Would you like support

to feel more confident, get backing for your ideas, make impact, connect with partners in the community? 

We can help, be it a primary school, ganster ghetto,, ho(s)tel, living museum, cruise ship, sustainability conference, world exposition, environmental festival for families, summer camps, video projections on the world day of youth, in Las Vegas casinos, shopping malls, on the beach, in holiday centres, parks, trams, airplanes …

We offer casual creative video-conversations for tips, tricks, reflection, ideas, feedback, to make exhibits, LearnSpaces, programs etc most vibrant and visible – interactive, communicative, intimate, open, dynamic – activated with partners in town and region.


We offer conversation and reflection about

general + detail design of exhibits

general + detail use of YL media, methods, partners, programs and resulting inter-actions that contribute to success

You get personal coaching from Eric, to make sure that all resources and relations of YL can be taken into account …  school class visits, film and sound, group conversations, workshops on sourcing colors from plants, opening at specific times, silent and loud, photos of enthusiastic users, evolving photo walls, making users, partners, activities, plans visible and experiencable, starting project partnerships, questions about trainings, certificates, funding sources, official partnerships, temporary and long-term, at school, in public, tuned to occasions and events, production of additional resources, specific user groups, combination with national campaigns and more. 


has 15 years of experience with youth, schools, citizens, participation, ESD, methods, education landscape, various characters, partners at school, media, city, SDGs … he knows everything in YL, has tested the media and methods on all 7 continents with various user groups at school, on ships, at workshops, conferences, on stages, project days, in art, himself and by others. For a thousand ways to activate and animate potentials, Eric’s your man.