“All honorable people belong to the same tribe.” Uncle Tubulls.

“The ones that matter most are the children.” Lakota saying

We are a global community of loving folks caring for people and planet 

united by the goal to inspire, equip and empower today’s young generation at school and their adult allies

to #bemoreawesome and create the world of peace, bliss and abundance for all that they dearly long to see.

We have favorite roles, causes and activities for everybody who cares for people and planet … intro- and extrovert, gentle and badass, digital and hands in the dirt, sirens, weirdos, artists, warriors … because in this grand quest each of us matters, and by uniting our talent, time, resources and relations we can evoke massive changes far beyond what we have seen to-date, with rich win-win benefits for everyone involved. BE PART!

Our Creative Core

consists of genius folks with planetary mindset

+ Our Founding Captain Eric

is an Images and Voices of Hope laureate (shared with founders of Kosmos Journal, Frontline, the TED Director) for media with world benefit, a Pacesetter in Ashoka Changemaker’s re:imagine learning Challenge with the LEGO Foundation, has led two teams to win the prestigious UNITED NATIONS Online Volunteering Award, YL has been honored 4x as Official Project of the UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development ESD, and member of UNESCO’s National Round Table for the Implementation of the UN Decade for ESD in Germany).

He has presented at international conferences in Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, North and South America, a YL Volunteer has carried the YL Flag on an expedition to Antarctica and is in with YL 24/7 for life.

Eric pours all his knowledge, knowhow, experience, magic tricks and address book from 25 planetary years with today’s Einsteins, Gandhis, Gandalfs and Gryffindores into YL programs … and will stubbornly keep the YL Captains Hat on, until mass collective intelligence proves to #bemoreawesome by living a world of peace, joy and abundance for all lifeforms.

As you mount your horse for boss battles or rig your ship’s sails to set out on your adventure, you’ll find it’s good to have an admiral that knows the Seven Seas, other captains, magical islands, golden bullets and flags.

He is also a multi-award winning educator, trainer, author, vlogger, artist, DJ, fantasy gamer, designer, adventurer, traveller, dreamer, lover, dad, trusted friend, a full-time YL volunteer for whatever is needed, an initiate to sacred traditions of four continents, knows his Patronus, Paradise, and is here to save Life on Earth from Deatheater, sorcerer and ork scum, no compromise by true badass warrior code

You can catch up with Eric aka mani2AC on his website.

+ Online Volunteers

that love writing, translating, art’ing and spreading good vibes

Local YL Coaches

organize #bemoreawesome Crash Courses at schools, Activate Your City campaigns, LearnSpaces …

+ you can get certified as YL Coach

Outstanding Changemakers

with people-powered high impact solutions contribute visuals and knowhow

+ many are also YL Speakers

Amazing people, with 200+ awards

YL Project Partners

Fascinating Changemakers you can team up with for long-term projects to shape the future of entire regions

+ you can even pay a visit

Our intergenerational global community

takes action on favorite causes, wields our resources, cooperates with hero*ines, backed by coaches, unfolds their natural born hero*ine skills, starts own initiatives and rocks the world – with tons of personal benefits! Yessaa, way to go!

Youth Teams age 8-18

age 8 to 18 act at their own pace as Friends Crew,  Student Club, Warrior Clan in our epic program #bemoreawesome

Adult Allies

support hero*ines and local youth leadership in many ways in the YL Boost Club

Key Professionals

who share our core purpose to activate able, active, caring citizensteachers, journalists, librarians, councillors, civil society – use our resources, services and programs; view examples below


citizens, celebrities, wealth holders and entrepreneurs donate, FUNdraise and help in-kind in many fresh, creative ways


team up as school, city, institution for our resources, as media partner, for campaigns tailored to their focus cause and region …

equipped with

Role Models

100+ heros with 400+ actions to sup-port, join, replicate and team up with



incl. workshop tools, poster sets, teaching tools, the new music of the Change Generation …


YL Coaches that help evolve Youth Leadership and Magical Coaches that teach practical skills


to inspire, generate long-term presence at school, in public and media, used by wildly successful changemakers


is key! We offer ace videos, music, posters, flair, ambience, com-munity to inspire

Project Partners

True hero*ines leading amazing initiatives that you can help take to next inter / national levels


Epic school and work days, great friends, ace skills, open doors all over Earth, warrior ranks, badges* for completed missions

*by international education  standards



coaches, hero*ines, experts offer vivid preparation, eye-level conversation and follow-up action


We offer coaching, master classes, also long-term, for school development, youth exchanges – and for taking on local issues – backed by the tribe 


as YL Coach, YL LearnSpace, SDG LearnZone, National Youth Leadership Learning Centre, with YL LearnPlanet Map Marker

with PROGRAMS to join and use 


youth age 8-18 make changemaking their sport, casual or full-time like athletes in collab with today’s Gandhis and Gryffin-dores – with badges, ranks, magic, fun, epic and adventure

coronaTION Academy

online and home activities to train oneself in loads of action and skills – to crown oneself as sovereign able, active, caring citizen

The Boost Club

Adults support hero*ines and local youth teams with donations, FUNds and lots of in-kind support, activate workplace, profession, staff, trainees, meet live, bring in own ideas, team up, go visit

YL LearnSpaces

create places where youth and citizens can gather to learn to create a good world – at school, libraries, living museums, parks, events – with exhibit,  crash course, YL Coach, teams, tons of activities + what you make of it

Global SDG School Challenge

We live the SDGs in Action

Take 1 action on each of the 17 SDGs based on 50 changemakers’ 200 model activities

Win badges, bronze, silver, gold status + the Trophy!


packages all we do to bring global issues to life, spark change-maker student clubs, run LearnSpaces  -powered by youth backed by teachers, parents, partners and our Tribe

Activate Your City Campaign

Makes youth leader-ship omni-present with considerable tangible impact

YL Master Coach-guided crash courses at several schools, forming student clubs, uniting fired up youth for a 2nd wave of courses at more schools, more actions, media presence & more 

YL Magazine

tells our hero*ines and teams’ unfolding adventures, stories, interviews, music … with lots of action, online, digital, print

+ Local Editions co-created with teams

Summer Camps

meet like-hearted youth, coaches, hero*ines in majestic nature setting to discover and protect the planet, bond, plan campaigns, follow up back home


facilitates visits to changemakers – as tourist, family, volunteer, for work visits, and youth exchange

THE START for everybody is the #bemoreawesome Crash Course

to take online, or locally as a group

“You never change things by criticizing existing reality.

To change something, create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” R. Buckminster Fuller

Not protest but projects. The new human model. The able, active, caring citizen implementing humanity’s finest solutions.