Learn, support, make friends with fascinating Amazonians, team up and visit. Make friends with its kind, gentle, funny and wise inhabitants and go visit to experience magical StoneAge life – feel Lothlorien, Avatar FOR REAL. Dare feel your LOVE for this majestic Queendom of Nature and step into your FORCE to keep it alive, protect the innocent it from orkish invasion and cruel violence and save its magnificent species clad in myriads of the most beautiful colors into the next era of the emerging GOOD Civilization.

What this teaching tool bundle offers you

General introduction.

Can use all, in teams or series of activities


  • Facts are included, but not necessarily required for your experience. We suggest to browse facts for a general idea and move to what really matters : doing good for people and planet through activities
  • 3 core struggles of Tribes, represented by outstanding Hero*ines: two in Ecuador, one affecting all of Brazil, with authentic memorable videos, insights, websites, and immediate short- and long-term action opportunities

Suggestion :

  1. create a kaleidoscope of facts by assigning teams of students a resource to study at home and report to the group; option: visualize as wall display
  2. do the same with hero*ines’ videos, articles, websites; have an open conversation, share feelings, thoughts, questions, ideas
  3. step into actions


Simple, swift, then options for more

voice your support

  • petitions, photos, social media buzz to do in minutes
  • letters, photo, social media buzz, more minutes

evoke tangible impact

  • raise funds
  • reach milestones

do related activities in your home region

  • lifestyle challenge
  • local actions, ARK etc

EARTH. The facts


The Marseille Manifesto :
“The climate and biodiversity emergencies are not distinct, but two aspects of one crisis. Unsustainable human activity continues to compound the situation, and threatens not only our own survival but the foundation of life on Earth.”

Marseille Manifesto

IUCN World Congress website

List of Motions



Millenium Ecosystem Assessment 2005
2/3 of ecosystems on edge of collapse
2/3 of global agrarian surface on edge of desertification

IPBES Global Assessment 2019
Insecticide threatens collapse of nature; UNEP, Guardian, UN

UNCTAD Report : Before it’s too late
Industrial farming is the main driver of extinction, soil loss and threat to indigenous people; in Brazil’s case: soy and cattle; globally: palm oil farms; 3 products that no one really needs. UNCTAD


YL Teaching Tool - upcoming



World Summit of Indigenous People Webpage

Motion 043 Declaration of global priority for conservation in the Amazon Biome


THE AMAZON – Stopping extinction of plants and animals; ecocide

Why protecting 80% NOW is key to stopping the tipping point for total destruction. Amazonia80x2025

AMAZONIANS : Stopping violent extinction of humans; genocide

500 years of genocide, murder and land theft – until today – that all honorable people must stop now; Survival International

There You Go

Impact of development on indigenous people. 25 pages


The history of Brazilian Indians from the time of the European invasion. 50 pages

Siberia to Sarawak

The stories of various tribal peoples in Asia. 25 pages

Stories and Lives

An in-depth look at the problems facing tribes all over the world from Canada and Brazil to Botswana and India. 22 pages

Harvest Moonshine

How marketing rainforest products to urban consumers destroys indigenous people. 17 pages

Progress Can Kill

How imposed development destroys the health of tribal peoples. 23 pages

Your Land and Future

Advice and information on how to secure your land and protect it. Order free copies to put up in offices, health posts, schools …


YL Teaching Tool - upcoming

YL Focus #1

Kichwa of Sarayacu, Ecuador – victories and new threats

The KICHWA have achieved the first major success against criminal acts by oil companies and state. Nina and Patricia Gualinga are well known from UN Climate summits, front rows in marches alongside Leonardo di Caprio etc. as the struggle to protect the Land and People they love continues. Patricia now forges Amazonian women alliances and fires up the culture of storytelling.

YL Focus #2 

Nemonte Nenquimo, Waorani, Ecuador

The WAORANI struggle has risen to international attention due to renewed attacks on their territory. Nemonte, whose name means “constellation” was born into a tribe where both women and men serve as warriors. Her grandfather was a leader who defended what is now known as Yasuní National Park, one of the most biodiverse rainforests on Earth. She has been recognized by her people and the CEIBO Alliance, by the world’s most renowned Goldman Environmental Prize and as one of the 100 Most Influential People on the Planet.

Nemonte, GreenGoTravel

“You destroy what you don’t understand’ letter to the presidents of 9 Amazon countries

“Your civilization is killing life on Earth” article, The Guardian

“I’m not afraid of dying. If I die, it’s for the sake of the future” interview, HP


YL Teaching Tool - upcoming

YL Focus #3

Brazil now

with general action call video + greta and Samaybe story told, Sina, Nina Gualinga

The Quiet Start of Brazil’s War on the Amazon, Huff Post

Brazil’s Plan To Open Indigenous Land To Mining Would Affect ‘Entire Planet’, Huff Post


YL Teaching Tool - upcoming


by Amazon Frontlines

We support AF’s work for Amazonian communities with crowdfunding, in-kind support, school partnerships, visits + your ideas.

Multi-media stories collection

Book a speaker

Support a community

Reach a milestone

YL approach to taking action

… not merely petitions and protests – losing more time, and 200 species every single day! – but doing projects with immediate tangible impact felt by animals, plants, Amazonians and you! #bemoreawesome


in sections below by

  • petitions
  • letters incl sue at ICC, divestment, boycott tourism (instead going to Costa Rica)
  • tangible support

petitions in general + send calls via school and social networks

group photo with class, group, school with animal totem we are the amazon the amazon is us + send via YL, social and local news media + activate others to do the same (count how many groups activated) #bemoreawesome

The Amazon belongs to all of us, like all global commons, oceans, space…

who should decide campaign to Ecuadorian government https://www.amazonfrontlines.org/who-should-decide/ use their social media campaign tools and show us your results

sue Bolsonaro, ministers, banks, corporations, farmer lobbies etc for ecocide + genocide at ICC and national courts

divest 100% from Brazil and banks and companies in any form involved, including soy and animal farming that use food from south america (=call to become properly sustainable and feed themselves from their own countries)

divest from banks, change accounts to local banks

Lucie, green banks to divest from

Lifestyle Challenge 1 month of plants-only food; vegan challenge

transfer :
– save Europe’s Amazon petitions + more + west east european collaboration redreaming Europe
– robbie save national parks
– create ARKs
– UN Decade Ecosystem Restoration in urban and rural regions = do in your town
– edible landscapes
– blue communities
– wildlife migration trails
– go discover nature abbie style
– raabia walk with rangers
– reduce human wildlife conflict Skhumbuzo, rural economies model with youth-led tourism etc 

IF NOT US THEN WHO art multimedia films etc community with many films to explore indigenous issues in full spectrum – make teaching tool https://ifnotusthenwho.me Dayak Youth Magazine https://ifnotusthenwho.me/introducing-danum-magazine-created-dayak-youth/


Children’s Eternal Forest

Olivia Bouler

another one

billionaire buying land?

raise funds for indigenous to buy land

our inspiration Namaste Nepal

run to the Amazon (check kilometers)

activate other schools / cities to follow your example

pay a family visit

pay a group visit

organize an exchange visit,w ith events and activation in home region and country


The future of all species and generations to come depends entirely on the people alive right now.

Kinari Webb

Health in Harmony


Genocide was ‘legal’ in Nazi Germany. Still, it was a crime and perpetrators were put on trial. Our time calls us to make the destruction of Nature a crime. Dare to be Great.

Polly Higgins

Global Campaign to make Ecocide an International Crime