What can we say? X has been at up to 3 or 4 events per week for several months now. You can see some cool photoes with lovely activists – many indigenous leaders from North and South America – taken at Bioneers, and also PAUL STAMETS, the grand guru of mushroms saving the world, – checking out his TEDmed Talk culminating in his story how his 84 year old Mom got completely healed of the worst breast cancer that the doctor had seen in 20 years – without ANY chemical medication, but ONLY Turkey Tail mushrooms, which are tremendous immune system boosters. That’s right, you shd get some for yourself. In the meantime, while u r getting dressed to fetch some, get an imune system booster from Xiuh – same thing, really!

It’s a pleasure to see him spiral upwards on his quest. First his speech…



… then of course, the music.

He’s performing with his 11-year-old bro Itzcuauhtli, who is on a talking strike until world leaders decide to take action on climate change. He doesn’t speak at all, expcept when educating his generation on climate change. Second clip is with him, Earth Guardians performance!




FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN’T YET SEE their AWESOME !!!! performance at UNITY Concert at the Black Hills, here ‘s a snapshot. It’s worth watching the 2 min’s leading up to the song! 😉 LOUDER!




Such an honor to be speaking on a panel with co-chairs Lovely Dillon and Matt Keene at the AEA Visionary Evaluation National Conference at the Hyatt Hotel in down town Denver. So incredible to share words with Patricia Gualinga from the Kichwa community in Ecuador. She is an amazing leader on the front lines resisting oil drilling on indigenous ancestral territories. So incredible to be at ‪‎bioneers2014‬ with Oren Lyons and so many other amazing indigenous leaders. So honored to connect with Tom Goldtooth executive director of the Indigenous Rights Network and Clayton Thomas-Muller Indigenous Rights Network. One of my favorites Paul Staments the mushroom man! One of my favorite people in the world Pearl at ‪#‎bioneers2014‬. Love YA Pearl!!!