The Change Generation awakens

the faster the better for Life on Earth

Inspire yourself and groups

to evoke grand changes – like today’s hero*ines!

Be part as School and LearnSpace

in our worldwide network

Start a Youth Crew

and make Changemaking your Sport

Use Support

by coaches and worldwide community

Bring the SDGs to Life

with robust projects that change lives, land, laws and industries

Become Partner

with countless possibilities + win wins for everyone involved

Live your Family Dream

with activities for people and planet

Do you feel love, concern and an urge to act for Life on Earth?

How about upgrading your skills

to shape the future you want?

to protect what you love?

to live a rich life?

together with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores?

We help you and many others to empower a global generation of changemakers.

Our focus is on High Impact Youth Leadership. Our benchmark is worldclass.

This means : to achieve remarkable changes for people and planet – to change lives, land, learning, laws and industries – alone or together with wonderful people, incl. brilliant, badass hero*ines!

That’s big, everybody loves it and you play an important role. Have a good look around. The life of your dreams is in reach!

We are a worldwide network community of highly motivated experts, changemakers, children, youth, teachers, coaches, citizens of all sorts ...

working together as friends to move mountains.


  • activate the young generation at school
  • accelerate the replication of concrete, efficient model solutions that change lives, land, laws and industries
    1. on our hero*ines’ side
    2. adapted to our home cities

We also support caring people in their workplace and professions. This means

  • there’s something for everybody
  • everybody can pick their favorite activities
  • one can bring in own ideas
  • one can bring in local “problems and projects”
  • there’s enough co-players for everything!

So, get to know YL, take your heart into both hands, and act in ways that fit your life – a little, occasionally or round the clock! Like our badass hero*ines!

There’s no too big for us, and we support you wholeheartedly. We are here to listen to your dreams and realize them together.

Our aim

is to activate 1 million people for High Impact Youth Leadership
and Changemaker Crews at 100,000 schools

  • that wield humanity’s finest solution knowledge for people and planet
  • in real-time collaboration with today’s Einsteins, Gandhis and Gryffindores
  • making enormous impact and informally coaching their peers, for years
  • with super much fun and favorite causes for all
  • and high value for their personal, idealist and professional paths

because anything less is not enough.

Whether 8 or 18, student or school, family or company, by oneself, behind the scenes or visible in our social media and in video-communication with others … everybody is an important part of our big community.

You choose and mix your activities, and invent new ones together with your friends and new allies that appear around you.

As you please.

We help to solve big questions.

Questions like these

How can I move big things dear to my heart?

Where can (young) people meet to learn to change the world?

How can we create such spaces, and swiftly?

How can I make changemaking present in my “space”?
in my school, library, ho(s)tel, company, market, park, tv, radio station

Where do I find coaches that inspire and empower for action with tangible impact?
available in mornings, evenings, on week-ends, for 23h30 chats

Whow are today’s Einsteins and Gandhis and how can I learn with them?

How can I activate my school, form a Gryffindore Crew and rock real hard?

Where can I join, support, help with flying banners?

How I save my village, the ocean, the Serengeti, curb violence in my city?

Where do I find help to heal my heart and unfold my skills as a changemaker?

How can I, as mayor, safely guide my town and region into the future?

How can I help as celebrity, music star and CEO?

How can I contribute in-kind my skills, resources and relations?

How can I efficiently invest my money for positive change?

How can I combine and communicate my activities with ESD, the SDGs?

How can I improve recognition and networking in my environment?

We help with all of that

with Coaches and model solutions of today’s grand changemakers – worldclass! At this special time for people and planet only the very best is good enough for our young generation and adults that give their most precious – their lifetime!

Mary Reynolds

Top 10 landscape designer of all time

John D. Liu

Large-scale ecosystem restoration

Namaste Nepal student company

$700,000 for village development

LemonAID Warriors

put the FUN into FUNdraising

Empower Orphans

create fabulous orphanages

Nidhi Prajapati

founder of SHE

Andrea Mendez-Brandam

Noticias Positivas Radio Magazine

Peter Reichenbach

plant-sourced colors – for everything

With joyful spirit!

With the love of fav’ teachers and the magic of successful changemakers – since only this evokes relevant growth and change.

Community of Practitioners

We connect competent people with good intentions from various walks of life to create a thriving, sustainable, regenerative culture together. Have a look around, contribute, inform yourself, try it out.

Take on true challenges

that shape the future of entire regions. Together, we can move remarkable things.

Crowdfunding Community for young hero*ines

to FUNdraise efficiently, inspire others to be part, help in-kind, experience progress “live”, to plan, celebrate and even go visit.

Fascinating project partners all over the globe

to join successful projects with flying banners and take them to the next level.

Campaigns that we all care about

based on successful models.

Media, Methods, Workshops, Speakers
that inspire and empower for Action

as add-ons at school, in workshops, for student clubs, project weeks, events …
at home, school, workplace, in bookstores, educational media, news media, TV … to be shaped together.

NEW! Shape LearnSpaces

This is where caring kids, teens and citizens meet to learn to shape a good world – connected with changemakers in their region and all over the globe.

Training Program for young Changemakers age 8-18 + perfect for use at school

Change Generation Rising offers 400+ actions to join and replicate, in lose cooperation with 100+ changemakers in every part of the Earth, occasionally or 24/7 – like elite athletes. #BeMoreAwesome

With Live meets, missions, levels, badges, patches, summer camps and more – in adventure game flair – for fun, but also because this has great benefits, for changing the world, and for one’s personal and professional paths!


that inspire, equip, empower to start with flying banners, with great goals and partners in a worldwide network.

  • SDGs in action
  • ESD in action
  • YL Coach
  • sevengardens Dialoger
  • Positive Change Media Culture


to be sure of one’s abilities, for better recognition and communication

“All honorable people belong to the same tribe.” Uncle Tubulls