We are people from all walks of life on fire to empower our global young generation (at school) to evoke grand changes for people and planet.

We do it different – and you may like that!

Our Story

In the year 2000, this guy Eric spent his entire summer at the World Exposition expo2000, with a focus on sustainability, and he realized
“Wow, the solutions for everything exist, distributed like puzzle pieces all over the planet. All we need to do is copy-paste them by the hundreds into our city, our region, and they’ll add up to the new good civilization. This needs to be at all schools.”
And the old gentlemen in the UNITED NATIONS pavillon shrugged and said “yes, but how?”
Well, Eric could see it clearly, and so he set out on making that happen. He started out with a positive news magazine, got in touch with hero*ines, added print media and teaching tools, guides, support crew, workshops for age 8-18 newbies to bridge that deep, deep gap from inspiration to doing a project #trythisathome and make impact like their famous peers. Yesss!
Plus, amazing music, and a whole lot of secrets, and why not play it like a roleplaying adventure like in Eric’s D&D childhood days, but out on the big gamemap of life? And how about scoring ‘missions completed’ badges, credits and level up – so it’s not all just serious save the world stuff, but like the real Hogwarts, with magic lessons, hall of famers, season’s end celebrations, patches, flags – building a CV of awesome that opens caring youth’s paths into society and professions – with epic summer camps, meeting fellow hero*ines, opening doors around the world for a bright lifetime ahead, true love included. Awww.

We are a crowd-powered global community

uniting youth, parents, professionals, coaches, citizen volunteers, friendly supporters and amazing hero*ines in one global tribe to empower the Change Generation and scale up model solutions for people and planet.

We have tested our stories, tools and methods with great success with thousands of volunteers in 14 languages, in various settings with different age and user groups, on all 7 continents, also Antarctica. We even had two feet on Mount Everest, swim with mermaids and walk the sacred soils of Lothlorien.

And now, it is ready for 8 billion people to wield. You can choose to leave to-date’s hurting societies and their abominations behind – and restore Paradise on Earth. Because that is what Education for Sustainable Development, the SDGs, the Anthropocene truly are about : the new era that loving humans shape the Earth, and no longer the spirit of empire and machines. Got it? Now wake up, feel your heart, become part of the story and shape the future with us #fulltimeforfuture

Our Choice

„It is a very hopeful battle. Luckily we have discovered that Mother Earth is dying just before it’s too late. We are at that beautiful place in time and space where it can either go really good or really bad. It would be a nice thing on our shoulders to say we were the generation that saved the Earth for the 100s of generations to come. We can either be the one that destroyed it, or that saved it. Which is quite exciting.“ – AURORA

I'm missing anger in the youth

Not the blind rage, pointed towards all and nothing. But the kind of rage that wakes you up in the morning, the kind of rage that Inspires you to do something with the power you have in you… It’s time for us to really fight for her. This is a cry for Mother Earth. – Interview

Our choice is to save life on Earth and create and live the NEW, by shedding all hurtful habits. Lothlorien style.


Our Flair

We create a world of awesome for all, by teaming up our entire young generation at school and their adult allies with the world’s greatest hero*ines with badass people-powered solutions for peace, bliss and abundance – and since that is clearly the grand quest of our era, we approach it like an adventure. Because it is. And we are not afraid because we know that Earth wants this. We are #alwayswinning

Here’s what that feels like.
Thanks, Casey!

We learn + take action

with today’s genius Gandhis and Gryffindores*, to wield their high impact solutions for peace, well-being and abundance for all.

No delay or distraction. We #Speedrun to a Good World For All.

* that’s people changing lives, laws, learning culture and industries at record time and scale. Our line-up shares 350+ awards among them.

Babar Ali

The world’s youngest headmaster

Cassandra Lin

Turn-Grease-Into-Fuel $200,000 social biz

The Serratos Sisters

Girl Scouts, charity, wrest-ling, girls can do everything

Robyn Hamlyn

30 Blue Communities, water a human right, water public, no plastic bottles

Chloe Maxmin

Divest Harvard, historic state election results

Ocean Ramsey

Changing our worldview on The Living Planet

Abbie Barnes

Youth explorer, natural and cultural heritage

John D. Liu

Large-scale Ecosystem Restoration with IUCN

Polly Higgins

Ecocide is an International Crime campaign

Holly Kearl

Stop Street Harassment Campaign

Mary Reynolds

Awakened gardens, arks for wildlife

Luwayo Biswick

Food abundance, Permaculture Paradise Institute Malawi

Gunter Pauli

ZERI, Blue Economy 100+ transformative businesses

Andrea Mendez-Brandam

N+ Argentina Positive News Radio Magazine

Peter Reichenbach

Plant-sourced colors for dyeing, painting, make-up, UN University COE

Namaste Nepal

Student social business development programs

Neha Gupta

Empower Orphans
World’s Children’s Prize

Emma & Julia Mogus

500,000 books for abori-ginal community schools

Dave Mason

Epic school student-led expeditions

Andie Paige

The Institute for Aliveness

The Red Brigade

Rape survivors training girls in self-defense to crush sexual attackers

And many more

each with a tangible solution, and 100’s of action opportunities

Who do you want to rock with?
Whose adventure will you join?
Whose magic will you wield?

With Youth Leadership

at the centre.

in class, and powered by high impact student clubs at school.

We make hero*ine role models omni-present at schools, homes, workplaces, in public and media.
We empower every caring youth, teacher, parent, citizen to take simple, swift steps that evoke instant changes – from inspiration to big tangible impact.
We create year-round fireworks of action that uplift our hearts, change lives, unfold tremendous skills and nurture a new active citizenry.
We cooperate in real-time with grand changemakers, scale groundbreaking initiatives, and realize exciting development ventures affecting entire regions.
We coach using tutorials, live chats, crash courses, camps, a global tribe to help everybody evoke remarkable impact like today’s young hero*ines.
We tell our unfolding success stories in our world-premiere magazine and publications dedicated to youth leadership, solutions and role models.

For these aims, we create several interlinking media and programs.


The LEVEL UP! Crash Course

activates individuals and GROUPS to act on their favorite causes – together with today’s wildest hero*ines – from inspiration to action, forming a team and scoring media presence, in swift, simple steps.

90+% agree:

  1. the most inspirational I’ve ever seen
  2. this is important for our generation
  3. this should be at all schools
  4. 20+% are willing to join a Changemaker Student Club
  5. 70% are willing to contribute on occasion


School is …

Our youth teams operate as High Impact Student Clubs

  • equipped with 400+ actions
  • manage a Club HQ as LearnsScape
  • unleash multifaceted fireworks of action
  • year-round, aligned with UN Days and occasions
  • favorite causes and activities for everybody
  • involving tons of partners







OUR GOALS are the high impact solutions of 100+ HERO*INES.

WE DO  everything.

Because casual Xmas cookie sales won’t cut it to save life on Earth.

We have a #PlanetToSave

We change everything.

SDGs? Enough talk. Join us and take action, act like hero*ines!













With high impact actions like this at every School, WE create a World Of Awesome.

Imagine a generation growing up like this for their 10+ years at school, aligned with The Purpose Of Schooling – their skills, experiences, relations, confidence, dreams – what they’ll be like as adult generation. #ActNow

We are not afraid

because we know that we are creating resilient, thriving cells of the new good civilization, and thereby dissolve dirty industry, bad governance and ecocide. #FromScaredToSacred

Youth age 8-18

life is too short and school days too long to be boring.

Adult Allies

your Role is to Support Youth & Hero*ines

life is too short and school days too long to stay boring.

Users / Professionals

Parents, citizens, teachers, journalists, civil society,  librarians, councillors … you have important roles to play

Online / Volunteers

Seed the spirit, give crash courses, do exhibits, network, or help as writer, translator, artist, coordinator …


Boost our work, programs and specific hero*ines with a wide scope of options and rewarding feedback


Team up to boost youth leadership and evoke positive changes for your focus causes and regions
As a member of the UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY global network of RCEs Regional Centre of Expertise for the activation of Education for Sustainable Development through regional learning and action networks, involving all institutions, civil society, citizens and YOUTH …
  • everything that we do aims at empowerment for cooperation and projects with local and global allies
  • we actively dream up and facilitate new ventures for the benefit of our members and partners by harnessing each others’ skills, resources and relations.

As friends do, we help one another to take our initiatives to greater scale, with new ventures, to activate schools, businesses, cities and regions.

We Shape Our Future. A Good World for All.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

R. Buckminster Fuller, 1980

We wield those solutions. Not impotent voters, but able, active, caring citizens. The new human model.

The next level good collaborative society is emerging, and it is brilliant.

We are living it.

Now play your part to help all young people to grow up like this and #bemoreawesome

And then the future will be fine.

No matter what color, gender or creed,

all honorable people belong to the same tribe.

Uncle Two Bulls