And why get started with full force today.

Here is the current state in industrial nations. These are facts, not opinions.

Each trend is known for 40 years. Each is getting worse. Fast.

None of this is necessary

No matter how nice adults are...

As a collective of adult generations, this is the gift that today’s adults hand over, all smiles, to today’s children generations.

Whenever they speak against youth voice and action clubs at school, for whatever reason like grades or guitar lesons, adults even forbid that youth learn to fix it.

Thereby, adults force the young to be like them, and to force these abominations, of 50+% cancer, 20% child sex abuse, on their own children generation.

There is no worse crime imaginable.

And others, apart from feeding on the hope radiated by teenage hero*ines, do nothing to cultivate youth leadership at schools of their city. Pure negligence.

And now, the web of life unravels.

By 2050, we will have enough resources for 1 billion people, while desertification, famine, epidemics and war drop human population by 50%.

If you want a different future, the solutions exist. And you have the time, each day, each week, to shape it.

Seriously, those who really love children, animals and life on Earth do not put up with this 

I’m missing anger in the youth. Not the blind rage, pointed towards all and nothing. But the kind of rage that wakes you up in the morning, the kind of rage that inspires you to do something with the power you have in you. So I made a song. Filled with fire. And power. It’s time for us to really fight for her. This is a cry for Mother Earth.

Each of the abominations listed above is reason enough for each and every sane person to hurt and scream and roar No more, I will stand up and end this!

The solutions and support exist, powered by ordinary people, and everybody can spread them, taking swift, simple steps.

Hence, in the name of all lifeforms on Earth and billions of innocent children lining up to be born, I demand that you do your part to protect and restore life on Earth by empowering the Change Generation.

No excuses. It comes with rewards.

HOKA-HEY! Mount your horses.

Braves to the front! Cowards, stay behind.

Anyone older than 26 : You have been playing enough. Now is the time that you begin to be adult – a guardian of this magnificent world, for the little ones to grow up in with love and dreams, protecting vulnerable from abuse, violence and poisoning of their bodies, minds and hearts – and give back to the next young generation. In the language of your noble knight’s or hobbit’s heart : SERVE the Queen of Life! 
Anyone age 0-14 : with all my heart I encourage and urge you to priorize discovering your badass peers, soft and strong, weird and magical, and be part of Change Generation Rising, at your own pace. It comes with incredible gifts that you will learn to understand as you walk The Path.
Anyone 15-18 : If you are not deadened, boring and programmed by the old bullshit, yet, join CG Rising and liberate yourself to ive a life of awesome.
Anyone age 19-26 : Do your thing, but make sure to learn everything on youth leadership and connect with our media to learn on the go and act when occasion arises.

HANTA YO! Clear the way.

Those not having the HEART to feel, be part and act, I have no words for them. I do not talk to them. They are waste of time, as monarchists are to democrats. They have no place whatsoever at YOUTH-LEADER. 

Our firm strictness at YL gives those that feel and yearn for a good world, that the grand wildlife, butterflies and tender flowers survive into the long-term future, like you, the chance to be true, grow, shed weakness, step into your power and enjoy only the most splendid, nurturing and powerful company to step into your greatness and evoke tremendous changes.

With warrior clans at every school, and millions of Adult Adults activating their workplaces, we will achieve the beautiful future we long for, send these hurtful societies down the toilet drain of history and make dirty power groups obsolete. 

Now drop delays and distractions, and join the Speed Run to a Bright New World!

Speed Run [gaming] : achieving a game’s goal in shortest possible time.

It begins with liberating the dragon ...

inside you, and feeling the rage of the planetary animal defending her children, and her sacred kingdom from the enemies of life. This planetary animal in you is part of your inner hero*ine. S/he is the badass that protects life from abuse. So – dare learn to liberate that power!

You can feel and express that now, in a safe space – with meaning – and turn the raging lifeforce into sound, transformative action. We accompany you step by step at super speed. It’s not about revolution, it’s not about trouble, it’s about evolution, and no one can say no to solutionaries. In fact, people embrace them! You just gotta do it right, in the new way. Kids do it. Our volunteers do it. You can do it.

Think like a Native American Warrior

No excuses, compared to human history, you are living the life of a prince/ss, at peace.

Think Native American Warrior : you have shelter, you have food, drink, a couple of friends, that’s all you need.

Now, carry the world, and save all the animals, plants, minerals and generations to come that depend on you.

Live as a giver. Anything else is poop. The greedy ones, the rich are the poorest in spirit. Despicable takers gnawing at the Tree of Life.

You have the knowledge and tools galore at your hands, backed by our global tribe. And you do have time. Because our magic only takes minutes. Learn to wield it and earn Eric’s respect.

Life on Earth and The Good Future are a Lover

Loving is not talking pretty words, or feelings. Love is action, it is deeds to uplift the other. These acts require giving your lifetime; a fluid effort, be it play and reading to a child, creating a gift or blissing a lover. Do you understand?

Life, the animals, the plants, are leaving Earth because too few love them. The Good Future will only come if we truly love her. Loving her means magnetically attracting her and together experience Paradise – through giving our most precious – our LIFETIME – in total abandonment, because no one else matters. LIFE will stay on Earth, if we give our lifetime; because no screen, no shop, no show matters. Do you understand?

She is a true lover. She appears at every instant that we commit. Do you see her dancing in the eyes, hands and hearts of the people pictured on our website? Do you understand?

Let’s get doing!

Once your determination, force and STRENGTH are unlocked, add SOFTNESS and PURITY.

As a reminder. Positive change is not about fighting anyone.

All Your Life has been leading up to this moment.

Are you shaken up by the information on this page, confused, or unsure about your role in all this.

I have an exercise for you. Hogwarts style. Yup.

It’s ridiculously simple. Do it.

An 8 minute experiment on your Gryffindore self

1. Take a clean sheet of paper and a red color pen/cil. Write down the following text: 

What do I want – for the Earth and all her children
for the animals, the plants, the minerals
for the children, the mommies, daddies, the elderly
for the mountains, the forests and the seas
for my own lifetime on Earth
for the children of the future, for when I return, one day
What do I want? 

2. Light a candle. Look into the flame. No reason to be afraid of the shining right, right?

So, as you inhale, imagine that you inhale a ray of light from the heart of the flame to your nostrils, down your spine into your heart. Hold your breath and the light without effort in your heart. As you exhale, imagine that grey smoke exits your nose. The smoke is the false ideas veiling and betraying your true wishes. As it exits your nose, it turns into jewels raining back into the Earth to be purified and transformed. Hold the empty state for a few seconds without efort before inhaling again.

Do 7 slow, natural inspirations and exhalations. You can also do 3×7.

3. Play the music – Creation Song, of Fire Mane’s album Mama’s Home. It is only didgeridoo and Chrissie’s voice. Let her take you by the hand to the depth of your inner volcano, where your dragon resides, and bring your truth to light. Close your eyes. As the music plays repeat in your mind the text, again and again, until the music ends.

What do I want – for the Earth and all her children
for the animals, the plants, the minerals
for the children, the mommies, the daddies, the elderly
for the mountains, the forests and the seas
for my own lifetime on Earth
for the children of the future, for when I return, one day
What do I want?

Observe your experiences. You can also do this 3x

  • Things need not be complicated. 

 This matter is not complicated. But people need to get clear about it. Are you clear?

To conclude your journey, close your eyes and listen here.

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