We all need hope and comforting community to stay well and navigate these turbulent times, but even more we need to know what to do to change course and protect, restore and evolve the people, lives and land we love. This you find in YL like nowhere else.

The Solutions exist, and now you have access to the compiled solutions, tools, tricks and individual support from 100+ grand changemakers, bundled in YL’s simple methodology for use at home, school, work, topped with a good dose of magic, magic, adventure and thriving lovely planetary community.

To make it best usable by a billion people with busy lives, we intentionally design it with your benefits in daily, family and professional life in mind. All you need is general Good Will for Life on Earth. Easy peasy.

No worries about time, skills or obligations. Casual fan or full-time, intro-or extrovert, you have surprising powers to evoke stunning changes in very simple ways as you will gradually discover.

YL is for You. Just observe, embrace the inspiration, follow your ideas and enjoy making impacts.

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for all those that just want to quickly connect out of curiosity and see whats behind it on the go discover more bit by bit by newsletter and on our social streams, take this quick 3 steps. 


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With ease, discover solutions, amazing people, true hero*ines demonstrating what all youth in your region can do, with plenty of ways to take part in seconds, thus making changemaking part of your daily life. Yay! 

Step 2. Take Hero*ine Stories home – FOR FREE.

Out of sight out of mind and dropping out of hero*ine mode is the worst that can happen. Hence, we provide many forms of media to make hero*ine spirit, music and actions permanently visibly in your life – FOR FREE with digital story sets, music, films, desktop backgrounds. Boost your spirit high!

Step 3.

Take a 2-minute action helping genius hero*ines of your choice influence many lives. Observe impact updates pop up in our social / news media, feel your power … and you know you can always go bigger. Exciting!

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You will discover more on the fly via social media, on our Quickstart page and on our website.

Are you eager to find out more on the world’s biggest impact teenage youth projects changing lives and land at record pace and scale … and they activate entire schools and cities to join in … and how you can do the same … and got a few minutes?


Then join me for a little tour of YL 

before we go. a few words on site use.

phones / screen part


(eric come on photo) und link zu welcome2 page … die eventuell editieren später



People using phones to browse the web on tiny screens appear to no longer read websites, probably also because the “dominant” online culture is *commercial* with intent to keep your attention to view ads or make a quick buy … not to *learn* something. We are different.


We design for computer screens!

You can use our website/s like manuals, tutorials and online courses.



They are very rich, since we want you to gain knowledge and tools and take action fast, without waiting for next year’s online tutorial or flying us into town for a face to face workshop.

We have a planet to save and have to acquire skills to #bemoreawesome fast.

We help you make changemaking your sport, learn moves, form teams, score goals, celebrate victories with YL as a sort of sports federation offering you tools, (self-) training guides, partners and event dates.