaching tools, trainings and our media

Bundles for schools, public libraries, YL Volunteers
“How can my school best get started, and go big?”

School Starter Pack

The key is to provide a full power super inspirational immersion in the full scope of youth leadership, so that all students

  • feel inspired for youth leadership in general
  • feel included for their own causes
  • see countless action opportunities
  • with big relevance for their life at school and beyond
  • AND CAN SELF-ORGANIZE follow up as student club

Further, you need

  • materials and methods to make youth leadership omni-present in subjects, in public, at school fests
  • services and partners for exciting projects with hero*ines

We have bundled it all, with books, crash course, teaching tools, poster set for exhibits and more, in good solid quality.

Can I help these fine young people?

Yes, join our friendly crowdfunding community uniting hero*ines, citizens, schools and partners

Support your favorite global hero*ines, local youth teams, with options to activate your workplace and found a local team.

> unique, uplifting personal experience > simple steps with swift results > perfect for citizens, workplace, schools

Boost! young hero*ines

Support young hero*ines to take their high impact initiatives to the next inter/national level.

  • wide scope of financial and in-kind support options
  • see success unfold in hero*ines’ social media updates
  • meet “live” online, celebrate, bring in own ideas
  • go visit, volunteer, team up
And what about local youth?

Cultivate local Youth Leadership

It begins with inspiration.

  • seed media packs to schools, libraries, youth clubs

Use our tools and tricks to scale up reach and impact 

  • poster and multimedia exhibits
  • presentation, crash course, workshop
  • support inspired youth teams
We want this at our schools.
Can you help us get started and evolve?


Our resources enable youth, teachers and caring citizens to introduce, evolve and make youth leadership omni-present at school in simple, swift, informal and non-formal ways

  • in class – bring global issues to life with authentic role model stories, solutions, videos and activities
  • at school – as high impact student clubs, with HQ, and 400+ inspirational activities reaching all students daily
  • as curriculum, involving all teachers 1 time / semester

with rich benefits for learning culture, everyone involved, the greater community, and people and planet.

Fired up students inspire peers across classes and grades, unite in a Changemaker Student Club with access to our full scope of resources and support; view CG Rising below
Inspired teachers collaborate with the expert club for subjects, projects, fests etc.
The club’s actions reach into homes, public space, media, and activate more schools.

School Package

Bring global issues alive with “add-ons”: stories and videos on solutions and hero*ine role models.

LEVEL UP! Crash Course

A 1-3 step group session to

  • inform youth on youth leadership
  • form a student club
  • take instant actions
  • gain media presence

followed up by year-round activities in collaboration with our global changemaker community.

‘LIVE’ Hero Speakers

Meet changemakers, experts, YL staff via

  • skype, zoom, other
  • at school, at event

Prepare with our media to know them, their work, even take action for their initiative to meet at eye-level, celebrate achievements and plan what’s next.

Project Partners

Collaborate long-term with outstanding changemakers inter/nationally.

  • make considerable difference
  • have an incredible experience
  • extraordinary pedagogical value
  • track, document progress
  • share with YL Mag, social, news media

TIP : IF you need to take class / course flights, make it the meaningful highlight of a project, an initiation of lifelong value, a step taking the project to the next level.

I am a Youth,
fired up for action. Can you guide me?

Yes! Make changemaking your “sport”. Do like successful peers. Learn the basic steps, tools and tricks first, to make quick impact, gain presence at school, in public and media, build community. Then, build up on this for your focus causes.

We highly encourage you to join CG RISING to activate yourself, your school, adults and your city.

Change Generation Rising

Youth age 8-18 : choose from 400+ actions, model solutions of the ace young and adult changemakers, backed by a global tribe, tools and tricks. Select your pace of action :

  • casual Friends Crew
  • constant Student Club
  • full-time Warrior Clan
Manage a multi-faceted year-round stream of actions
Cooperate in real-time with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores

using the tools of 100+ changemakers combined, inspiring and involving 1,000’s, making an impact and generating media presence like their famous peers.

Adult Allies : inspire and support youth teams


A mix of

  1. youth leadership training
  2. education program
  3. reality adventure game
  4. changemaker community

beyond anything the world has seen.

Wow, can I even get something like credits?

Crews, Clubs, and Warrior Clans gain

  1. badges for completed missions
  2. credits for impact and headlines made
  3. level up for 3 completed missions

Chronicles on social media show activities, achievements, media articles, awards, making a CV of Awesome!

Can I meet youth from other teams?

We connect & cooperate with youth

  • in our city – regionally
  • “live” online – globally
  • at holiday camps – inter/nationally

Warrior Camps

The ultimate training experience in epic natural setting; with badass heroInes, also mages, parents, adult allies

  • earning their way to camp through action
  • sharing their experiences, actions, needs
  • learning on global issues, tools, tricks, tactics
  • planning global campaigns
  • followed up by actions, connected via internet
As Adult,
what can I do – with moderate effort?

YL is designed for all caring people leading busy lives to take swift, simple steps that

  • reach, inspire, involve many
  • spark follow-up action
  • in the family
  • at the workplace
  • as professional users

Study our tips for user groups. You will be surprised by your scope of options

Can I align this with my work?

We have many simple steps to activate adults’ daily hangout, the workplace, such as boutique, cafe, company, canteen, waiting room, city council, library, school, news media, and their people, co-workers, customers, capacities to inform and involve people in creative ways.

  • inspire donations, Philanthro-Party
  • use stories as teacher, journalist
  • poster, flyers, donation-box
  • form a team, achieve a milestone
  • partner for a project, help in-kind
> uplifting your workdays
> adding purpose to professions
I have influence, priviledge. How can I help?

Celebrities, wealth holders, royals, businesses, public institutions, media, air- and trainlines …

can help with outreach, financial and in-kind support, project partnerships in a million ways, also with tailored focus.

gallery lulu celeb, e+j rotary + avalon cindy lauper
As mayor, what do you suggest I do?

Activate your city with us, by activating many schools at once. Inspired student teams’ actions will make impact in public space and media, sparking a culture of active citizenship with ripple effects throughout the community.
gallery lulu celeb, e+j rotary + avalon cindy lauper
I feel called to empower my city’s youth BIG TIME!
Can you guide me? Can I be part of your team?

YL is designed to inspire, equip, empower and support caring kids and citizens to kick off and evolve youth leadership in their regions anywhere on Earth,

aligned with their lifestyle

once, occasionally or full-time

Our tutorial, crash course, “live” support, tools and tricks guide you to start with flying banners, experience swift progress, and build local community.

You can do this completely independently or as YL Volunteer.

Local Volunteers

make youth leadership omni-present in town, boost youth-powered initiatives, an active citizenry, positive news media, and add own ideas, backed by our global tribe

  1. seed information
  2. inspire with group sessions, exhibits
  3. support inspired youth
  4. network with partners

Any age welcome.
Certificates available, also for university students.

Online Volunteers

help co-create YL Magazine from the comfort of their homes, and make valuable, enjoyable experiences of learning, interacting with changemakers, getting published, making friends, running projects.

  • research, write, translate, edit, web edit
  • social media wizardry, artists, design
  • run national editions
  • add own ideas and activities

Any age welcome.
Certificates available, also for university students.

Global Tribe

uniting badass changemakers, genius experts and newbies from all walks of life, with YOUTH at the heart of our work, constant progress and reason to celebrate, our daily lives are rich and multi-faceted, online and locally.

Amazing work. How are you organized?

Global Team & Tribe

We are a global community uniting badass changemakers, genius experts and newbies from all walks of life, with YOUTH at the heart of our work, constant progress and reason to celebrate, our daily lives are rich and multi-faceted, online and locally.

You have UNESCO status. Are you independent?

UNESCO is an “administration” that forces or finances no one. One cannot even be dependent on UNESCO. UNESCO came up with Official Status with the UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development to show teachers civil society programs of “extraordinary educational value” to their students. It is a seal of trust, and it is not easy to gain, especially not 4x renewed, each time with higher demands.

A few words on the UN, UNESCO and Education For Sustainable Development
In 1992, good people at the UN organized the UN Earth Summit, to establish a new framework that would end the unbridled destruction (un-sustainable exploitation) of Earth by dirty industry, and place sustainable development at the heart of global and national politics. The resulting document listed 40 chapters showing the way to go in forest management, education etc. In the spirit of “what we gotta do for a good 21st Century” they called it Agenda 21. Dirty industry was pissed.

At local levels, Local Agenda 21 offices were to localize the process – assess the 40 theme fields, detect problems, and to fix them bring together all stakeholders involved for dialogue : economy, ecology, culture, civil society, politics, citizens, education. Dirty industry and politics were pissed.

This process is of course in the hand of the member states (the UN is not a monarchy, it cannot force anyone), and it was done all over Western Europe (others don’t care so much about the planet; that’s not the UN’s fault).

In the year 2,000, civil society got entrance into the UNITED NATIONS (under General Secretary Kofi Annan), – because the global challenges require all of us to get involved. Politics and business cannot do this alone. Al Gore wrote “A new superpower awakens. Civil society is rising its beautiful head.” Dirty industry and politics were pissed.

The Universal World Exposition expo2000 in Hannover was all about sustainability solutions. The first crew in charge was fabulous, but dirty industry and politics were afraid of the looming impact on media and society! They replaced them. The second crew was also still good. They replaced them. The third crew melted it down into an amusement park and shocking entry fees to turn people off! Inside the pavillons and in the conference program were still gems galore, but the media just reported on $9 deutschmark Bratwurst. I know it all, I was there for 5 months, as info personnel. And after work, I spent 5 hours each day with global experts, discussing my pitch for a badass education program, and folks were flashed.

The UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development was called upon by Prof. Abe in Japan, a cool guy, saying with today’s humanity’s complex destructive impact on the planet, it’s no longer enough that youth learn the common subjects at school. So, the good people at the UN brought in the idea, had it passed (no way to say no to that, really), and entrusted its education branch UNESCO to run it.

Experts have worked off their butts and brains to develop a teaching methods, resources and curricula that would help the young generation think in systems, across disciplines, comprehend their personal and collective impact on the living planet, and how to transform their own lives and society. This is by definition the nightmare of dirty industry.

Of course, the Decade is only a beginning. After all, the experts in it don’t even know of youth leadership. But you don’t either, or you know of it, but haven’t activated in all schools of your region. If you know but don’t care, it would make you even worse than the educators and scientists at UNESCO. So, no fretting, things advance into the societal fabric, the Decade has opened minds and doors, and good people build on it.

Today, in conspiracy theories about the super rich bank dynasties, dirty industries, world government, you now also find the UN and Agenda 21 mixed in, called an evil plot to enslave people. Guess who scripted those myths to smear the UN and Agenda 21. It is dark money groups of dirty industry, with the goal to estrange people from evolving and strengthening the UN as a planetary framework and institution that can reign up powerful dirty industry, finance and states, just like national law has reigned in robber baron bullies.

But even people I know, kind, spiritual, activists, now feverishly share this bullshit myth on social media. Of course, none of them has ever

  • read Agenda 21
  • met anyone involved at the UN or any administration level really
  • heard of the steps, process, struggles and battles at the UN over the past 70 years by badass changemakers
  • understood how it is part of breaking dirty industry’s dominance of inter/national and local politics.

and they serve the dark money groups and dirty industry by smearing the UN and Agenda 21 in one pot with evil banking dynasties and secret service plots. See, “adult generations messing up young people’s future” is a far bigger issue than political parties. Also the “good ones” act like morons. Not good enough. 

“The idea of education is not to turn us into your kind of adults. But into better adults than you have been.” – Adora Svitak

So … YL is designed from absolutely pure changemaker spirit to help caring hearts unfold their innate powers to #BeMoreAwesome in alliance with the best, today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores, successful doers that encourage you to join the Speed Run to that Bright New World emerging on the horrizon, and create that new good civilization in record time.

Learn at global level, act at local level : detect, connect and team up with the good people in institutions, your local town council, in media, school etc – to support their good work, gain their support for yours.

See you on the road,


P.S. For more stories from what’s really happening on Earth, check out my youtube channel

Are you independent? How do your finance your work?

We walk our talk. YL is high end changemaker spirit only. No compromise for money.

Like charitable organizations, we are powered by people that want to empower our young generation + ordinary citizens, and activate schools through live collaboration with outstanding changemakers with powerful solutions for people and planet, rapid impact on lives, laws, industries and media, sending ripple effects through their communities, nurturing long-term active citizenship and the next level collaborative society.

We like the easy way. We also develop a financial engine providing what people are used to buy – quality books and services – of high value for themselves, their family and profession.

WE, the world’s biggest youth-led charitable organization of children helping children, takes the same approach, and it works great! Click here to find out more.

We also do crowdfunding for hero*ines, local youth leadership, specific YL programs, also innovative in-kind support and tailored partnership. This way, everybody can fund what they like best, and see success unfold. To us, supporters are absolutely part of the family, and we want give everybody a rewarding experience. Find out more here.

A word on trust.

Greta Thunberg is is not the only honorable person on Earth with heartcore integrity and determination. There are others, assembled under the banner of YL, by a high quality benchmark. And the gatekeeper is strict.

Invest in us, be part and step into your power!




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