WOULDNT' IT BE GREAT to make BIG changes and boost Youth Leadership?

Have you ever felt like doing GOOD for the Earth or for people,

but lacked … something?

We hate that.

Look at some examples

It’s more than a few, but please read them all. This is incredbly important stuff. You will be able to change all of it.

You feel inspired by a hero story, but don’t see how to get involved. And the flame dies.

You care for a cause, but lack a feasible youth- or citizen-powered solution. And you don’t start.

You want to get started on a cause, but feel empty-handed. And the momentum dies.

You care so much, but know only your class, have no clue who else at school cares. And stay isolated.

You start a project and want to inspire others to get involved but lack tools and tricks to ignite their spirit. And it dies.

You’d love to do something for kids age 5 to 10, and don’t know what’s cool and fits. And do nothing.

You give a workshop for teens, they want to get busy, but lack ways to self-organize. And you can’t help. So disappointing.

Youth yearn to tackle a hurtful cause, ask you for a solution, and you have no answer. So heartbreaking.

People only pay attention to eloquent speakers and loudmouths, don’t notice and value you. You stay small.

Teachers do not respect you and see your spirit and potentials. You’re lost in empty space.

You have a crew, but only few peers feel compelled to the cause. And impact is small.

You’ve got a rolling student club, but lack tools to gain presence, attention of peers. And it underperforms.

You have a dynamic student club, but don’t know how to make it part of learning culture and collaborate with teachers. And it stays suboptimal.

You would love to connect with youth abroad for rocking projects, but how find them? And it doesn’t happen.

You feel it would be awesome to be part of something bigger, but what bigger thing fits or even exists? And stay alone.

You’d love to organize a meet-up with a real hero*ine, but can’t find one that’s available. And become sad.

You want to activate 2,000 parents at school, but … how? And don’t succeed.

You love a campaign in another country, but don’t have a personal contact to take it to your town. And don’t do it.

You’d love to partner with a development organization, but don’t find a cool one. And don’t do it.

You’d love to raise $50,000€, but don’t even know how to make 5,000. And you give up.

Funders are willing to fund you, but say you need to have charity status. And you don’t have that. And miss out.

Businesses say they are willing to help your favorite hero*ine or causes in-kind, but you lack ideas. And miss out.

You’d love to do a youth exchange with a partner crew abroad, but don’t know how to make it hot, so it gets funding. And don’t.

You want to activate the citizenry, but how get into workplaces and what can they do? And do nothing.

You understand that there needs to be changemaker clubs at every school, but … how do this? And don’t even start.

You understand that the world needs action on 100 topics, but … how start, where find solutions? And you do nothing.

You want to activate media, but have no stories nor ways to collaborate. And it doesn’t happen.

You want to make the city council support action across town, but don’t know what language and tactics work with them. And fail.

You want to have a headquarter in town where youth can meet every day and on week-ends. And can’t finance it. And it doesn’t happen.

You’d love to go volunteer overseas, but not in a boring NGO. Then you hear others even abuse kids. And the dream fades.

You’d love to go on a summer camp, that’s not just eco but badass changemaker. And can’t find any.

You meet great folks at an event or summer camp, but then everybody goes home and the contacts fade away. Sucks.

You speak at schools, everybody’s wildly inspired, but no one gets the idea to team up and form a local chapter. Sucks.

Millions are inspired by your project’s story (they feed on it), but no one donates or offers to help. Sucks.

You rock your butt off for years, are a local hero*ine, apply to a far away university – and have no credentials. So annoying.

THAT’S A BUNCH OF COMMON STORIES … and the missed-out potentials for people and planet are ENORMOUS!!! 

So we change it.

Our 1-Platform-Serves-All approach

enables to swiftly turn ideas into action, to interact with high impact changemakers, book speakers and coaches, raise FUNds, help in-kind, organize project partnerships, schools exchanges, go visit as tourist or volunteer etc.

This greatly enhances our capacity, skills and time to make multi-faceted changemaking part of our busy lives in the family, at school, at the workplace, in our profession, on holidays, and to become coaches for youth leadership in our cities – with win-win benefits for everybody involved – and connected with a global community using shared simple methods, sense of adventure and big vision. It also seamlessly connects with causes and organizations you are part of, and helps grow reach and impact.

Click through the sliders

to see how each module connects to the next

 to upgrade, scale up, follow-up – for more fun, reach and impact, from small to super big – in short time.


Discover Youth Leadership

amazing teen hero*ines, changemaker student clubs and how to be part as youth and adult. 

Discover the fascinating phenomenon of kids and teens changing lives, land, laws and learning at record pace and scale + now part of learning culture at 22,000 schools!

I’d love to take this exhibit home, school, work and public – book, as poster set, as video projection, along with tools for action.

Let’s do it!

In North America, “training youth as agents of change in their communities” has been part of civic education for 50 years.

I’d love to spark and evolve it in my town, school, region. Let’s do it!


  1. by oneself, online
  2. group crash course at school, events etc
  3. adult training

with YL Coach certificate

Our online tutorial and online crash course get you going with flying banners!

I’d also love to meet experienced YL Coaches – via video, for crash courses and campaigns. Let’s do it!


Meet YL staff to help you #BeMoreAwesome, run crash courses + meet magical coaches that teach you ace practical skills with lots of fun!

I’d love to map and meet magical coaches in my region …

… and to have spaces where to meet with youth and adults to plan and run projects. Let’s do it!


where youth/citizens can gather to learn skills and take action to create a Good World For All

Our SDG + Youth Leadership exhibit, interactions, workshop and crash course tools, ambience posters equip you to pop-up and evolve a great space in minutes!

  • Schools
  • Public libraries
  • Living museums
  • youth, culture centres
  • parks, public spaces
  • holiday centres
  • summer camps

are strongly enhanced by such a LearnSpace

Bring your space to life

  • with activities

With your own + 100s inspired by YL, including workshops, FUNdraisers positive media projects, video-meets, project partnerships with hero*ines …

I’d love this space to evolve into an HQ of local youth and adult teams, who also reach into schools, public, the entire region, and to partners all over Earth. Let’s do it!

Role Models

True Hero*ines who achieve to evoke the changes we all want, with 400+ actions to support, join, replicate their initiatives as youth and adult 

Role models shape 80% of human behavior, also subconsciously, are our asset in Transformatio-nal Learning, function via media.

Let’s make the world’s finest hero*ine models omni-present in daily life at home, school, work, in media, public + online!

I’d live that me and all people can interact with our favorite badass, bold and beautiful hero*ines – and take action together!

Let’s do it!

"Live" Speakers

Encounter hero*ines, to inspire, learn, spark action, crews, campaigns

I’d love to also team for projects, long-term, to reach big milestones and take their amazing campaigns to next inter/national levels.

Let’s do it!

Project Partners

Changemakers with high impact initiatives to join and take to next levels

I’d love to add purpose and magic to my next holiday … by meeting a hero*ine and add value to their initiative. Let’s do it!

Travel, Visit Volunteer

Visit your fav’ hero*ines for magical experiences, making fun precious contributions before, during and after

This is all so exciting.

I’d love that we all can live changemaking every single day of my life

at home, school, work.

Okay – let’s do it!

Youth Teams

Act on your favorite causes – at your own pace, aligned with passion and lifestyle – as Friends Crew, Student Club, Warrior Clan

Know what? My dream life would be to make change-making my year-round lifestyle … in action … with dozens of hero*ines!

Okay, let’s do it!

Live Changema-king as Sport

for youth age 8-18 in real-time cooperation with today’s Einsteins, Gandhis & Gryffindores

Whoua! This is epic.

Can we get badges for it, for a fun sense of competition but also for school, credits and CVs?

Sure thing!

Badges, Credits, Levels

for completed missions, impact and headlines made. 100 Levels.

Huge value – such as

  • intl. educ. standard
  • fun flair of adventure
  • aim for goal, tick off, celebrate, move on
  • keep going year-round
  • see warriors’ expe-rience at a glance
  • for projects at school
  • CV of Awesome

lifelong memories

A global tribe of fellow warriors – wow – and I’ll know them from video.

Aww, I wish I could meet warriors from my country and others – on holidays.

Yep. Epic. Let’s do it.

Summer Camps

with epic warriors, coaches and hero*ines in majestic nature – bond, discover, play, heal, learn, plan, rock!


And then we take the high flying energy and momentum into the new school year. Right on!


Stories in class bring subjects to life + project days + Changemaker student clubs

We need a model that makes changemaking present each day with tons of different activities, casual, fun, informal, yet exciting, dynamic and impactful. Yep. Let’s do it!

Changemaker Student Clubs

unite fired up youth across classes and grades (20-100, easy) for year-round fireworks of action with fav’ causes + actions for everybody

Equipped with 400+ actions of 100* hero*ines global tribe, local allies, they grow up and connect their entire generation for 10+ years with today’s Einsteins. 

Let’s upgrade the trendy SDG stuff with this! 

Global SDG School Challenge

We Live The SDGs – in Action! school takes action on all 17 SDGs, based on 100 hero*ines’ high impact initiatives

Classes, clubs, parents, partners – everyone’s involved! The core crew sets up a Headquarter with resources, actions, overall progress, 50 UN Theme Days used for greater reach and impact … water, girls, ocean, forests, families etc

Completion of 17 SDG missions and a few bonus quests score Bronze Status! There’s Silver, Gold, a Trophy … we will all triumph. 

That’s epic schooling. I wish we could do group exchanges with schools and hero*ines’ youth crews elsewhere! We can! 

Partners + Exchanges

High end youth SDG Action is a dream come true for funders in the development, education, SDG field, e.g. German government! 

We’d love to do an exchange with an active school, or hero*ine’s youth crew + develop action projects with tangible impact, follow-up and ripple effects.

Ace! Partners, design, application, implementa-tion, documentation… we help with all that! 


Lots to inspire others all many spheres of life: online, at home, school, work, in public + media

produced from changemakers’ authentic materials.

So much, so precious to inspire at home, school, everywhere + to involve. It would be so cool to have something in real-time, too. Let’s do this!

YL Magazine

Global + Local co-created with you, also radio … solutions, interviews, music, action – online, digital, print, wall display!

We follow the unfolding adventures of our hero*ines, and our youth crews and you as you all become part!

Super uplifting and empowering!

… run on Online Volunteer power, involving newbie and passionate writers (in positive news style), artists, translators, radio speakers … with fun, creativity + certificates!  

Genius! We need this for our city. Backed with global stories, but also highlight the many local changemakers, cool places, music, arts + how to be part, team up.

Right on. Do it with us!

Music + Arts + Theatre

that boost positive change, based on hero examples, our and your creative genius!

You have so much amazing content and ideas that the world needs to hear way more of. You should have a podcast and youtube channel. Okay, let’s do it … and you join the show!

Youtube Channel

Conversations with Changemakers + more

Conversations with Changemakers + with youth crews + tutorials for all our stuff + news on our programs + what you bring in.

Your work is exactly what the world needs and I dearly wish to unfold my supportive powers as an Adult.

Excellent. Let’s do it. 


Support global Hero*ines + local Youth Leadership

financially and in-kind in fresh, fun ways 

We all love to help.

Now you can.

Little time, knowledge, confidence, resources … doesn’t matter!

And you win-win!

Together, we invest in finest genius, proven souls who lead high impact initiatives. In their hands, our help makes e-nor-mous impact on people and shapes the future of an entire region + more!

They vividly post on social media, so we all

  • experience impact
  • see success unfold
  • are part of the story

which is incredibly uplifting and sparks ideas for much more!

We also meet live – for Q&A, to celebrate, and for all of us to bring in new ideas and plan what’s next!

You become truly part of massive positive change with today’s finest hero*ines!

I’d love to raise bigger funds and bring in more in-kind support via my friends and relations.

Ace! We have fun, simple tricks to swiftly unlock donations + 100s of ways for in-kind support with fun win-wins! You’ll love it!

Being part of the adventure YOU also have inspiring stories to tell + invite people to be part + live their dreams, too!

Wow, amazing, I want to live this daily in my family, too – as parents, kids and friends. Let’s do it!

In the Family

Enrich family life with hero*ine stories and spirit, profound conver-sations, live your virtues together in the home, garden, community, on excursions + at school!

Half of our hero*ines are fit for age 5+ actions, the others for 12+, some act in the family as dream team on the mission 24/7. Meet hero*ine parents on video, tell your stories and be a role model to our tribe!

School is a bummer for most kids and parents caring for people and planet.

We help you to team up and make changemaking part of school days, so your kid/s unite with the most beautiful souls at school for exciting action in class + student clubs

At Workplace + Key Professions

Use simple tools + tricks to make change part of workdays + add purpose to professions with many win-win benefits! 

Flyers, calendars, posters, exhibits, FUndraisers, Philanthro-Parties … free adspace, printing, distribution … task trainees, staff with projects + campaigns

Tell us of your passion, priority focus and tailor something together!

Teachers, public librarians, journalists, city councillors, civil society share our core purpose to empower able, active, caring citizens – and boy, will you all benefit to achieve your societal purpose! You’ll love it + win awards!

Teachers, public librarians, journalists, city councillors, civil society share our core purpose to empower able, active, caring citizens – and boy, will you all benefit to achieve your societal purpose! You’ll love it + win awards!

Partner with us

to boost youth leadership on Earth

as individual, school, company, institution, city

We can do so much together. You can

  • support YL programs
  • support a hero*ine
  • adopt a school, district or refugee camp
  • fund an Activate Your City campaign

with media sets, coaches, workshops, support on demand …

We can team up to

  • activate youth leadership in your city, your NGO
  • tackle a specific issue like gun violence, rape, food deserts, poverty, SDG actions …

Dream big + get in touch!

Join the Tribe

A global community uniting newbies, rockers, teachers, caring parents, badass hero*ines, world experts – pure epic?

Join as friend, follower, user, donor, member …

I totally love what you’re doing. Can I be part?

  • Can I activate youth? Can you coach me? 
  • Can I help with writing, design? 
  • Can I add local issues, launch a campaign, can you back me?

Yes to all of it!

Become YL Coach

It’s for EVERYBODY, fun and mighty precious – you’ll use the stories and know-how in your life, family, at work, in media – that’s guaranteed!

Pick your option to learn about spectacular youth leadership + genius YL tools, methods, partners

  1. day/ week-end training
  2. online tutorial + a few activities like teens do

and you’re ready to go!

This makes you the most magically equipped coach among your country’s youth, activists, teachers etc. – certified by YL, with UNESCO status, marked on our map – ready to guide crash courses, exhibits, projects, campaigns… part of our global network. Wham!

As you connect with our Tribe, interact with our adventures, stories, practice activities … you quickly evolve enormous skills, storytelling, know-how, own relations … 

Be aware: you need not run projects. Youth will!

I feel super empowered to rock at local level.

I totally would love to be part of the creative crew at inter/national level, with my mother tongue, social media skills etc.

Welcome! Join our Online Volunteers

Online / Volunteer

Write, edit, translate, do layout, artwork – co-create and spread our positive news, message and movement globally!

We collaborate casually online in a kind, friendly adventurous team. 

We issue certificates.

Can I make it a class or college project? Yes!

Team up as Partner

with our resources, methods and network

We’d like to collaborate long-term to empower our members, our young generation and caring adults … can you attune to our country, culture and challenges? Sure. Let’s go!

We have something EXTRAORDINARY in our hands

 It is on all of us to make the most of it.