launchign MOM at CMS


Today, Usha and her team have trained teen-age STUDENTS at the world’s largest (CMS Christian) Montessori School in Lucknow, with 30,000 students!

The students’ enthusiastic reaction has been topped off with the official declaration of their MOM-(Mission One Million) Self Defense Program. “We will teach self defense to one million girls in India, Nepal and other countries. Today we teach CMS girls in Lucknow.

Thanks to all ……




launchign MOM at CMS1 launchign MOM at CMS2 launchign MOM at CMS3


We can bring this wonderful experience with LIFELONG, SOCIETY-CHANGING AND HISTORY SHAPING IMPACT to a million girls and women, – directly impacting 3 million friends, and their own 4+ million family members!

It has become REALLY EASY NOW. Our posters and materials help you inspire and mobilize your friends, class, school and workplace.

Use them and indulge in the feeling of being TANGIBLE PART of cascading POSITIVE CHANGE!

Step by step, together, we are changing the headlines of outrage about rape escalation in India to success celebration of girls and boys, teachers, women and men HEALING society!

You can also find their internal YL page and Action Pack via our Field Partner page.